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Garrett ACE 200 (200i)

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Technical Specifications:

Rank: Beginner
Detector Type: All-Purpose
Technology: VLF Single Frequency
Frequencies: 6.5 kHz
Number of Frequencies: 1
Coil: 6.5" х 9" PROformance
Search Coil Type: Concentric
VDI: Yes
Search Modes: 3
Search Mode Types: All Metal / Coins / Jewelry
Depth Indication: Yes
Ground Balance:  Fixed
Pinpoint Mode: No
Audio Tones: 2
Display Type: LCD
Assembled Length (min-max): 42"-51"
Batteries: 4 AA batteries required
Item Weight: 1.27 kg
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Garrett Ace 200 Metal Detector
Garrett Ace 200 Metal Detector

Metal detector Garrett ACE 200i created by the company Garrett Electronics to replace outdated models ACE 150 for a beginner user. Model with the letter ” i ” in the title is designed specifically for the European continent, taking into account its specifics, in particular differences from the model ACE 200 include the use of a standard metric scale, user-friendly interface, other symbols of the soil balance and the numbers VDI, adapted mode for finding coins, due to the difference in the composition of non-ferrous metals in the manufacture of European money. The device is equipped with elliptical ProFormance concentric coil size 6. 5×9 inches that has a universal use and provides good results for any kind of search.

Despite the fact that Garrett ACE 200i is the youngest model in the new line of Garrett ACE series, the device is much superior to its predecessor in search performance. The design of the detector has not changed, but the materials have been replaced with more durable and technological, which reduces the weight of the metal detector, improves ergonomics and increases the strength quality. In addition, the fastening between the elements of the device has been improved, which adds stability to the entire structure. Garrett ACE 200i has a universal operating frequency of 6.5 kHz, which allows you to detect objects of any size from small coins to large relics, and the presence of ground balance may well move the metal detector in the category of semi-professional models.

Garrett ACE 200i has a target identification indicator that digitally displays the character of the target, which allows you to distinguish gold and silver objects from debris. The user has three pre-installed search programs: “zero discrimination”, “net field” and “jewelry”, each of which is intended for the relevant conditions. The developers of Garrett ACE 200i have improved the sound display system, allowing to signal the discovery of three tones, but when using branded headphones ClearSound Easy Stow, which are included in the package, the chances to recognize even the quietest goal significantly increased.

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