Fisher F11, F22 and F44 Review

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Metal Detector
  • Country USA
  • Released 2015
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Additional
  • Headphones included

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  • Coins
  • Relics
  • Beginners

fisher f44 preview

Generally, the whole Fisher F series of the metal detectors is more suitable for newbies than experienced people in this hobby. Despite the fact that Fisher F44 is comparatively decent for treasure hunters with experience, it still cannot be considered a professional level tool. One of the most reasonable methods of choosing among these tools is the following: Fisher F11 is the best for children, Fisher F22 will be a great choice for the beginners, and Fisher F44 metal detector is fine for more experienced detectorists. For more details and nuances, read these objective metal detector reviews.

Rating Explanations
All Purpose
Key Features
Easy to Use
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Michael Moore
  • affordable
  • beginner-friendly
  • all-purpose
  • Pinpoint mode included
  • lightweight
  • additional compatible coils are available
  • 5 years warranty
  • only 1 operating frequency
  • software cannot be updated
  • only the coil is waterproof
  • headphones are not included in the kit
  • Technology: VLF Single Frequency
  • Number of frequencies: 1
  • Frequencies: 7.69 kHz
  • Search Coil: 11"
  • Search Coil Type: DD
  • Waterproof: Coil only
  • Updatable Software: No
  • VDI (Target ID): Yes
  • Search Modes: 5
  • Search Mode Types: All Metal / Artifact / Coins / Jewelry + Custom
  • Ground Balance: Manual
  • Pinpoint Mode: Yes
  • Audio Tones: 4
  • Batteries: 2 AA batteries required
  • Length (min-max): 41.5"-51.5"
  • Weight:2.2 lb
  • Warranty: 5 years

Fisher F44 Key Features

VLF Technology

Generates an electromagnetic field that applies a continuous sinusoidal wave to the ground scanned.

DD Coil

One of the best shapes a search coil can have, increasing sensitivity and stability, at the same time decreasing impact from mineralization and trash.

Manual Ground Balance

Handy options for increasing the depth for both newbies and seasoned treasure hunters.


Useful feature for more accurate location of the object spotted when digging it out.

Waterproof Coil

Facilitates productive search in wet grass, on wet sand, and in shallow water near the water bodies.

Fisher F11/F22/F44 Overview

fisher f44 overview

The Fisher F lineage includes three metal detectors with different levels of complexity, but generally all being proper for beginner-level treasure hunters. Fisher F11 metal detector and Fisher F22 metal detector are simple enough for a child or total noob to handle. However, they will fit perfectly for finding some coins and relics. The series was released back in 2015, and works best for coins and relics, although the frequencies are proper even for some gold detecting. To learn everything you need to know about this series, check out our Fisher F11 review, Fisher F22 review, and Fisher F44 review all provided in one post.

Fisher F11 Features

fisher f11 overview

The main disadvantage of this model is 9V PP3 accumulators. This is an old-fashioned approach, and the company should definitely change it for the next series. Definitely.

The main tech specs that make it different from “older brothers” are:

Fisher F22 Features

fisher f22 overview

This model is a bit more complicated, but not much. On the other hand, many users claim that it is much better in quality and sensitivity than the previous one.

Thank God, the batteries for the device are two AA batteries. The battery life is about 25 hours without pausing. Accumulators give only 15 hours.

The main differences of this model from the other two are as follows:

Control Box

fisher f44 control box

The control box on Fisher F44 weatherproof metal detector is equipped with a backlit LCD display, and the whole control panel is large and handy to use. It includes the following controls: Power On\Off button; Mode button to choose the Search modes from the menu; PP button for Pinpoint mode; GG button for Ground Grab ground cancellation; the Menu button to access Volume, Sensitivity, Notch, Ground balance, and backlight; and Plus/Minus button to regulate the sensitivity of features in the Menu.

The display itself is also big enough to be visible and comprehensive. It includes the following indicators: Target Category ID numbers; Iron indicator; Menu category icons; Backlight; Target Depth; Ground Error; Ground Mineralization; Target ID numbers; Battery level; Search mode indicator.

