DetectHistory Awards

Every year, DetectHistory organizes an Awards event where we look at metal detectors in different categories, and choose the best metal detectors by different manufacturers. Actually, it is the visitors of the site who chooses! If you are interested, learn more about the Awards, and give your vote for your favourite machine!

Shortlist for «Best All-Round Metal Detector 2021» Award

In this category, the main criterion for the metal detector is being flexible and versatile. We also decided that the following important quality features should be considered, and not only considered – the following features and setting should demonstrate the ultimate quality and seamless performance – Multifrequency technology, being waterproof, ground balance, discrimination, recovery speed, additional search coils and accessories for different types of search.

DetectHistory believes that the Best All-Round Metal Detector 2021 should show the maximum level of performance on different types of grounds and locations, in any weather, and also demonstrate a decent depth of reach for all types of targets.

Shortlist for «The Most Popular Metal Detector 2021» Award

For this category, DetectHistory looked for metal detectors that turned out to be the most popular in 2021, according to the feedback of detectorists around the world. DetectHistory has explored users’ feedback on forums and social media & collected data from dealers in different countries around the world, etc.

We have also analyzed the frequency of mentioning different metal detectors online, on YouTube and social media, and the context in which the metal detectors are mentioned. So, we have definitely collected the names of the most frequently mentioned metal detectors in positive contexts. Now it is your turn to choose the most popular machines!

Shortlist for «Best New Metal Detector 2021» Award

This category is perhaps the most pragmatic and comprehensive. All the nominees should be released in 2021, and now it is the users who choose the best new metal detector this year!

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1. Do you guarantee the Awards are fair?

Yes! Later, we will provide the full report about the voting results, based on the Google Form above. This Google Form will prevent people from voting unfairly, and DetectHistory will be able to collect the data objectively.

2. How will I find out about the winners?

Every participant who will complete the Google Form will receive an email with results announced. Also, the update will be available on DetectHistory website, and on this page as well – save it to bookmarked pages to check out later!

3. How long will the voting be available, and when the results are announced?

The voting will take place starting from Dec 1, 0:00 GMT, to Dec 15, 0:00 GMT. We will take effort to collect and publish the results till Dec, 20.

4. Can people from all over the world add their votes?

Yes, of course, anyone can vote from wherever they want.

5. Why is “this” or “that” metal detector absent from the list?

This year, we wanted to expand the shortlists to the maximum, to embrace all the timely metal detectors available on the market right now. At the same time, we followed clear criteria which did not allow us to include beginner level metal detectors (although we love those!), technically outdated metal detectors, those released before 2010, or those released after 2010 but still using older technologies. And of course there are no metal detectors that seem to be made by low quality brands, or compromised brands. As a result, you may not find some products you know are out there, on our list.

6. How do I complete the Google Form if I don’t have a Google account?

Unfortunately, you can only complete the Google Form if you have a Google account. This is done to prevent mass voting by fakes or bots, and any type of cheating. Due to being backed by some years of experience, and powerful software, Google Forms is one of the safest and most accessible, and is even used on governmental levels in different countries.

7. What is the purpose of Awards?

DetectHistory has started this Awards tradition to thank the manufacturers that really deliver the best quality, and also allow the metal detectorists to share their opinion about what metal detectors they really believe are worth an award. Being a metal detector reviewing resource, we are genuinely interested in real users’ opinions.

8. Who are the Awards’ sponsors?

For the third time in a row, DetectHistory bankrolls the annual Awards ceremony for the metal detectors. This approach allows us to be equally distant and therefore independent from any third parties.

DetectHistory Awards

1. Definitions

1.1 “DetectHistory Awards 2021” Contest  (hereinafter – the Contest) – the procedure of determining the winner among metal detectors, manufacturers (developers) that did not object / agreed to participate in the Competition, which takes place by secret electronic voting. The Contest is not an official position of the Organizer of the Contest and has only entertaining purposes for people or persons, who take part in voting.

1.2 Organizer of the Contest – (hereinafter – DetectHistory).

1.3 Contest Participants – legal entities of any form of ownership and organizational and legal form, established in accordance with the current legislation of the country of their location, engaged in the manufacture (development) of metal detectors worldwide.

1.4 Voting – the procedure for determining the winner of the Contest, which takes place by secret ballot in electronic form.

1.5 The DetectHistory Awards 2021 – the award given to the Participant who received the largest number of votes during the voting in the respective category.

2. Basic principles of the Contest

2.1 DetectHistory selects the most relevant and modern metal detectors for participation in the Contest .

2.2 The Contest Participant may be represented by several metal detectors in more than one category.

2.3 The Contest determines the winners in three nominations without dividing the Participants in each category by price, size, number of sales (except for the category Most Popular Metal Detector 2021) or by any other criteria.

2.4 The winner of the Contest is determined by secret electronic voting on the website via using Google Forms.

2.5 Participation in this Contest implies that the Participants agreed / did not object to the publication of the results of the Contest on the Organizer’s website, its social media accounts and on the resources of the Contest Organizer’s partners.

3. Voting

3.1 Voting starts on December 1, 2021, 0:00 GMT and ends on December 15, 0:00 GMT at

3.2 Any person who has passed the authorization procedure through Google Forms can take part in the voting.

3.3 The authorization procedure takes place by providing an email address, after which a person receives access to the voting form.

