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Aug 02

Best Beach Metal Detector 2019

Best Beach Metal Detector

The huge comparison of the best beach metal detectors! This is the really perfect comparison for those who want to upgrade the old metal detector or buy a first metal detector for beach metal detecting. The main task of this test is to see how to get the best performance for each machine for the …

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Jul 30

XP Deus V5 Update Now Available

Deus V5

The long-awaited new XP Deus V5 Update is available for free! The firmware is available for installation on all XP Deus metal detectors, but the manufacturer claims that you will fully experience the benefits of the new update only with new coils. Also, WS4/WS5 headphones will have new features: The free V5 update is available on XP …

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Jul 10

NEW XP Deus V5 Software Update + 3 NEW Coils X35

XP Deus V5 and XP Coils X35

XP Metal Detectors had released a new FREE software for one of the best metal detectors XP Deus and 3 new coils  XP 22.5 x35, XP 28 x35, XP 34 x35 with the extended spectrum of operating frequency! The update is available for all metal detector owners. Many people make mistakes when they think that the LCD Remote Control Display is …

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Apr 24

XP Deus Review

XP Deus Review

Are you one of those who are fascinated by the very idea of treasure hunting? Or maybe you are a newbie treasure hunter looking forward to the next hunt? If yes, then what you really need in the first place is a reliable and affordable metal detector that will become your faithful assistant when it …

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Mar 22

Video: Garrett AT Pro vs XP Deus

Today we suggest you to look at the comparison of two legendary and maybe best metal detectors: Garrett AT Pro and XP Deus! As always, waiting for your comments. The author of the video Matt Korte Technical Specifications of Metal Detectors: Garrett At Pro XP Deus

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