The backlight is also adjustable, the levels are from 0 to 5. This way, you can use the metal detector in twilight or even in complete darkness.

Search Modes

All Metal

All Metal search mode, also called All Metal, makes the machine react to all metal objects on the location, with continuous ongoing background audio signal.


Perfect for spotting modern jewelry pieces that people drop in public places. However, it most likely won’t spot other targets that differ much in terms of characteristics.


Classic regime for coin hunting. It is the most suitable for US coins, but be sure that all types of coins are likely to be spotted properly.


In other words, this is a relic regime - catching items made of low conductivity metals. It filters off trash that usually prevents the metal detector from scanning and detecting the artefacts properly.


This is an empty program that can be changed according to the user’s preferences, and the settings can be saved, or reprogrammed. It is a useful option for detectorists who face unusual conditions or locations, and also for users who learn to tune the machine manually.

Fisher F44 Features

You already know the features of the two younger models in the Fisher F lineage, but to evaluate the Fisher F44 metal detector introduction, you need to know all the features offered in it. The combination of functions and features in this metal detector makes it really all-purpose and pretty functional, but at the same time the settings still remain in the realm of the comprehensive for the beginner detectorists. The full list of features includes:

Ground Grab Feature

Different ground mineralization means not only the number of hot rocks and whether the location is gold-bearing, but it also defines the level of soil conductivity. Different soils can create electromagnetic interference of different power, cause noise and false signals, etc.

The Ground Grab feature allows the metal detector to adjust the ground setting to the phase of the soil on your current location. In other words, the metal detector learns to accept the soil as “normal” and makes it a background against which potential targets are seen. If the soil mineralization is not perceived as “background”, any abnormal concentration of minerals will be seen by the detector as a potential target, including holes or underground cavities.

Fisher F44 Search Coils

fisher f44 coils

The search coil included to the F44 kit by default is the 11 inches DD triangulated elliptic concentric DD waterproof coil. It has an unusual egg-like shape (Fisher calls it “teardrop” shape), which makes the coil very maneuverable despite its bigger size (compared to F11 and F22). One of the immediate advantages is small weight. The 11 inches coil also fits for F11 and F22 metal detectors.

Additional compatible coils are available for F44, including:

All coils have a special 90 days Factory Warranty by Fisher Labs.

Fisher F44 Settings

While all F-lineage metal detectors have quite comprehensive settings, there are two types of settings we would like to discuss separately, just to give a bigger picture of the tuning process for beginner detectorists.

Pinpoint Retuning

When you want to define the target location more accurately, you use Pinpoint mode. However, you can further improve the accuracy if you apply retuning. This way, you will be able to narrow the location of the suggested item even more.

To retune the metal detector in Pinpoint mode, switch on the Pinpoint mode, then release the button and press it again immediately. When the button is released, the display will show you the “ “ sign, meaning that the detector gets adapted to the incoming signal from the target even more. To narrow down further, place the search coil above the center of the suggested target, and retune again.

Please keep in mind that, as you retune, the depth indicator will become less and less accurate.

Ground Grab Setting

Activate automatic cancellation of the ground by pressing and holding the button. The metal detector will “grab” the soil value and use it as “background” value. If you would like to calibrate the detector for more accuracy, move the search coil up and down above the ground, holding it evenly. Make sure you stand in one place, and that there is no metal under the search coil. You should move the search coil up and down until the 2-digit ground balance number stabilizes.

Please keep in mind that, as you use Ground Grab, the metal detector automatically switches into the All Metal search mode.

Fisher F11/F22/F44 Tones & VDI Chart

VDI Target ID is an extremely useful feature both for newbie detectorists and for seasoned treasure hunters, because it allows analyzing the signal better than if you only have the audio signal. Moreover, sometimes audio signal and visual ID can give different data, so the detectorist has more data to analyze about the target. To understand what types of items correspond to what segments, check out the VDI chart for metal detector Fisher F44 below.

fisher f11 f22 f44 vdi chart

Fisher F11/F22/F44 Problems

Each of the Fisher F metal detectors is non-updatable, meaning you cannot update the software online, but you are already aware of that, right? The F11/F22/F44 were released when updatable software was only an option in the niche of hand-held hobby metal detectors, and all three machines are too simple to have their software updated. This sounds like a disadvantage, and if it is a problem for you, just check out updatable metal detectors.

