Time to Detect. The Ultimate Metal Detecting Guide for Beginners


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Completely New to Metal Detecting?

«Metal detector is only 50% of your success» and with this book, you will learn what makes the other 50%

Easy to understand

It explains all the concepts and basic aspects in a clear and comprehensive manner.

Helps to choose

It helps to assess what metal detector will be optimal for the user.

Experience in the field

It provides practical recommendations stemming from real-life experience.


It deals with a real problems and pains of a beginner detectorist and explains how to avoid them.

To-go book

It can be used as a to-go book to master the learning curve of this hobby.

Bonus section

It has a glossary of metal detecting terms and slang added as a bonus section.

What Other Detectorists Say

«This book is exactly what I needed to give it a start. Yes, I know there is a lot of free information on metal detecting out there, but I’d like all my guidelines gathered conveniently in one place, and properly explained.»

Jarrett Cawsey

«The main problem all beginners face is that experienced treasure hunters forget how they started; they only talk complicated stuff, and forget to mention the basics. Time to Detect gives all basics as a good educational book.»

Ren Delan

«I’ve been following DetectHistory for a while, and I’m happy to get this book by them. Moreover, I will recommend it to all my wannabe and beginner friends, because this is exactly what they need.»

Loni Bowcher
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