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Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Underwater Metal Detector Review

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Review

Are you looking for an excellent metal detector? There are so many metal detectors to choose from and each carries features that are really amazing. If you are looking for the metal detector that is underwater, it is possible too. One of the underwater metal detectors that you can try is the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II.

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II

The Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II is another metal detector that is designed for those who want to detect metals and precious stones underwater. The ideal features of a metal detector can be seen on Garrett metal detector. In this Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II, see if this could really be the ideal metal detector for you.

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II

Product Name Price
Garrett Sea Hunter MKII Metal Detector
Garrett Sea Hunter MKII Metal Detector

Technical Specifications:

Rank: Professional
Detector Type: Beach & Water
Technology: PI (Pulse Induction)
Frequencies: 0.75 kHz
Number of Frequencies: 22
Coil: 8"
Search Coil Type: Mono
Search Modes: 3
Search Mode Types: Discrete / Non-Motion All Metal / Standard
Depth Indication: No
Ground Balance:  No
Pinpoint Mode: No
Audio Tones: 1
Display Type: No
Assembled Length (min-max): 28"-52"
Batteries: 8 AA batteries required
Item Weight: 2.3 kg

Product Features

  • 3 piece of stem design that has a diving attachment.
  • It has also a Microprocessor Operation System.
  • It has a capability for Advanced Discrimination Pulse.
  • Can be used underwater.


  • Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II can easily detect metals and precious materials underwater because of its advanced feature that is the advanced pulse discrimination.
  • The metal detector can be used as underwaterer to detect metals even in the deepest part of the water. It is because of their diving attachment that makes it easier for the user to manipulate.
  •  It is always worth spending the money from your pocket as it is very affordable and made with quality.
  • It can be used for a long period of time when using this for metal detecting because of its battery that is also excellent.


The only concern on this metal detector is its installed battery but it is not a big deal.  It would still be the best option when you look for the best metal detector.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II was created for people especially who loves searching metals and precious materials under water. This excellent metal detector can give superior use of metal detector where people can always look for. Those people who have used this underwater metal detector, similar impressions were given. Most of them are really satisfied though some of them are not much convinced.

Those people who have purchased their own Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II are also recommending this to others. The reasons are that it is really effective to use when detecting metals and materials under water. Each of the features of this metal detector is really functional.


Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II is the metal detector that has the capacity to be used under water for a long period of time. Such reason leads this to become one of the good options when looking for an underwater metal detector. If you are going to look for a metal detector, do not be afraid to try Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II as it is always worth the price you spend for.

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