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Very Good
Metal Detector
  • Country FR
  • Released 2010
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Additional
  • Headphones included

Best for

  • Coins
  • Relics

XP Deus metal detector is one of the most powerful and feature-stuffed expert-level metal detectors you can find in the niche of hand-held hobby detectors. Offering several groundbreaking leading-edge technologies, and providing an extremely wide range of functions, Deus promises seamless performance under almost any conditions, hunting down almost any type of target.

The most stunning things about XP Deus include Multi Frequency, totally wireless technologies, expert level settings, outstanding ergonomic design, lightweightness, and more. If you want to know why XP Deus is definitely worthy of your attention, check out this detailed and honest XP Deus metal detector review.

Rating Explanations
All Purpose
Key Features
Easy to Use
Reviewed by
Michael Moore
  • Multi Frequency technology
  • additional compatible search coils
  • fully wireless
  • updatable software
  • plenty of search modes
  • Pinpoint mode is available
  • wireless headphones
  • lightweight
  • 5 years warranty
  • frequency shift feature
  • only the search coils are waterproof;
  • expensive;
  • Technology: VLF Multi Frequency
  • Number of frequencies: 4
  • Frequencies: 4 kHz / 8 kHz / 12 kHz / 18 kHz
  • Search Coil: 9” / 11" / 13"x11"
  • Search Coil Type: DD
  • Waterproof: Coil only
  • Updatable Software: Yes
  • VDI (Target ID): Yes
  • Search Modes: 17
  • Search Mode Types: 9 factory + 8 custom
  • Ground Balance: Manual
  • Pinpoint Mode: Yes
  • Audio Tones: 5 Multi-tones
  • Batteries: Accumulator (USB)
  • Length (min-max): 39"-53"
  • Weight:1.9 lb
  • Warranty: 5 years

XP Deus Key Features

35 frequencies

A wide array of operating frequencies from 3.7 to 27.7 kHz gives the detectorist more opportunities for narrower and more specific searches.

DD Coil

The most universal and efficient configuration of the search coil, showing seamless performance even on complicated locations and soils.

Manual Ground Balance

The best combo for efficient treasure hunting, giving a wide range of settings for productive and seamless operation.

Waterproof Coil

This feature increases the efficiency and productivity of the machine, allowing to spot targets in shallow waters and on the wet sand.

Remote Control

The function of remote control is executed by the headphones that allow setting and tuning the machine with hands being free.

Multi Tones

A wider range of tones gives the user better idea about the nuances of the signal, thus making signal interpretation easier.


Both headphones and shaft plus coil connections are wireless in XP Deus, which is an unprecedented level of freedom of movement for the detectorist.

Battery Life up to 20 hours

Powerful battery enables the user to search as long as they need to, without the risk of losing signal or depth by the end of the day.

Updatable Software

This feature allows the manufacturers to fix the bugs if any, enhance the software, and even add some fresh settings when possible.

Ultra Light

Lightweight detectors are easier to manipulate for any user, and make long hours of search more tolerable.

5 Year Warranty

This is a good sign that the manufacturer sees their product as viable and durable, not needing replacement or fixing every now and then.

XP Deus Overview

xp deus overview

XP Deus was released back in 2009 in France, but despite being so “old” in terms of time, it is still edgy and up-to-date in terms of technologies. This expert level machine is all-terrain and almost all-purpose, best for beach detecting, coins, and relics. It is even capable of some gold prospecting.

The beauty of XP Deus is in the combination of functions, features, and settings it gives. The range of settings and flexibility of tuning are close to unprecedented; of course this is not a beginner-level metal detector. Protected by 5 years warranty, it is powered by rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries with 15 hours for the XP Deus coil battery life, and 27 hours for the control box and the headphones. All elements can be charged simultaneously.

Another amazing thing about Deus is its complete wirelessness – all elements are remotely connected to each other and no wires are used for anything. Due to that, XP Deus can boast an advanced ergonomic design. Moreover, the whole machine is unbelievably lightweight and easy to operate. if you are intrigued (and you should be, since DEus is a beast of a machine), check out this XP Deus review.

Control Box

xp deus control box

The control box for XP Deus is called remote control, because it is in fact a remote control unit that can be mounted on the hip or on the belt being totally wireless. The remote control has a backlit LCD screen, and is weatherproof (but not waterproof).