3.4 Each person may take part in the voting only once.

3.5 The Organizer of the Contest reserves the right to take all necessary organizational and technical measures in order to prevent distortion of the voting results, in particular, but not exclusively:

3.5.1 Use “cookie” files to track attempts to re-vote by the same person;

3.5.2 Monitor the IP addresses of persons participating in the voting;

3.5.3 Introduce additional checks (CAPTCHA) to confirm that a real person intends to vote.

3.6 The Contest Organizer has the right to cancel the voting results of a particular person and / or for a particular Contest Participant, if it is confirmed that the voting of this person and / or for this Contest Participant took place in violation of these Rules. Cancellation of voting results for violation of the Rules is automatic and is not subject to appeal.

3.7 By participating in the Voting, persons consent to the collection of their email addresses and subsequent receipt of emails from the Contest Organizer.

4. Determining the results of the Contest

4.1 The Organizer of the Contest determines the results no later than December 24, 2021.

4.2 To determine the results of the Contest, the number of votes received by the voting results will be recorded.

4.3 The winner of the Contest in a certain category is the metal detector that received the largest number of votes in this category.

4.4 The results of the Contest are to be recorded and announced by the Organizer of the Contest.4.5. The results of the Contest, including the data of the voters, are strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any person by any reason.

4.6. The results of the Contest represent only the number of votes, received in lawful way by the Organizer of the Contest. The Organizer of the Contest is not responsible for any results of voting and not liable for voters’ will.

5. Announcement of the Contest results and awarding the winners

5.1 The results of the Contest are to be announced by publishing on the website of the Organizer of the Contest, on its social media accounts, by sending to the persons who took part in the Voting, relevant emails (newsletters) and in any other way not prohibited by law.

5.2 The winners of the Contest in the respective category are awarded by the DetectHistory Awards 2021.

To the Contest Participant, the Product of which is determined as the winner of the Contest.

5.3 Based on the results of the “DetectHistory Awards 2021” ceremony, the results of the Contest will be published on the web resources of the Contest Organizer. This publication will list the 3 metal detectors that received the most votes and information on the overall voting results for each of them.

5.4 The Contest Participant, whose metal detector is determined as the winner of the Contest, has the right to use the DetectHistory Awards 2021 logo on their web resources, social media accounts, publications, advertising materials and in any other way not prohibited by law.

A Contest Participant who received the DetectHistory Awards 2021 in a certain category, but violates the provisions of these Rules for the next three years, may be deprived of the appropriate title and award.

DetectHistory Awards

2020 Winners

Minelab Equinox 800
Minelab Equinox 800 Awards
Best All-Round Metal Detector 2020

We expected a photo of the Minelab representative with the award here, but probably they are too busy to even send it.

Nokta Makro Simplex
Nokta Makro Simplex Awards
Most Popular Metal Detector 2020
winners 1

Dilek Gonulay, Director of Sales & Marketing at Nokta Makro Metal Detectors holds the DetectHistory 2020 award.

Garrett Ace Apex
Garrett ACE Apex Awards
Best New Metal Detector 2020
winners 2

Vaughan Garrett, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Garrett Metal Detectors holds the DetectHistory 2020 award.

DetectHistory Awards

About DetectHistory

DetectHistory is a hobby metal detectors reviewing platform. This is a place to go to when you want to find out more about metal detectors for hobby treasure hunting, and choose the best possible metal detector for a certain type of search, certain locations, or certain targets.

DetectHistory reviews different metal detectors, and provides comprehensive guides and advice to users of all levels – from beginners to experts. We take effort to offer useful recommendations, facts, or tips, depending on what type of metal detector we review.

DetectHistory is all about objective, honest, and unbiased feedback and comments about each metal detector we get our hands on. You will never find a promotion of a low quality product on this site, only because the product is well-branded, or well-paid for. This is also the reason why you will not find any ads on the site, since we’re looking forward to not blindly promoting whatever the advertisers want to promote, and give the users access to objective information. DetectHistory does not do sponsored reviews of metal detectors or accessories, because honesty is what all metal detectorists want to find on such a resource.

DetectHistory has been around for quite a while, and we are committed to making our content objective, comprehensive, and as up to date as possible. This is partially why DetectHistory makes this annual Awards event – to see and show the trends, to check what manufacturers choose to deliver the best quality, and what machines enjoy the true love of the global metal detecting community.

Our Mission

The mission of the DetectHistory project is pretty clear. Of course we are interested in helping the dealers promote some metal detectors, but our work goes deeper than that.

Being objective and unbiased is our values, and this is one of the reasons why no one sponsors our annual Awards – DetectHistory wants to stay independent from the influencers in the niche, therefore giving more power of choice to the actual metal detecting community members.

The mission of DetectHistory is to provide clear, comprehensive, and up to date information about metal detectors, old and new, and about manufacturers. We want to help the treasure hunters to make informed choices when they look for a metal detector to get for themselves.

DetectHistory also seeks ways to connect people within the community because we all share the same interests, and perhaps we all have the same goals in the metal detecting hobby.

About The Awards

The annual Awards event, organized by DetectHistory for the third time in a row, exists to say “thank you” to all the metal detector manufacturers that invest time, effort, innovation, and money, to create high quality products which the users really like.

One of the purposes of the Awards is to also see the real trends and preferences among the metal detectorists, as opposed to the marketing created by brands to make us all believe that only their products are the best and the most demanded in the world. DetectHistory wants to see, and to share, the real votes that real users give for their favourite metal detectors, thus proving what machines show great performance in the field.

DetectHistory believes that most metal detectorists are willing to share their opinion on the real practical value of the nominee metal detectors in the Awards categories, and all metal detectorists would like to know what their colleagues around the world think. However, DetectHistory also believes that manufacturers can also benefit from the insights given by this Awards event. By knowing what metal detectors enjoy popularity and demand, and what brands are the most loved by the customers, the manufacturers can look for ways to become even better.