Choose A Perfect Metal Detector in 5 Simple Steps

Choosing a metal detector is easier than it seems. We have made this tool to prevent you from wasting time and wondering what to choose.
Just fill out the form and get recommendation on metal detector model!

What type of detecting do you prefer?

Multiple Choice Avaliable

Type of detecting defines level of complexity and also cost. Beginner detectorist will have hard time using expert-level detector.

Select your metal detecting level:

The level of expertise, in its turn, defines cost. If you only make your first steps detecting, pay attention to machines costing around $400.

What is your budget?

Many detectorists have preferred brands, and some of them always buy machines only by their favourite brands. If you are one of those, this step is for you.

What is your favourite brand?

The level of metal detector defines the complexity of additional features. If you are a beginner detectorist, perhaps just skip this step.

Choose one the most important feature you want in the metal detector

1 Step - Detecting Type
2 Step - Experience Level
3 Step - Budget
4 Step - Brand
5 Step - Additional Features
Final Result!
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