Another problem is with Fisher F11 and its 9V PP3 accumulators which are a prehistoric technology no one else uses today. If you ever need replacement, you may find it a tough task

And eventually, many F11/F22/F44 owners state that the plastic armrest on these machines breaks really easily. Perhaps the machines are not balanced well enough, or the plastic doesn’t stand the punishment. The good news is that, if the armrest breaks, you can simply turn the shaft and continue searching.

Tips & Tricks for Fisher F44 Users

fisher f44 user

Now for the Fisher F44 tips and tricks. If you metal detect on highly magnetic soils, you can get an overload message from the metal detector from time to time. The Overload message reads as “–” on the display. You will also get a rapid repeating warning audio signal. Overload means that the metal detector gets too much response from the soils, and can’t analyze the response, meaning it doesn’t function. In case of the overload, raise the search coil higher above the ground.

Sometimes, the soils are too mineralized and you might get an Overload message all the time, making treasure hunting impossible. You may want to move to a different location in this case, since Fisher F11/22/44 are not created for performance on highly mineralized soils, on wet saltwater beaches, or in saltwater. You will need a more sophisticated metal detector for such conditions.

Fisher F11/F22/F44 Accessories

Besides search coils, you may want to enhance your metal detecting with the Fisher F series by purchasing the following accessories:

If you would like to purchase more accessories in one go together with a metal detector, check out your official local retailers and see what packages and bundles they offer to their customers. You are likely to find some attractive discounts.

Fisher F44 Kit

The standard kit for F44 and other models is rather humble; it includes:

Fisher F11/F22/F44 Manuals

The best way to find out whether a metal detector would suit you and would meet your needs when treasure hunting, and whether you will actually be able to master its settings, is to read the user’s manual Fisher F11/F22/F44 pdf before you purchase the machines itself. User’s manuals contain all the details and nuances about the metal detectors, including setting instructions, assembly instructions, trouble-shooting, metal detecting techniques, how to use Fisher F11/F22/F44 metal detectors, and more.

Download Fisher F11 Users Manual

Download Fisher F22 Users Manual

Download Fisher F44 Users Manual


What is the Ground Error on the F44 display?

During constant tracking of the ground balance within the Ground Grab feature, the user may move from location to location and the soil value may change rather quickly. If the user does not adapt the metal detector to these chances, treasure hunting will be inefficient as soon as the soil specifications change after the latest balancing. This is why it is crucial for the user to know that the soil mineralization levels and phase change.

The Ground Balance Error message pops up when it is time to rebalance the metal detector due to different soils under the search coil. If the downward pointing arrow blinks, the ground phase is lower than the setting of the metal detector. If the upward pointing arrow is illuminated, the ground condition is higher than the metal detector settings. As soon as the user rebalances the machine respectably, the message will disappear until the next soil phase change occurs.

How to avoid electromagnetic interference without frequency shift?

When the metal detector performs on highly mineralized soils, around frequent hot rocks, near power lines, or other metal detectors – or even around a powerful smartphone! – it may catch frequency resonance with these sources of electromagnetic fields, and cause noise and false signals due to the electromagnetic interference (EMI). EMI prevents the metal detector from operating efficiently. If you encounter EMI, you cannot change frequency to fall out of resonance, because F11/22/44 do not have frequency shift feature. However, you can reduce the level of sensitivity. Reduce it until the machine stops giving you noise and false signals.


The Fisher F11, Fisher F22, and Fisher F44 offer high quality and effective performance for reasonable on-budget price. Each model is suitable for a specific segment of audience, and offers only those settings which this particular audience is most likely to find useful. They are not stuffed with a bunch of complicated settings nobody can cope with, but has to pay for. Due to that, and together with practical design and convenience, the Fisher series has gained the love of many metal detectorists around the world.


Fisher F44 Trusted detector with good customers reviews


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