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Jul 18

TOP 5 Best Batteries For Metal Detector Review

Best Batteries For Metal Detector

Very often treasure hunters do not know what batteries are better to buy for their metal detector. In new metal detectors (such as Minelab Equinox, XP Deus, Quest and etc.) use built-in batteries, but there are metal detectors (like updated Garrett ACE Series) that using AA batteries. TOP 5 Best Metal Detector Batteries Batteries Types There are some …

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May 24

Where to Metal Detect?

Where to Metal Detect

Believe it or not, you can’t metal detecting everywhere you wish. Every bit of land is technically owned by somebody and we have to gain permission to use that land to detect on before we head out in the field. As much as this should not be the case for public land, parks and beaches …

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May 21

Which Detector Is Better For Gold Research?

Metal Detecting Gold Research

Metal detecting can be not just a pleasurable time spending as it can turn to one of the most prosperous businesses. The modern market offers the best choice of metal detectors equipped with a different set of the functions and suiting every fancy. You can find professional equipment along with simply operating tools for hobby and leisure …

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