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Jul 18

TOP 5 Best Batteries For Metal Detector Review

Best Batteries For Metal Detector

Very often treasure hunters do not know what batteries are better to buy for their metal detector. In new metal detectors (such as Minelab Equinox, XP Deus, Quest and etc.) use built-in batteries, but there are metal detectors (like updated Garrett ACE Series) that using AA batteries. TOP 5 Best Metal Detector Batteries Batteries Types There are some …

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May 23

How to Metal Detect: Tips & Tricks

How to Metal Detect Tips & Tricks

Did you know that according to statistics, 70% of diggers aren’t metal detecting correctly? Are you sure that yesterday, the day before yesterday, a month or a year ago didn’t miss your biggest find? No? Then read carefully! Here we have collected some simple but very useful tips and tricks for you. Metal detectors are easy to …

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