Nokta Multi Kruzer Metal Detector Review

Very Good
Metal Detector
  • Country TU
  • Released 2017
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Additional
  • Headphones included

Best for

  • Coins
  • Relics
  • Beach
  • Underwater

nokta makro kruzer preview

Nokta Multi Kruzer is one of the three models in the Kruzer series, and it is one of the most versatile and flexible in operation. Being all-purpose and almost all-terrain, this metal detector will make almost any treasure hunter happy, since it is stuffed with different amazing functions and features. If you would like to learn more about all details and nuances on this machine, check out this Nokta Kruzer metal detector review.

Rating Explanations
All Purpose
Key Features
Easy to Use
Reviewed by
Michael Moore
  • waterproof up to 10 feet
  • updatable software
  • Pinpoint mode included
  • additional compatible coils are available
  • frequency shift is available
  • lightweight
  • not actually multi-frequency
  • not beginner-friendly
  • default headphones are not waterproof
  • Technology: VLF Single Frequency
  • Number of frequencies: 1
  • Frequencies: 14 kHz
  • Search Coil: 11" x 7"
  • Search Coil Type: DD
  • Waterproof: Up to 10 feet (IP68)
  • Updatable Software: Yes
  • VDI (Target ID): Yes
  • Search Modes: 7
  • Search Mode Types: 7 Factory Programs
  • Ground Balance: Automatic / Manual / Tracking
  • Pinpoint Mode: Yes
  • Audio Tones: 3
  • Batteries: 4 AA batteries required
  • Length (min-max): 47"-55"
  • Weight:3 lb
  • Warranty: 2 years

Nokta Multi Kruzer Key Features

3 Operating Frequencies

Pretty decent for all standard locations and target types.

DD Coil

The most universal coil shape, showing seamless operation regardless of the location, ground mineralization, and level of trash..

Manual & Tracking Ground Balance

Automatic mode is easy to use, manual allows to adjust to unique location, while tracking makes the machine adjust to changing mineralization.


Up to 16 feet means somewhat deeper diving near the banks and therefore more finds.

Wireless Headphones

Irreplaceable for comfortable and problem-free operation on various locations.

Nokta Multi Kruzer Overview

nokta makro kruzer overview

Nokta Multi Kruzer is an all-purpose, extremely versatile metal detector created for treasure hunters with a medium-level of skill. While its settings are a bit more complicated, the metal detector is stuffed with cool and handy functions. One of the best things about it is that Multi Kruzer not only has tools for detecting targets, it also has tools for solving typical problems a treasure hunter can face in the field.

Multi Kruzer was released in 2017, so it is comparatively recent, but due to the updatable software, it will be competitive for years ahead. It is powered by 4 AA batteries, with battery life of up to 19 hours. The metal detector is pretty lightweight, and has 2 years warranty. Its flexibility in operation can be further enhanced with additional compatible search coils.

Kruzer & Kruzer Multi Overview

Kruzer and Kruzer Multi are kinda alike, so for convenience let’s overview them together. Both detectors are waterproof, Nokta Kruzer metal detector is submersible up to 5 meters / 16.4 ft. Both are good for coins, relics, bigger targets of course.

Kruzer features an operating frequency of 14 kHz, plus frequency shifts. Kruzer Multi features three operating frequencies of 5kHz/14kHz/19kHz, plus frequency shifts.

The coils and the search modes are identical.

Gold Kruzer Overview

nokta makro gold kruzer overview

This lightweight and efficient Nokta Gold Kruzer metal detector was created specifically to dig gold nuggets and gold dust. So, it really differs from the other two Kruzers. The operating frequency featured is 61 kHz, suitable for gold, plus frequency shifts which decrease the chatter and improve the clarity of signal. There are only four search modes, and the number of compatible coils is smaller.


Two coils that come in the kit are Concentric Search Coil 26×14 cm, and DD Search Coil 19×10 cm. Both are waterproof, and both are equipped with covers. Other compatible coils are waterproof DD 7.5″ x 4″, DD 9.5″ x 5″, DD 15.5″ x 13″, and concentric 10″ x 5.5″.

Search Modes

Metal detectors created for gold prospecting are tough and effective on complicated, highly mineralized locations. While this type of detecting requires some unique features, and outstanding quality, there is not much variety in search modes.

Gen. This is an All Metal mode, tracking all potential objects that react to the search coil’s electromagnetic field within the operating frequency. The drawback is, of course, reaction to mineralization and hot rocks, so accurate groud balance is really important.

Fast. This mode is suitable for quick movement of the coil, or when the potential targets can also be in movement. Fast mode will be helpful in rivers and streams to track gold dust and small nuggets, but the reach is not very deep.

Boost. This mode makes audio signals from small or deep targets clear, clean, and more comprehensive. It is valuable to assess whether an unclear target can be worthy, because digging out worthless items on gold fields is a waste of time and effort.

Micro. Created specifically to hunt down tiny gold nuggets, flakes, and dust, this mode is extremely handy in many locations. It will bring you finds even on locations that have already been scanned and seem empty.

