Nokta Anfibio Multi Metal Detector Review

Nokta Anfibio Multi
Very Good
Metal Detector
  • Country Turkey
  • Released 2018
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Additional
  • Headphones included

Best for

  • Coins
  • Relics
  • Beach
  • Underwater

nokta makro anfibio preview

Anfibio Multi by Nokta was one of the first metal detectors released by these two companies together under single branding after they merged. This metal detector indeed combines some of the best features of the modern, up-to-date machines in the niche of hand-held hobby detectors. Nokta seems to have done a perfect job making this machine all-purpose and as versatile as possible, without overburdening the user with super complicated settings. To find out all the nuances about Anfibio Multi, check out this Nokta Anfibio Multi review.

Rating Explanations
All Purpose
Key Features
Easy to Use
Reviewed by
Michael Moore
  • additional compatible search coils are available
  • updatable software
  • Pinpoint mode included
  • wireless headphones in the kit
  • waterproof up to 16.4 feet
  • a bit heavy
  • submersible headphones are not included
  • Technology: VLF Multi Frequency
  • Number of frequencies: 3
  • Frequencies: 5kHz / 14kHz / 20kHz
  • Search Coil: 11"
  • Search Coil Type: DD
  • Waterproof: Up to 10 feet (IP68)
  • Updatable Software: Yes
  • VDI (Target ID): Yes
  • Search Modes: 9
  • Search Mode Types: 9 Factory Programs
  • Ground Balance: Automatic / Manual / Tracking
  • Pinpoint Mode: Yes
  • Audio Tones: Multi-tone
  • Batteries: Lithium Polymer
  • Length (min-max): 30"-53"
  • Weight:3.7 lb
  • Warranty: 2 years

Nokta Anfibio Multi Key Features

Multi Frequency

This technology allows the detectorist to scan the location using several frequencies simultaneously. Such scanning literally means combing through the location, checking it for all potential targets that react to available frequencies. Multi Frequency also saves lots of time for the detectorist.

3 Operating Frequencies

3 single frequencies, but in combination with other features, this number is enough for fast tuning and productive hunt.

DD Coil

The best shape of a search coil for underwater search, showing high resistance to mineralized and salty waters, and providing decent sensitivity to various targets.

Manual & Tracking Ground Balance

Allows efficient and productive search due to increased depth of reach, by tracking the level of mineralization and adjusting to it.

Multi Tone

Enables the user to interpret the signals more accurately by giving variable sound signals depending on the target type.

Vibration Mode

Enhances interpretation of signals in environments with loud sounds, like waves and wind on the beach; can also cut down noise made by the metal detector.


Up to 16 feet is a higher than average metal detector waterproof status that allows some deeper diving.

E.U.D Function

EUD means Extreme Underground Depth. This function allows to spot valuable targets that are usually masked by trash, high mineralization, hot rocks, and other similar phenomena. Discrimination does not work here, and all targets have the same tone, to simply signal that there is something there.

Nokta Anfibio Multi Overview

nokta makro anfibio overview

Nokta Anfibio Multi is a universal all-purpose detector for treasure hunting, coins shooting, and also for beach metal detecting in wet sand and water. What should be taken into consideration about this tool is that it is not multifrequency, meaning that each frequency in it works separately.

Nokta Anfibio Multi was released in 2018, making it a very recent (comparatively) machine. It is provided with all the benefits and innovations the manufacturer managed to apply to all the previous models of its products. It has enhanced balance for improved ergonomics, operation panel, stationary battery, which makes it yet the best metal detector all series of both brands that were previously separate. The battery life is up to 19 hours, and the machine has 2 years warranty, which is definitely an advantage.

If you wonder where is Nokta Anfibio made, it is made in Turkey, including all parts. Nothing is outsourced in China.

Nokta Anfibio 14

This metal detector is considered to be the most ideal for search from the whole series. The reason why this one-frequency model is considered to be universal for treasure hunting is that the 14 khz frequency is the most efficient for finding treasures. According to the industry statistics, more than 50% of the metal detectors in the world use 14 khz, or have this frequency among the available options.

Nokta Anfibio 19

This version of the metal detector is considered the most optimal for finding gold. The point is, 19 khz frequency is the best for finding gold, small coins, and jewelry. The tool has a limited number of search programs, but this is reasonable since its frequency suggests a limited number of target types.

Control Box

nokta makro anfibio control box

Compared to many control panels in older metal detectors, the control panel in Anfibio Multi is very modern, small, and handy. Nokta Anfibio electronic system box has a backlit LCD display, and the following controls: Extra Underground Depth button, Settings menu, Pinpoint, keypad for navigation, On\Off button, Options button for extra settings, and Ground Balance. On the back of the control box, there are a speaker, charger, and search coil input jacket.

