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May 20

New Minelab Go-Find Detectors Series Review

Minelab Go-Find 22, Go-Find 44, Go-Find 66 Review

New Minelab metal detectors Go-Find 22/44/66 made in black&gray colours and have cool camouflage stickers in the box. Stickers can protect against scratches and scuffs and save the metal detector. It would be really funny if it were all changes, how do you think? – Of course not! Let’s look at all new Minelab Go-Find 22/44/66 features! Overview In addition …

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May 01

Best Metal Detector For Kids

kids metal detectors

One of kids’ greatest hobbies is treasure-hunting and unearthing some rare relics from their surroundings. To support your kid’s hobby and help spark their curiosity, one of the wisest investments that you can make is acquiring for the good metal detector which they can use around the compound, in beaches, picnics or camp sites. One …

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