Metal Detecting Accessories Reviews

Metal detecting is an activity suggesting constant movement, and the larger the area that is covered by the metal detector coil, the more finds you will have. However, constant movement can be physically exhausting, and digging the finds adds to this even more. If you do not have proper metal detecting accessories, this experience will be tiresome instead of pleasurable and exciting even if you have the best metal detector in the whole world!

Also, despite the fact that generally this is a peaceful and quiet activity, some unexpected cases happen; hunters can get hurt when digging or taking out the metal find, or simple fall and get hurt on uneven terrain. Without the necessary metal detecting equipment, this can cause problems.

So, each treasure hunter needs an optimal set of metal detecting accessories that will be useful in every possible situation.

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Crucial metal detecting equipment

Metal detector. Obvious, right? Yet, had to mention it!
Batteries for the metal detector. At least two full sets are needed, just to be on the safe side.

Shovel. This is the second most important element of the digging equipment.

Digger. It is convenient to use with the shovel when you need to dig out a target in a limited space, or you don’t want to dig those deep holes on the neighbour’s lawn.

Gloves. First of all, gloves will protect your hands from dirt and injury. The main requirements for the gloves are convenience, no metal parts, and they have to be thin to provide sensitivity to the hands. Based on our own experience, we note that the best cheap gloves are regular garden gloves, and the most durable are the tactic ones. They last longer, easier to put on and take off, do not let the dust in, and allow the hands to breathe.

Find Pouch or Bag. It will help to preserve the integrity of the findings and also protect your pockets from dirt. Having pockets full of dirt and sand is not a good idea. You can buy tactic pouches from military uniforms as an option.

Water bottle. Never forget to take water, unless you do not plan to stay longer than an hour or two.
Backpack, bag, or special carrying case for all the above mentioned items. You will need a place to put the metal detector, the shovel, and the rest of equipment. Also, it is better to have a separate pocket, or a separate bag for the finds.

First Aid mini kit. While some believe this is not an obligatory item, in fact it is. So never neglect having the first aid kit.

Actually, this is the minimum list of the most necessary equipment for metal detecting. But if you want to get even more pleasure from this hobby, dig more productively, and enhance your own safety and comfort, the list can be somewhat increased.

Additional metal detecting accessories

  • Special clothing, shoes, headwear depending on your preferences, season, and weather conditions;
  • Pinpointer;
  • GPS Navigator or map of the area where you will be metal detecting;
  • Food supply;
  • Knife;
  • Flashlight;
  • Axe;

This is the entire set of the metal detecting equipment for successful and comfortable metal detecting. Happy treasure hunting!

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