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XP Deus 1
Very Good
Metal Detector
  • Country FR
  • Released 2009
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Additional
  • Headphones included

Best for

  • Coins
  • Relics

Are you one of those who are fascinated by the very idea of treasure hunting? Are you looking for the best metal detector for different types of search? Or maybe you are a newbie treasure hunter looking forward to the next hunt? If yes, then what you really need in the first place is a reliable and affordable metal detector that will become your faithful assistant when it comes to metal detecting anywhere in the field or forest where you plan to try this new hobby out. If you are looking for the most affordable and convenient metal detector that is already equipped with all the necessary features that would make your treasure hunting easier and more successful, XP Deus is the tool you should add to your set of equipment in the first place.

Rating Explanations
All Purpose
Key Features
Easy to Use
Reviewed by
Michael Moore
  • Wireless technologies;
  • Multi-Frequency;
  • 17 Search Modes;
  • Comfortable Shaft;
  • Package Variations;
  • Recovery speed;
  • Powerful battery;
  • Different Coils;
  • Regular Updates;
  • Not Waterproof Control Box;
  • Hard to ude for the beginners;
  • Expensive;
  • Technology: VLF Multi Frequency
  • Number of frequencies: 4
  • Frequencies: 4 kHz / 8 kHz / 12 kHz / 18 kHz
  • Search Coil: 9” / 11" / 13"x11"
  • Search Coil Type: DD
  • Waterproof: Coil only
  • Updatable Software: Yes
  • VDI (Target ID): Yes
  • Search Modes: 17
  • Search Mode Types: 9 factory + 8 custom
  • Ground Balance: Manual
  • Pinpoint Mode: Yes
  • Audio Tones: 5 Multi-tones
  • Batteries: Accumulator (USB)
  • Length (min-max): 39"-53"
  • Weight:1.9 lb
  • Warranty: 5 years

XP Deus Key Features

4 Operating Frequencies

These fit the most basic location/target combinations to facilitate a successful search.

DD Coil

The most universal and efficient configuration of the search coil, showing seamless performance even on complicated locations and soils.

Manual Ground Balance

The best combo for efficient treasure hunting, giving a wide range of settings for productive and seamless operation.


Both headphones and shaft plus coil connections are wireless in XP Deus, which is an unprecedented level of freedom of movement for the detectorist.

Waterproof Coil

This feature increases the efficiency and productivity of the machine, allowing to spot targets in shallow waters and on the wet sand.

Why You Want This Metal Detector

Newbies or even experts in treasure hunting should consider purchasing this Deus metal detector fro Franch manufacturer XP. Why? Because it is the best metal detector for coins… best metal detector for relics… this is best for… best for the last 10 years! (yep, and Deus is very expensive!)

This is a product that will make anyone confident during metal detecting session. One can also get more detection on location that is potentially full of finds. All of the extra tools that are included in the metal detector kit are specifically designed for the job. Therefore, even being a newbie, you will be able to conduct your metal detecting sessions easily, with less effort, and with more productivity.

Product Description: What You Get

XP Deus can boast with an advanced ergonomic design that allows you to carry the metal detector, and use all of the tools included, effortlessly and with comfort, without becoming physically exhausted quickly. It also has a newly patented stem design that gives you the ability of quickly folding and storing your detector whenever you need that. The whole tool, starting from the handle, to the hardware and software, is designed for providing complete ergonomics for the user.

Unlike a simple straight stem, this tool is released with a unique shape of stem that is easier to maneuver with. Due to enhanced range of features, this metal detector becomes a decent option for a newbie who looks for his first pieces if equipment, and for experienced treasure hunter who would like to have another tool in their collection, for more convenience. Comfort and convenience are the two things that anyone is guaranteed when using this metal detector. One of the pleasant parts is that the earphones are included into the kit. Surely, this product will be a great option for both aspiring and seasoned treasure hunter.

Search Modes

All Metal

This is a dynamic search mode when the coil or the target should be in movement to get the track. The mode reveals all items made of metals, without discriminating against worthless metals. The depth is rather impressive in this mode.

Basic 1 (Customizable)

This is a general search mode for 12 kHz frequency search. Can be useful when the location conditions are not yet fully comprehensive, or when the type of targets one can expect is unclear. Is good to be combined with All Metal.

Basic 2 (Customizable)

The best beginner-friendly mode, that gives out stable performance. Being rather primitive, this mode still filters out fake signals. It is perfect for learning, if the user is a newbie, or if the user still has to get the feel of this metal detector.

GM Power (Customizable)

This mode features an impressive depth of reach that allows to spot deeply hidden or masked targets. The recovery speed is also quite high, which makes this search mode dynamic and efficient.

Deus Fast (Customizable)

This mode gives even quicker response, and works really well with small targets in highly littered environments. Even soils with many ferrous items and trash will not be a problem in this search mode.

Pitch (Customizable)

Recovery speed is high in this mode, but the tone pitch of the audio signal varies depending on the frequency, and the power of the signal from the target. Very suitable for those who prefer audio signals for target identification.

G-Maxx (Customizable)

This mode features medium speed of recovery. It is good to work with when you are searching for bigger targets. It also shows efficiency when searching for coins made of highly conductive metals.

Relic (Customizable)

This mode features slow speed of recovery, so it needs a more stable, predictable swinging. The mode is created to spot bigger and deeper targets, preferably in locations with low levels of trash.

Wet Beach (Customizable)

The mode is created for detecting on wet soils and wet sands. However, to make it more effective for every particular location and / or type of expected targets, the user has to adjust the ground balance settings every time, choosing manual or auto regime. The mode can be customized.

Product Features

XP Deus is a wireless metal detector that comes with a WS4 or WS5 Headphones and the following features:

The Main Pros

There are many features that XP Deus can offer, making user experience more comfortable compared to other metal detectors. The stem is now foldable, which makes it easy for you to taking it anywhere, without wasting too much space in your car and in your storage area. You will no longer have to purchase another huge bag only to carry the metal detector around. It comes with a weatherproof pair of headphones that are fully designed with cups to reduce all of the noise that may affect your focus during the metal detecting. Complete comfort was obviously the main priority when designing the product. This makes it a great option for the majority of treasure hunters. regardless of their experience.

The Main Cons

A small disadvantage that you may notice when using XP Deus is that you need to connect it to your computer in order to update the Deus software. However, with your computer readily available at home, you can easily update the tool. It is also possible to update all features of the metal detector whenever you want, as soon as the updates software is available on the official website.

Package Variations

The tool has several variations of packages:


Overall, XP Deus is a great tool that anyone who likes metal detecting should purchase. Though there is a single review available, you can still give it a try and find out whether it is suitable personally for you, or not. Eventually, if no one tries it out, no one will be able to assess the new tool. So, check out the features and consider the pros and cons of this piece of equipment for your future treasure hunts.

XP Deus 1

XP Deus Perfect totally wireless detector for coins and relics


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