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Sep 16

How to Preserve Your Finds

How to Preserve Your Finds

Metal Detecting leads to many other things. A knowledge of metals and their properties is just one of the more obvious by products of metal detecting. After digging up a thousand targets or two thousand, or ten thousand even, you will pretty much become a specialist in what time does to metal when it is …

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Jun 15

Unmasking The Hilt Of The Viking Sword From Langeid

Unmasking The Hilt Of The Viking Sword

Incredible work was done by the author of the video!  Cleaning the medieval sword founded with a metal detector in Europe. 410 working hours! The result exceeds all expectations. Have you ever had similar finds? 😉 For cleaning small finds (jewelry, coins, badges, etc.) perfectly suited Ultrasonic Cleaner. Read More » “Why Ultrasonic Cleaners Is One Of …

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Jun 10

Why Ultrasonic Cleaner Is One Of The Best Way For Cleaning Your Finds

Best Ultrasonic Cleaners

Now you can save your precious time as well as keep your finds clean and shiny sitting at home with the minimum effort. All the finds, need a cleaning regularly to keep theirs in top order. With the home ultrasonic cleaner, it is not very easy to keep your coins, old jewelry, Civil War belt …

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Mar 23

Minelab Equinox Finds Ancient Coins Video

Ancient Roman coins are one of the best that can be found in the United Kingdom. All my friends diggers like to find them. This video will show you the real experience of using Minelab Equinox metal detector for searching ancient coins. Do you think he doing it better than other metal detectors? The author of the …

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