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Jul 28

Garrett ACE 300 Review

Garrett ACE 300 Review

If you are looking to get involved in the hobby of metal detecting, there is a product available here that is perfect for the beginner. This great hobby can yield some very rewarding results. You never know what you could find on your outings, especially with the right equipment at hand to make sure you …

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May 27

Garrett Ace 250 Review. Personal Experience

Garrett Ace 250 Review

Garrett Ace 250 has been released in the distant 2005… Why Garrett Ace 250 is still considered as one of the best metal detectors even after almost 15 years? I have been using Garrett Ace 250 metal detector since 2011, and though I do buy, use, and try out other metal detectors, I won’t give my Ace 250 away by …

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Apr 02

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II Underwater Metal Detector Review

Garrett Sea Mark 2 Metal Detector

Are you looking for an excellent metal detector? There are so many metal detectors to choose from and each carries features that are really amazing. If you are looking for the metal detector that is underwater, it is possible too. One of the underwater metal detectors that you can try is the Garrett Sea Hunter …

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