Display Indicators

The LCD display has a bunch of indicators, so the detectorist will have to get used to them before they will be able to quickly manage the settings or analyze signals. The indicators are Target ID Scale; Search Modes; Settings Menu (Discrimination, Notch, Tone, Threshold, etc.); Options (Frequency, Volume, Vibration, ID Depth, Tracking, etc.); Ground Balance Tuning; Magnetic Mineralization; Instant Depth Meter; Battery Level indicator; and Warning messages section. To avoid being instantly overwhelmed with the flow of information provided, it makes sense to do some bench tests and test drive in the field when you know the targets and the soil mineralization level.

Nokta Anfibio Multi Search Modes

The main benefit of the Multi model, except its three frequencies, is that it offers nine search modes. Here are those modes:

All Metal

There is no differentiation for the different metals, but in this mode the tool shows higher sensitivity to the hot stones. On the other hand, it allows to find all metal objects in soil, so you can find literally everything that is located around.

2, 3, 4, 5 Tones Modes

You can regulate the tones, and this mode is good for usual treasure hunting. You can also use it for new places, as the mode checks the soil with a decent depth..

99 Tones

Creates a whole bunch of signals, but is extremely useful when the user needs to identify the type of metal and make a decision whether the object is worth digging or not.

Beach Mode

This is a quiet mode with a high level of discrimination. It is generally good for any wet soils anywhere.


The tool can work underwater and endure 5 metres of depth, the only issue is that you will have to make really slow movements to allow the tool to find anything.

Treasure Mode

It reacts to both smaller and bigger objects, but if you lift the coil a bit above the ground, you will be able to check only big objects.

Nokta Anfibio Multi Features

In order to offer so many functions and features as Nokta Anfibio Multi does, the metal detector has to be packed with bells and whistles, and this is exactly the case. If you look at the list of features below, you will see that few detectors in the niche of hobby metal detecting can offer such a combination. Just check out what Anfibio Multi offers:

Updatable Software

This is one of the best features about Nokta Anfibio Multi in particular, and about Nokta metal detectors in general. The truth is, before Nokta, updatable software was an option, almost a luxury, in the niche of hand-held hobby metal detectors. Nokta made it almost a must-have, and the ability to get the software fixed and updated means less bugs.

EUD Feature

EUD means Extreme Underground Depth. This unique feature enables the user to spot even deep targets, regardless of whether they are masked by trash, ferrous items around, or by high level of ground mineralization. This feature does not allow to discriminate, so all targets give the same sound, but at least the user can notice them on the depth where other detectors may fail.

High Recovery Speed

Recovery speed marks how fast the metal detector can process different signals from different targets that are located near to each other. The more time it takes, the less clear is the signal from each target, and in this case, ferrous targets tend to create more powerful response, thus masking other items around (so the metal detector only sees ferrous targets). High Recovery Speed, on the other hand, enables the metal detector to quickly process responses from separate items, and therefore give separate signals for each.

Iron Volume (Fe VOL.)

This feature is only available for Anfibio 19 model. It allows either to adjust or to turn off completely the low tone of the iron targets. There are tone levels from 0 to 5; on the zero level, the display will show ferrous items, but the machine will stay silent. However, sometimes it is useful to be able to hear the ferrous sound, especially when you want to double-check the targets.

Nokta Anfibio Multi Search Coils

nokta makro anfibio coils

The default search coil that goes in the kit is the 11 inches waterproof DD search coil. It is more round than elliptic. This coil provides depth and accuracy of metal detecting.

There are a bunch of other compatible search coils available for Anfibio Multi. With such a range of coils, the flexibility and versatility of this metal detector become almost unlimited. Just check out the list:

Nokta Anfibio Multi Settings

To be honest, settings are kinda complicated for Nokta Cruiser. The user will have to read the manual carefully before they apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, and tune all the settings correctly.

Ground Tracking Settings

When you want to use Ground Tracking for constant monitoring of the ground mineralization level, you do not need to do any specific adjustments in the system, but switch on the option in the menu. As soon as Tracking is activated, the metal detector will update the Ground Balance every time the coil is moved above the ground.

When the mineralization level is the same, the detector will not give any signals to the user. However, when the conditions change, the detector will give a signal to inform the user. This signal may mean a hot rock, or even a target. If the metal detector shows target ID, the source of the signal may be a valuable item. However, if you lose the signal after a few swings, it means the signal informed about the difference in the soil mineralization.

If you metal detect on location with lots of hot rocks, using Ground Tracking is ineffective, because the metal detector will constantly pick signals from hot rocks, and you will miss smaller or deeper targets.

Frequency Shift Settings

Frequency shift helps to eliminate false signals and noise from electromagnetic interference, caused by power lines, or other metal detectors nearby. Before you start decreasing the Sensitivity settings in an attempt to reduce noise, try shifting the frequency first. The default frequency setting is F3. Go to Options and choose shift channels from F1 to F4 using plus and minus buttons. Double-check which shift channel falls out of resonance with the source of electromagnetic interference.