The remote control box controls and panel are a bit complicated. The controls and buttons include: USB connection for charging the battery or updating the software; Change Program / Decrease value button; On/Off button which is also Menu Option button; Access to Menu of Discrimination, Sensitivity, and Frequency button; Access to Ground balance options button; Change program / Increase value button; Pinpoint/ Value capture program; 3.5 mm plug.

The screen includes the following indicators: Menu; Option; Profile; Pinpoint; digital scale of target conductivity (Target ID two digits value); control box battery charge level / search coil battery charge level; Active Search Program name / Change program section; Clock; Analogue scale of target conductivity; Ground Mineralization Index; Mineralization Strength; level of Ground effect corrections; detection frequency used.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of things to learn. Moreover, the Menu structure is multipath, so to master the settings and tuning, the user should learn the user’s manual carefully and explore the options.

Additional settings for the Control Box

Besides the actual settings of the metal detector, there are additional settings for the control panel, which allow further customization for the utmost comfort of usage, and ultimate user experience. The detectorist can enter additional controls to adjust:

However, it is highly recommended not to tweak those settings without real need, especially if the treasure hunter has little experience with XP Deus.

Headphones Control Panel

XP Deus headphones also have a separate control panel for better control and pairing of the headphones, the remote control box, and the search coil. Headphones control panel includes On/Off pads which are also the Increase Value and Decrease Value pads, and the Menu pad.

The Menu pad gives access to the following settings to change their value: Discrimination, Sensitivity; Ground; Frequency; Tones; Audio Volume; Selected Coil (for coil pairing); Factory Programs.

The little LCD screen on the panel has the following indications: Menu option and its value; battery charge level of the search coil and the headphones; Radio link with the search coil (active/inactive).

Search Modes

All Metal

This is a dynamic search mode when the coil or the target should be in movement to get the track. The mode reveals all items made of metals, without discriminating against worthless metals. The depth is rather impressive in this mode.

Basic 1 (Customizable)

This is a general search mode for 12 kHz frequency search. Can be useful when the location conditions are not yet fully comprehensive, or when the type of targets one can expect is unclear. Is good to be combined with All Metal.

Basic 2 (Customizable)

The best beginner-friendly mode, that gives out stable performance. Being rather primitive, this mode still filters out fake signals. It is perfect for learning, if the user is a newbie, or if the user still has to get the feel of this metal detector.

GM Power (Customizable)

This mode features an impressive depth of reach that allows to spot deeply hidden or masked targets. The recovery speed is also quite high, which makes this search mode dynamic and efficient.

Deus Fast (Customizable)

This mode gives even quicker response, and works really well with small targets in highly littered environments. Even soils with many ferrous items and trash will not be a problem in this search mode.

Pitch (Customizable)

Recovery speed is high in this mode, but the tone pitch of the audio signal varies depending on the frequency, and the power of the signal from the target. Very suitable for those who prefer audio signals for target identification.

G-Maxx (Customizable)

This mode features medium speed of recovery. It is good to work with when you are searching for bigger targets. It also shows efficiency when searching for coins made of highly conductive metals.

Relic (Customizable)

This mode features slow speed of recovery, so it needs a more stable, predictable swinging. The mode is created to spot bigger and deeper targets, preferably in locations with low levels of trash.

Wet Beach (Customizable)

The mode is created for detecting on wet soils and wet sands. However, to make it more effective for every particular location and / or type of expected targets, the user has to adjust the ground balance settings every time, choosing manual or auto regime. The mode can be customized.

XP Deus Features

Deus metal detector by XP is an expert-level machine, because it has such a wide variety of functions and features, and offers such unprecedented flexibility in tuning few other metal detectors in the niche could match. If you check out the list of all features below, you will see these require background knowledge and practical skills to master them. On the other hand, all these features make Deus effective almost on any location, and with any types of expected targets.

Ground Tracking

Ground Balance feature as such means that the soil mineralization level is captured and perceived by the metal detector as “normal background”, and this setting holds until the mineralization level changes drastically, so the metal detector will retune the Ground balance again, or will inform the detectorist about the need of retuning.

Compared to Ground Balance, Ground Tracking means that Deus repeatedly scans the ground under the search coil, and establishes the necessary tuning to prevent false signals from soil minerals. Ground Tracking is handy, but it can be used only on soils with a relatively low level of mineralization, or with a relatively uniform mineralization, when it changes gradually from one location to another. Such characteristics are typical for soils with natural mineralization, in contrast to places littered or mineralized as a result of human presence.

