How to choose a metal detector?

5 simple things to consider


Decide what relics you want to find

Depending on the type of finds, you will choose the operating frequency, depth, and waterproofness for your metal detector.


Consider future areas of search

The choice of areas defines the type of surfaces, the level of ground mineralization, the amount of trash, and weather conditions. Depending on these criteria, metal detector features are chosen.


Set your budget

Choose the best metal detector from the ones you can afford. An affordable detector doesn’t mean a bad detector - you just have to be able to use it.


Define the level of your skills

There are universal detectors, beginner-level machines, expert-level, and specialized metal detectors. Be honest with yourself about your level of skill and experience, and choose a detector you can really manage.


Decide upon the most important features

Depending on all the mentioned, decide whether you need more depth, more waterproofness, better discrimination, or a bigger frequency range. The more features there are, the more you pay.


In fact, we can help you choose!

We have already found the best metal detectors for all categories. Check out detailed reviews of the best detectors on our website.