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Jul 10

NEW XP Deus V5 Software Update + 3 NEW Coils X35

XP Deus V5 and XP Coils X35

XP Metal Detectors had released a new FREE software for one of the best metal detectors XP Deus and 3 new coils  XP 22.5 x35, XP 28 x35, XP 34 x35 with the extended spectrum of operating frequency! The update is available for all metal detector owners. Many people make mistakes when they think that the LCD Remote Control Display is …

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Apr 20

How To Buy Metal Detector? Buyers Guide

How do you choose the best or most appropriate metal detector for your needs? Buying a new metal detector is not always a walking park, especially if you are doing this for the first time and are largely unfamiliar with the process and the features to look out for. Pricing should be the last thing …

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Apr 11

How Much Metal Detectors Cost?

which metal detector to buy

So how much do metal detectors cost? Like all products in the market, the cost of the metal detectors varies a lot based on several factors such as the brand, retailer, features and quality of the detector. You can find detectors which are as cheap as £50 on the lower scale. But you could spend …

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Mar 22

Video: Garrett AT Pro vs XP Deus

Today we suggest you to look at the comparison of two legendary and maybe best metal detectors: Garrett AT Pro and XP Deus! As always, waiting for your comments. The author of the video Matt Korte Technical Specifications of Metal Detectors: Garrett At Pro XP Deus

Nov 17

Garrett AT Max Review

New 2017 Garrett AT Max – waterproof metal detector, which can be immersed in water to a depth of 3 meters! Extreme depth and performance at all sites, enhanced object identification capabilities and electronic pinpointer – this new model is designed for professional treasure hunters and combines the best of AT Pro and AT Gold. …

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