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GARRETT (USA) is a recognized leader in the development and production of metal detectors for ground exploration and inspection of people. The company was founded by Charles Lewis Garrett (pictured in the center), produces metal detectors since 1964 and during this time has received recognition among treasure hunters and security professionals. The phrase equipment is Garrett to some extent has become synonymous with reliability and quality, and its legendary metal detectors Garrett ACE 150, ACE 250, EuroACE (ACE 350), 200i ACE, ACE 300i, 400i ACE, ACE, AT Pro, AT Gold, GTI 2500.


Garrett Metal Detectors

The Company Garrett Electronics Inc. it was established in 1964. Today, Garrett is a world leader in the production of metal detectors. Here you can buy metal detectors Garrett at affordable prices. All metal detectors are divided into three lines: detectors for beginners (Garret ACE 150\250\350-EUROACE), metal detectors Garrett for experienced (Garret AT-Pro\AT-Gold\1500), detectors for …

Garrett Pinpointers

Garrett Pinpointers are the most popular hand held portable metal detectors. They have been present for a long time and enjoy a well-deserved reputation for powerful, reliable, ideal for accurate localization of metal objects of the device. Garrett Pro-Pointer tested in the tens of thousands of search engines around the world. Reviews sea and buying …