Control Box

nokta makro kruzer control box

As most Nokta metal detectors, Nokta Multi Kruzer metal detector has a small travel-size control box with an informative panel equipped with the backlit LCD display. The controls on the panel go as follows: Select/EUD button, Settings button, Pinpoint, keypad for menu navigation, On\Off button, Option, Ground Balance. The back of the control box contain Wired headphones\charger input, Speaker, and search coil Input socket.

LCD Display Indicators

The display for Multi Kruzer is extremely informative, but the detectorist will have to get used to it before operating in the field. The indicators on the display go as follows: Search modes list, Instant Depth meter, Settings menu, Target ID Scale, VDI Target ID indicator, Warning messages section, Options list, level of Magnetic Mineralization, Ground Balance adjustment section, and Battery level indicator.

Search Modes

Kruzer and Kruzer Multi offer 6 Search modes that are suitable for different types of metal detecting. The titles of the modes are not that descriptive than other brands make them, so you have to understand what every mode is about, and where it is suitable to use.


GEN mode is like “All Metals” mode, but with one difference: you can adjust the threshold tone level (THREAD), which is crucial for searching small coins and relics. Recommended to use for digging those “old places” where you have already been earlier. It’s the second deepest search mode among all, after the special DEEP mode.

2 Tone

Two-tone discrimination mode. Iron will give a lower tone, and everything else — a higher tone. In this segment, iron targets are on the scale to the value of 15, from 15 to 99 — targets of non-ferrous metals. You can change the key transition to your preference by using Tone Break.

3 Tone

Iron gives low tone, and the non-ferrous metals are divided into two — medium and high. Low tone is for targets from 0 to 15, medium tone is for targets from 16 to 66, and high tone for targets from 67 to 99. If the sensitivity is up to 90, this mode is the fastest in response speed, perfect on the trash.

4 Tone

Four-tone discrimination mode. In this mode, iron gives low tone, and non-ferrous metals are divided according to 3 different tones, depending on their conductivity. Low tone from 0 to 15, low to medium tone from 16 to 30, high to medium tone from 31 to 66 and high tone from 67 to 99.


Designed for beach search in the tide zone and on wet sand, as well as in water! In this mode, the ground balance level is open to 0-99, which makes this setting much better. Also, the level of discrimination is set at 15 to discriminate and cut off the response from soil and ferrous metals.


Created for searching on small areas, requires a slow wiring coil. The deepest mode of all presented in this series of metal detectors. In this mode, metal detector is noisier, but the noise is louder when the coil is in the air, not above the ground. To make this mode effective, you have to move the coil in a really stable manner.

Nokta Multi Kruzer Features

Multi Kruzer by Nokta is full of cool features which promise to make metal detecting efficient and productive. Since this is an all-purpose detector, the combination of functions and features allows maximum flexibility to show smooth and productive operation under different conditions. The most impressive features of this metal detector are listed below:

Extra Underground Depth Feature

One of the biggest problems with hot rocks and high mineralization of soils is that they create electromagnetic response that masks response from the actual buried items. The deeper is the item, and the more other items are around it, the higher the chances the metal detectorist misses it due to masking. The more the user tries to discriminate, in order to see only potentially valuable targets, the more depth of reach they lose. This seems a vicious cycle, but it can be broken with the help of EUD feature.

The EUD feature in Multi Kruzer allows the detector to spot deeper items despite hot rocks or mineralized soils around. The machine assigns a different tone to those deeper items than the general tone in the used Search mode, so that the metal detectorist understood there is a deeper object down there. When EUD is activated, the metal detector does not discriminate metals, so the user will dig more ferrous items, but the chances of spotting something really valuable under the layer of highly mineralized soil also increase. Moreover, the EUD feature can be activated instantly for a specific patch of land, or continuously for the search session.

Nokta Multi Kruzer Search Coils

nokta makro kruzer kit

The default search coil in the Multi Kruzer kit is the DD 11×7 inches coil. It is waterproof and works well for a wide range of targets, showing considerable depth of reach.

There are other available coils for this metal detector. You can choose from:

Nokta Multi Kruzer Settings

For beginner detectorists, some Multi Kruzer settings may seem a bit complicated, this is why we believe underlining certain settings recommendations is important in the Makro Multi Kruzer reviews, in order to give a broader picture of what the user will have to face with their metal detector. Full description for all settings is provided in the users’ manual; meanwhile, potential buyers can take advantage of recommendations described below.

Ground Tracking Settings

Ground Tracking is a bit more advanced setting than Automatic GB or Manual GB. While no additional adjustments are needed, as Tracking is activated in the Options menu, there are a few things for the user to keep in mind.

When the Tracking is activated, the metal detector updates its Ground Balance every time the coil moves above the ground. The user gets no feedback on Ground balance until the level of mineralization stays stable (whatever high). If the metal detector hits a hot rock, or spots changes in the mineralization level, it will give a signal.

