How Much Metal Detectors Cost?

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So how much do metal detectors cost? Like with all products on the market, the cost of the metal detectors varies a lot based on several factors such as the brand, retailer, features and quality of the machine. You can find detectors which are as cheap as $50 on the lower scale. But you could spend as much as $400 on some high end detectors that come with incredible depth and discrimination capabilities. The better the performance of the device, the higher the cost that you will have to pay. Most of them will, however, on average cost you about $200. Below is an overview of some factors that influence the cost of a metal detector.


This is a very important feature which determines the metal detector’s capability to differentiate between the various types of metals that you are likely to encounter on your path. Metals emit distinct frequencies or waves of electromagnetic radiation, and a high quality detector will be capable of identifying and isolating the undesirable frequencies so you can focus on the specific object of your prospecting hobby. This will save you a lot of time and energy, and also increases the efficiency of your detectorist work.

The Depth of the Metal Detector’s Reach

This is an indication of how deep the metal detector can reach to spot both small and large metallic finds. The depth should be one of your foremost considerations when choosing a metal detector. The greater the depth, the more expensive the detector is likely to be.

Ground Balance

This feature is added in some metal detectors for greater accuracy. The ground balance allows you to calibrate the device according to ground composition before you begin the search, to minimize misreading.


The modes vary from one manufacturer to another. Generally, you can have modes for reading the coins, gold, jewelry or relics. Usually, the detector will cost more if it has a greater number of mode options.


Since every metal emits a unique frequency of electromagnetic radiation, you can make use of notching to fix a particular frequency so you can target a particular metal during your search.


Quality is an important factor influencing the cost. Top quality detectors which offer you great performance and a bunch of cool features will cost more. Some of the leading brands in the industry have a proven track record and will thus guarantee you excellent quality. It is also important to consider additional factors such as shipping costs and discounts which have a huge influence on price. Metal detectors are one-off investments which do not require monthly maintenance and with the potential great payoff in case you dig out a valuable relic.

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