Extreme Underground Depth Settings

Some types of search for some types of targets indeed require more complicated Discrimination settings, and as a result, you may lose considerably in the depth of reach, missing deeper targets. To prevent this risk, use the EUD feature, which will give a different kind of tone for deeper targets, regardless of the Discrimination or ground mineralization. When you use EUD, Anfibio Multi does not discriminate between metals, it just lets you know that there is something below you may want to explore.

There are two ways of using EUD – instantly or continuously. When you want to use the feature instantly one-time, push the Select button down and keep it pushed until you do not need the feature anymore. If you want the feature to be active continuously, push the Select button twice. Please keep in mind that since this feature does not discriminate, you may dig more ferrous targets than usual.

Nokta Anfibio Multi Problems

There are really few problems with Anfibio Multi we can tell you about. One of the best things about Nokta in general is that the manufacturer, and their retailers, usually react fast to the users’ complaints, and on many forums, you can find Nokta representatives giving recommendations to the users directly. This is a top quality Customer Service you can imagine, so for the most part, any issues your metal detector by Nokta develops will be solved quickly.

However, there is one drawback of Anfibio Multi that should be discussed, and this is wireless headphones. Obviously, wireless headphones do not fit for underwater metal detecting, and even if you do not submerge the headphones specifically, the wireless connection will only work until the Control box is not submerged, as well. This way, wireless headphones can only be used for shallow water search, when only the coil is submerged. To submerge the whole metal detector, you will need additional wired headphones.

Tips & Tricks for Nokta Anfibio Multi Users

nokta makro anfibio user

Since Nokta Anfibio Multi has somewhat complicated features and settings, some users may benefit from a tip or two to facilitate their metal detecting.

Anfibio Multi has vibration mode feature in addition to the audio signals and VDI. This is a handy mode for noisy environments, or for underwater search. Before you use vibration, make sure you understand the type of signals given depending on the type of targets. The range of vibration is from zero to 5, with vibration fully disabled at zero. Vibration also gives signals when the device is overloaded. However, avoid using vibration only, because it pics response from shallow targets and gives signal only for strong response; this way, deeper or weaker targets may be missed.

When you metal detect on the beach, or underwater, you should remember about the salt water mineralization and alkaline soils. This environment is conductive and creates signals similar to ferrous items. This is why it is important to use Beach mode, designed for such search conditions, no special extra settings required.

Please remember that you may receive additional signals from cavities in clay or sand, or from holes you dig in the sand, and this is normal. The search coil will also give signals when you put it into the water and take it out. When you detect along the coastal line, make sure you detect along the water, not in and out of the water. If the terrain is uneven, the metal detector can also give signals if you detect not along the relief, but across it.

Nokta Anfibio Multi Accessories

In addition to the compatible search coil discussed above, you may want some additional accessories to facilitate the search. These accessories may be:

You may want some digging tools and scoops for beach and underwater search, too. Retrieving the targets without proper digging tools is inconvenient and can also be damaging for the targets, and dangerous for the detectorist.

Nokta Anfibio Multi Kit

nokta makro anfibio kit

The Nokta Anfibio Multi kit includes the following items:

If you look for this metal detector on your local retailers’ websites, or on big international platforms, you may find additional bundles offered specifically by the retailers. This is a good option for those customers who want to get more accessories without overpaying for each item.

Nokta Anfibio Multi Manual

To make an informed decision about whether you need Nokta Anfibio Multi or not, and whether you will be able to master its settings or not, we recommend reading the Nokta Anfibio manual in the first place. The more you are aware of theory, the more chances you will cope with practice when getting out into the field for a test drive. You will learn how to tune the machine, how to perform Nokta Anfibio factory reset, and so on.

Download Nokta Anfibio Multi Manual


How do I know the level of soil mineralization?

To use Manual Ground Balance settings, and to choose the detecting tactics successfully, it is important to be aware of the level of mineralization, and type of soil under the search coil. When you ground balance the metal detector, you will see the following soil types with numerical range assigned:

Knowing the type of soils will allow the user to tweak the settings to the optimal, and make their treasure hunting more productive.

Is Nokta Anfibio control box replacement possible?

If your metal detector is still under warranty, you should get it repaired, or the control box replaced, by the retailer. Contact your retailer and ask how you can apply for the replacement.


Anfibio Multi by Nokta is one of those metal detectors that require learning, but in exchange, it offers so many cool options and features that every user is likely to be satisfied. This metal detector was created to meet the treasure hunters’ needs and it is much more up-to-date in terms of software and technologies. It has gained lots of positive feedback from detectorists around the globe, and seems to be reliable and durable enough to serve seamlessly for long years.

Nokta Anfibio Multi

Nokta Makro Anfibio Multi ✅ Perfect all-round multi frequency detector

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