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Jun 07

Makro Gold Kruzer Nail Board Test

Makro Gold Kruzer Test

Hello friends, today we offer you a fresh and very interesting test of new metal detector Makro Gold Kruzer that was made by famous YouTube blogger from Poland Michał Majchrowicz. Makro Gold Kruzer has 4 programs: 3 are single tone… and only one is 3 tones program. Working frequency is 61kHz, 10 inches and 7.5 inch coils in …

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Mar 25

Video: Makro Multi Kruzer in Salt Water

Makro Multi Kruzer begins to gain the status of one of the best metal detectors in 2018 but diggers don’t hurry up for spending more than $700 on the Turkish novelty. Let’s check how Makro Multi Kruzer is searching gold and silver finds in a salt water. The author of the video DetectorComparisons Technical Specifications of Makro Multi …

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Mar 11

New Makro Kruzer, Multi Kruzer and Gold Kruzer

Makro Kruzer, Multi-Kruzer, Gold Kruzer Review

Yes, it has finally happened! The Macro company announced three new metal detectors release: Kruzer, Multi Kruzer, and Gold Kruzer. These machines are actually different: Multi Kruzer is multi-frequency, Kruzer has only one frequency, and Gold Kruzer model has a frequency of 61 kHz which means it is designed for detecting gold nuggets. Makro Kruzer, …

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