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Fisher F5

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Fisher F5

Technical Specifications:

Rank: Beginner
Detector Type: All-Purpose
Technology: VLF Single Frequency
Frequencies: 7.8 kHz
Number of Frequencies: 1
Coil: 10"
Search Coil Type: Mono
VDI: Yes
Search Modes: 3
Search Mode Types: All Metal / Auto Tune / Notch Discrimination
Depth Indication: Yes
Ground Balance:  Manual
Pinpoint Mode: Yes
Audio Tones: 4
Display Type: LCD
Assembled Length (min-max): 41.5"-51.5"
Batteries: 2 9V PP3
Item Weight: 1.2 kg

Fisher F5 has a great combination of price and functionality. In addition to the functions that are present in many other metal detector of this level, this model still has a deep search mode Autotune all Metal and manual ground balancing. In the discrimination mode, Fisher F5 detector uses another additional software processing to improve the garbage removal, the monitor displays the soil mineralization level and phase, and the operating frequency can be shifted to avoid interference.

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