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We review metal detectors so that you could choose the best one

Who We Are & What We Do

Detect History is the site you go to when you want to buy a metal detector – for yourself, for your kid, to explore a new location, or to choose a new one instead of an old one.

This resource is created for detectorists of all levels, from newbies to seasoned treasure hunters. We take effort to explain things no one usually explains to beginner detectorists. Experienced detectorists, in their turn, can find out more about new models of famous brands, or get some insider info.

Our team is committed to provide objective and honest information. We never recommend low quality products only because they are popular, or expensive, or look cool. With Detect History, you can be sure that our advice is based on personal experience – including fails, bumps, and bruises.

Our mission is to show what a metal detector can really offer to you, and our goal is to contribute to your success as a metal detectorist.

Why Trust Detect History?

There are so many reviewing sites and forums on metal detecting, that you can spend months only reading all the resources. But are all of them worth it?

Why Detect History is worthy of your time?


Moreover, we are constantly growing and improving the quality of our content, so that you could get as much info as possible. How we do it?..


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How We Do It

When you decide to purchase a metal detector, or an accessory for treasure hunting, you go and check what’s available on the market. Most often, you end up landing on several options by the most well-known brands, to choose from them.

Yet, every brand says they are the best, obviously, and their metal detector will do all the work, plus bring you coffee to bed every morning. Or at least it should, considering average price.

At this point, Detect History comes to the rescue.

We will help you assess real tech specs of every machine reviewed, and analyze what features you really need for your tasks. This way, you will not have to pay loads of money for a detector stuffed with sophisticated settings you will never use in the field.

We always:

All this hard work makes us able to assess the metal detectors objectively, and provide you with an honest (sometimes brutally honest!) review.

We believe that, unless we speak of cheap rubbish, there are no “good” or “bad” metal detectors. All machines will bring you finds if you choose exactly the one that suits your needs.

About Me

“It is the person who searches, not the metal detector. Metal detector is only 50% of your success”

Hello, Detectorists!

I am Michael, blogger, founder and owner of the Detect History (detecthistory.com), the website about metal detecting.

I have been metal detecting since 2013, and during all these years I happened to try out almost every metal detector that is available out there, including my own Garrett Ace 250 and Garrett AT Pro. Because of that, I was able to find out a lot of specific and crucial aspects on metal detectors, to understand which functions of a machine are really important, and which features are added by the manufacturers for the sake of fancy, or for the sake of taking more money from the buyer. You will probably agree that all those fancy-shmancy features make no sense in case the metal detector does not complete its main task – that it, to bring finds.

At the same time, the situation with reliable reviews and useful information available on the Internet is saddening today. The point is, one can find tons of reviews on metal detectors, but far from every review is written by the real treasure hunter who has actual experience in this hobby, and, what is even more important, who has at least some practical expertise in the niche. Because of this, many newbies become confused, buy a machine that does not suit them or does not fit their requirements, get disappointed, and eventually drop the hobby.

My main rule is as follows: “It is the person who searches, not the metal detector. Metal detector is only 50% of your success”. This site was created with other 50% of your success in mind.

This is exactly the reason why I have created this platform – to share my knowledge and experience with metal detectorists from around the world, and especially with beginner treasure hunters who only makes their first steps on this path.

Specially for such newbies I have written a book, Metal Detecting Revealed: The Utmost Metal Detecting Guide, where I took effort to share all the crucial aspects of metal detecting in a clear and honest manner, and also to give recommendations on how to choose a metal detector and what features to pay attention to.

I have gathered lists of the best metal detectors according to certain criteria…

I have also added constantly updated reviews on metal detectors and accessories, and a metal detecting encyclopedia with technical specifications of all metal detecting models, to the website.

You will find interesting news, recommendations, and guides in my blog. Also, you can subscribe to our Facebook page to get updates on the latest events, and to our Instagram account to get pics of the most exciting finds by metal detectorists from around the world!

Happy Hunt!

Michael Moore