Nokta Makro Simplex+ Review

Technical Specifications
VLF Single Frequency
Depth Indication:
Number of Frequencies:
Ground Balance:
Automatic / Manual
12 kHz
Pinpoint Mode:
Audio Tones:
Search Coil Type:
Display Type:
Length (min-max):
Search Modes:
Lithium Polymer
Search Mode Types:
All Metal / Park / Field / Beach (Saltwater)
Item Weight:
2.9 lb
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main features
  • Operating frequency is 12 kHz;
  • 11" DD coil;
  • Waterproof (10 feet depth);
  • Lithium-Polymer battery (2300mAh);
  • Wireless Headphones;
  • Universal Frequency;
  • DD coil;
  • IP68 Waterproof Rank;
  • Easy to use;
  • Silent Mode - Vibration;
  • Price;
  • Technical Specifications

  • Main Features

  • Usability

  • Quality

  • Price


best for

  • coins
  • relics
  • beach
  • water
  • beginners
overall rating9/10

Nokta and Makro, two companies united for the sake of taking the metal detector market by storm, announced a release of their new product – Nokta Simplex. Most treasure hunters salivate about this one, because Nokta Simplex metal detector promises some cool outstanding features that earlier were possible only in more expensive machines. Moreover, this new device can be the top metal detector for beginners due to simplified controls (it is called Simplex, like, wink-wink).

Nokta Simplex available

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Nokta Makro Simplex+ Overview

To give you a very rough idea about the new device – Nokta Makro Simplex+ is promised to be cheap (comparatively, of course, but still), both for ground and water search, and very easy to operate. Plus, it is compatible with wireless headphones, and has a DD coil in the kit.

The manufacturer claims that this is the first machine in the noob segment of the market that contains advanced features. Which means this is an overhaul of the niche, meaning that more “expensive” technologies can in fact be packed into a more affordable device. Keep in mind that the machine is also completely waterproof – there is no other fully waterproof metal detector available for such price.

If you want some insider info, Quest takes Nokta Makro as example and want to offer their own models of cheap waterproof machines. Funny, but Minelab raves and storms about this, since they also wanted to release similar models (Minelab Vanquish), but smaller competitors outstriped them. This is the main reason why Minelab urgently released Minelab Go-Find 11 for the price of a pinpointer ($99), to carve out at least a piece of the potential market.

So yeah, Nokta Simplex made a splash before it was even released, and now it takes the market by storm.

New Features

Nokta Simplex is a compact machine, totally waterproof and can be used on the depth of up to 10 feet. The shaft is collapsible, and the whole thing weighs only 1.3 kgs/ 2.8 lbs. The device supports wireless headphones, which is a huge benefit for newbie detectorists.

The main frequency – 12 kHz – is an unusual one, because it provides a delicate balance on the brink of most popular frequencies, allowing the user to search for a wider range of metals. Most budget-friendly detectors have either lower or higher frequencies than that.

The thing has vibration, which is a very useful regimen for any user, for example, in public places, or under water. While vibration is not something supernaturally advanced, it is usually absent in budget-friendly machines.

simplex desc image

To complement the 11 inch DD coil included into the kit, you can also buy a bunch of other coils compatible. This is a novelty for cheaper detectors, as well.

The machine is powered by rechargeable LiPo battery – you can appreciate the ergonomics and lightweightedness now, considering that the battery is built-in! Plus you get a LED flashlight.

As you can see, while there are no specifically groundbreaking innovations included into the thing, the features it combines for the price it costs make this metal detector a wanted one. If you want to know WHY – well, there is no catch. The point is, Nokta is a Turkish company, and they have more affordable resources to make the products; as a result, you get same high quality for smaller price. Very simple.

All Features

Okay, let’s hit the peaks and skip the valleys to check out all feats of the new machine:

  • single frequency VLF
  • operating frequency is 12 kHz
  • pinpoint mode
  • waterproof (10 feet depth)
  • powered by Lithium-Polymer battery (2300mAh, built-in, rechargeable)
  • supports wireless headphones
  • has vibration mode included
  • the shaft is collapsible (25-52 inches)
  • compact structure
  • lightweight – 2.8 lbs
  • 11 inches DD coil included into the kit
  • other coils are compatible
  • software is updatable online
  • has LED flashlight
  • backlit screen and controls
  • has 4 search modes
  • auto ground tracking
  • 0-99 target ID
  • notch discrimination is available
  • adjustable ferrous metals volume
  • volume is adjustable
  • 3 audio tones
  • depth indicator
  • sensitivity is adjustable
  • 6 levels of sensitivity
  • frequency shift is available to avoid false signals due to electrical interference
  • 2 years warranty

Honestly, to have all these features packed into a small and lightweight machine not costing an arm and a leg. Now it is clear why Minelab are with foam at the mouth right now.

Search Modes

nokta makro simplex displayLet’s talk search modes, because here we have a surprise from Nokta Makro, as well. The Nokta Makro Simplex+ machine has only four modes, seemingly pretty basic – Park, Field, All Metal, and Beach.

It is pretty clear about the first three. However, the Beach mode is adapted for Saltwater search, and this is incredible. In other words, you will be able to hunt with thing machine on the river banks (wet sand, fresh water), on the beach (wet sand, salt water), and in both fresh- and saltwater bodies, on depth! This is a wow, really. Well done Nokta.

Pros and Cons

In order to assess the new machine properly, one should be aware of both pros and cons. The features speak for themselves clear enough, so other obvious pros include:

  • affordable price (high quality, low price combination is killing)
  • suitable for noobs (the learning curve is not very steep)
  • saltwater beach search mode (just could not but mention this again)

The cons include:

  • has not been tested by many users yet
  • only one frequency (this is a very arguable con)

After the machine is tested by actual treasure hunter experts, it will be possible to assess it more objectively. Yet, even if it fails to meet all the expectations, this daring try by Nokta/Makro opens new, very promising horizons in the industry.

The Kit

The basic kit includes as follows:

  • system box
  • shaft
  • 11 inches DD coil, waterproof
  • coil cover
  • USB charging cable
  • headphones adapter
  • charger adapter
  • wireless headphones (in some kits)
  • user manual
  • warranty certificate


The features and price of the Nokta Makro Simplex+ speak for themselves, and even without being tested abundantly in the field, the model already caused a nice little storm in a teapot. It threatens to become a serious competition to Minelab, Garrett, and other leaders in the niche of newbie metal detectors. We will see how it all goes and will keep you updated.

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