Sometimes, the signal may mean a target below. To double-check, the detectorist should make a few swipes with the coil. If the signal disappears, the cause is a change in mineralization level. If the signal stays, it can be a hot rock or a target. Targets also usually show ID numbers, while hot rocks do not, so there are ways to differentiate.

It is not recommended to use Tracking on locations where hot rocks are frequent, because the detectorist will keep getting false signals now and then.

Gain Settings

Gain is the depth settings in the metal detector. Gain settings are also used to avoid electromagnetic interference, but frequency shift is first recommended. Gain settings have a wide range from 1 to 99, and each Search mode has its own range activated. However, the detectorist can modify the Gain; for example, if the metal detector is overloaded on highly mineralized soils, decreasing the Gain will remove the overload.

Nokta Multi Kruzer VDI Chart

Having a visual Target ID is handy, because it gives way more information about the suggested target than does an audio signal alone. The table below shows a reference list of numbers and targets associated.

Nokta Makro Multi Kruzer VDI Chart

Nokta Multi Kruzer Problems

We have honestly searched around forums and feedback comments on different platforms from different users about any problems with Multi Kruzer and we have found none. There are individual cases of breakage, of course; some users complain about chatty detectors but eventually it turns out they fail to manage the settings. So, there seem to be no system disadvantages in Multi Kruzer that result in regular breakages.

There is one problem with it, though, and it should be discussed before you buy it. The point is, the headphones you get in the default kit are wireless, and they are not waterproof. Moreover, the wireless connection only works until the control box is above the ground. If you submerge the control box, your wireless headphones won’t function.

Which means that if you want underwater headphones for deeper underwater search, you need to buy another headset, which will be wired and waterproof.

Tips & Tricks for Nokta Multi Kruzer Users

nokta makro kruzer user

There are a few tips for beginner Multi Kruzer users they may find helpful. First and foremost, pay attention to the crucial setting of Ground Balance. To manage the setting, and to know exactly what type of soils you are to deal with, check out the GB value for the most widespread types of soil:

Knowing your GB value, you will be able to tune other features, such as Notch Discrimination, Iron Volume, EUD, etc.

Moreover, if you have a good grasp of your settings, you may want to tune your ground balance to a slightly positive side to cope with highly mineralized soils and hot rocks. If the soils are poorly mineralized, you may want to tune the ground balance a bit to the negative side, so that “hotter” items would pop out.

Now let’s talk about the Target ID. First and foremost, the ID is suggested based on the target’s conductivity. Larger targets will usually give higher ID, despite their lower conductivity.

If you face a jumpy Target ID, there may be several reasons for that, in addition to possible breakage. If your target is located at a weird angle, of a weird shape, has corrosion on it, etc., it may produce more than one ID.

If you cannot see an ID, you may still have a target under the search coil, but it may be too small, located at an angle, or be at fringe depth. These are some things to keep in mind when dealing with the Target ID.

Nokta Multi Kruzer Accessories

Multi Kruzer is pretty much a self-sustainable metal detector which has everything needed for productive treasure hunting (ok, but for headphones!). However, you can facilitate your activity even more by purchasing:

Nokta Multi Kruzer Kit

nokta makro kruzer kit

Nokta only has one kit available for Multi Kruzer, and it includes the following items:

If you would like to get more accessories in one go, check out your local retailer’s offers, they are most likely to have some bundles on their websites. You will be able to choose the Nokta Multi Kruzer bundle you like most, perhaps even with a discount.

Nokta Multi Kruzer Manual

In order to be sure that Nokta Kruzer fits your treasure hunting needs, and that the learning curve is not too steep for you if you are a beginner detectorist, read the user’s manual before you decide to buy. Make sure you are satisfied with all the features and that the settings are comprehensive for you.

Download Nokta Multi Kruzer Manual


How do I know the Ground Balance is proper?

If you are not sure about your Ground balance, you can double-check it with the help of Pinpoint mode. Ground balance the detector, and switch on the Pinpoint. Move the search coil closer to the ground, and if you get a weak signal or no signal at all, it seems your Ground balance is proper. If the signal increases as you move the coil closer to the ground, there is something wrong with the Ground balance settings.

What does the Overload warning message mean?

Overload messages will appear in the Warning messages section on the LCD display. You will also get the audio Overload alarm at the same time. The signal means that the search coil is too close to the surface, or approaches a very large object. To remove the Overload, just lift the search coil. However, if you still get the alarm, you may be searching along a pipe or plumbing, or something like that. Overload can also happen if the soils are highly mineralized; in this case, decrease the Gain.


The Kruzer series by Nokta is a decent contribution into the underwater metal detecting niche and gold prospecting niche. Any of these Kruzer machines is likely to be handy and effective in relevant locations. We can also expect software upgrades by the manufacturer now and then, which means the Kruzer series is likely to serve you for years. Talking specifically about Multi Kruzer, we can claim that this is a versatile, all-purpose metal detector literally stuffed with functions and features to make metal detecting as productive as possible.


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