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Mar 22

TOP 10 Amazing World War II Photos

These photos show us the life of people, soldiers during the Second World War. Their courage, nobility, joy and sorrow. The Second World War left its mark in the life of every person. History should not be forgotten… Contact us if you want to send interesting WWII photos to our gallery.

Mar 20

Photos: 10 Photos of WWII Relics. Pt. 2

Relic of World War II excavated with a metal detector.

Have you ever found the helmet of a German soldier? Or bayonet knife, which have been laid in the ground for 70 years?  Here is the second part of WWII Relics finds, that was found by diggers. More than seventy years have passed, but some of these things look like they were made yesterday… “Success is …

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Feb 24

Photos: 10 Photos of WWII Relics

WWII Relics are very interesting, they are both beautiful and dangerous. Not a few stories are hidden behind these finds. It was someone’s personal things, someone’s little history, someone’s life… It’s incredible to dig such finds! We suggest you see a collection of 10 photos on this topic: If you want to find more photos of WWII …

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