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Technical Specifications
VLF Single Frequency
Depth Indication:
Number of Frequencies:
Ground Balance:
Automatic / Manual
13.6 kHz
Pinpoint Mode:
Audio Tones:
Search Coil Type:
Display Type:
Length (min-max):
Search Modes:
4 AA batteries required
Search Mode Types:
All Metal / Custom / Coins / Zero
Item Weight:
3.03 lb
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main features
  • Functionality;
  • Universal Frequency;
  • Wireless headphones;
  • Discrimination;
  • Detection depth;
pros & cons
  • Easy to Use;
  • High Quality;
  • IP68 Waterproof Rank;
  • 1 Frequency;
  • Technical Specifications

  • Main Features

  • Usability

  • Quality

  • Price


best for

  • coins
  • relics
  • beach
  • water
overall rating10/10

Garrett AT Max was released by the end of year 2017, and until today it is still one of the most advanced and convenient metal detectors among the whole range of the models by Garrett Metal Detectors; it is also one of the best metal detectors for treasure hunting on the market today. One of the best features of the Garrett AT Max Metal Detector is that at last it offers all those settings that the customers expected in previous models. That is why it makes sense to consider buying this piece if you would like to get an advanced user experience, and enjoy increased convenience and functionality.

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Garrett AT Max Overview

Compared to all other models of metal detectors by Garrett, AT Max offers the lowest searching frequency of 13,6 khz. This frequency is considered one of the most one-size-fits-all for metal detecting. Due to that, this model of the detector allows to search for big and small objects alike; it performs better during the beach search, allowing to set higher sensitivity and gives less false signals on mineralized soils.

While it seems that having several frequencies on one metal detector is a brilliant idea, in reality, it’s not, because no one is going to check the same section with several frequencies, one by one. Therefore, having one best frequency is an optimal decision.

This feature, together with enhanced software and classic construction, makes AT Max a new hit among all the products by Garrett. Below, we’ll talk about new features and the main pros and cons in more detail.

What’s New

There is a bunch of new stuff added to this model. Here are the functions you can now enjoy when metal detecting:

  • Z-Lynk technology that enables the user to plug in wireless headphones;
  • screen highlighting that makes it easier to seek for treasures in twilight or even in the darkness;
  • you can regulate the volume of the loudspeaker;
  • advanced settings to enhance performance on different types of soils;
  • enhanced ergonomics, mostly due to new shape of the handle;
  • provides stable high quality performance in cold and hot weather, and even underwater;
  • headphones are high quality and convenient to wear. They provide enough isolation from the wind when you search in the field, so the risk to miss a faint signal is minimal;

All these new features, however, do not overcomplicate the setting and functionality. In fact, this model is among the simplest in settings and usage, because it offers only the most demanded options and does not make the user to make unnecessary choices. This is a simple, high quality, and reliable device.


Generally, one may find that in terms of construction the AT Max model has little difference from the AT Pro; the only noticeable difference and improvement is handle made of high quality rubber, instead of the previous useless and uncomfortable foam handle. The developers claim that due to this new handle, the metal detector is more balanced now, so the user will not feel tired too fast. However, the new software features it offers makes user experience even better. In addition, there are other features available:

  • The majority of buttons on the operation panel have double functionality that you can use by tapping the Shift button.
  • you can use all Garrett coils made for any AT model;
  • battery charge allows the metal detector to perform for two days without changing the batteries; one of the coolest things is that when the charge becomes low, the level of performance does not drop. The tool continues to give proper signals without changing the sound, or changing the depth of reach.
  • AT Max has a separate plug for wired headset, which is cool if you are planning to dive with it and seek underwater. Even without diving, this part provides additional protection from moist.
  • One of the best features Garrett AT Max offers to the seekers is the ability to use the simplest basic settings; you do not need to make complicated software regulation, because basic settings are enough for perfect performance.

So, obviously, the Garrett company does a good job in releasing new models that it really enhances, and at the same time keeping all the good things its older models are loved for.

Pros and Cons


One of the major pros of Garrett AT Max is its classic construction that has been proven the most handy, has been used for decades by different manufacturers and seekers, and seems to never go out of fashion.

Another pros is that all details of the construction are tightly connected. One has to take an effort to dismantle the metal detector, and it may piss off at times, but this approach protects the inside from water and dust.


One of the cons is the weight of the device which comprises 3 lbs. Considering that there are lighter models available, this is a con, but experienced seekers claim that with such level of quality, additional 300g are not a game changer. Due to convenient and user-friendly handle, you are unlikely to change arms every hour, or grow tired in an hour or two.

The Kit

The kit includes:

  • metal detector;
  • coil protector;
  • hat with Garrett logo;
  • wireless headphones Garrett MS3 Z-Lynk

It is not clear yet whether the company will continue to offer gifts within the kit as soon as the model gains its popularity, but for now, this kit seems to be a real deal.

  • 13.6 kHz
  • 4 Search Modes
  • 8.5"x11" DD Coil


Garrett AT Max is a professional, reliable metal detector, comparatively lightweight, easy to set and use. Its classic construction together with improved rubber handle makes metal detecting less physically exhausting. It may be a bit more expensive than other models, but its features and the level of functionality promise better user experience from the very first minute of turning it on. Simple settings, protection from moist, quality signal, wireless headphones, and a bunch of other cool benefits will make each of your searches more productive than you expect.

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