If used in highly littered areas, the machine will experience the swings in mineralization level within several feet, and will be unable to adjust the settings automatically. This way, any attempts to Ground Track in such locations will mostly be meaningless.

Frequency Shift

Frequency shift feature exists to enable the metal detectorist to avoid noise and chatter caused by sources of electromagnetic fields, such as power lines, cellphones, and other metal detectors around. All these have electromagnetic fields of their own, and the metal detector search coil reacts to them producing chatter or false signals.

In this case, the operating frequency can be shifted a bit to fall out of resonance with the source of chatter. In XP Deus, 36 channels for frequency shift are available. Please keep in mind that the 4kHz frequency is fixed and cannot be shifted.


Compared to Discrimination feature which discriminates all the types of metals below the indicated thrershold, Notch allows to choose a window – a particulr segment – of targets which will be rejected (or vice versa, highlighted). This way, the treasure hunter can spot very specific types of targets if they are highlighted with the help of Notch. On the other hand, if in a trashy location the treasure hunter picks a very undesirable item and they believe such items can be found again, they can apply Notch to this particular item, and the metal detector will not notice such items anymore.

Reactivity (Recovery Time/Recovery Speed)

Reactivity is also called Recovery Time or Recover Speed. This feature means the ability of the metal detector to pick responses from more than one target separately, and process the responses separately, when targets are located near to each other, and can mask each other. If the Reactivity is low, the metal detector does not separate the responses of two or more targets, and perceives them as one, this way the response is inaccurate and the signal can be unclear, incomprehensive, or puzzling.

When the Reactivity is high – like in XP Deus – the metal detector catches the response of the first target and processes it quickly enough to give signal about it (or reject it), and get to the response from the next target. This way, responses of targets are processed separately, rejected or signalled about properly, and the user gets more comprehensive audio and Target ID data on each suggested target.

XP Deus Coils

xp deus coil

There are three default search coils, one of which can be included into the kit when you order XP Deus from the retailer. The coils are DD types, available sizes are 9 inches, 11 inches, and 11×13 inches.

All search coils for Deus XP are waterproof, but since they are wireless, a special optional antenna is needed for the coils if you want them to operate when fully submerged into the water. Without the antenna, Deus search coils can be used on wet grass, wet sand or dirt, but not really underwater. Also, there are no special settings for saltwater use, so better limit the search activities to wet beaches.

Coil Settings

When you purchase XP Deus with one of the search coils, the machine is configured to operate exactly with the search coil added into your kit. You are free to change the default search coil for another compatible XD Deus coil, but you need to have the coil paired with the metal detector first.

If you have a new coil you want to pair with the headphones and the remote control, switch on both the headphones and the remote control. Enter the settings, find coils and create a name for the new coil. Enter the search coil’s serial number both in the remote control and the headphones. Keep all three devices close to each other when pairing them.

If you already have your additional search coils paired with the remote control, you need to change the settings to the relevant search coil every time you change the search coil physically. For this, switch on the remote control and the headphones, and find the needed search coil in your list. After choosing the needed search coil from the list, it will be activated in 4 seconds. Changing the coil physically will take a few seconds, too, so this is not a lengthy process.

XP Deus Settings

There are way too many settings and nuances for XP Deus to go through all of them within the XP Deus reviews. However, we will get three XP Deus settings explained just to give a glimpse into tuning this metal detector for operation.


When you deal with the Sensitivity settings, please keep in mind that the common default level ranges between 70 and 90. If you experience chatter and EMI, you may apply Frequency shift, or you may decrease the Sensitivity level a bit. However, please mind the depth of reach, because the lower the sensitivity, the smaller the depth of detection.

Ground Balance

The common Automatic Ground Balance level is around 90. If you see by the Mineralization strength bar that the soils are not highly mineralized, there is no need to change the average GB level which is usually optimal for most inland ground locations. Tuning the GB lower than 90 can cause instability in performance. Only highly mineralized locations, such as black sand beaches, or saltwater beaches, require considerable adjustment of the Ground Balance.


Dealing with Reactivity, the default settings are usually the best. However, there are six levels of Reactivity, and the level can be reduced if the soils are not trashy and not highly mineralized. Lower Reactivity will reduce the recovery speed, but will also allow higher sensitivity to deeper targets.

XP Deus VDI Chart

Target ID is a two digit value assigned to the target depending on its conductivity. While Target ID values are approximate, and can be inaccurate due to additional environmental factors, they are still important for the user to get more information about the buried object. The table below shows the numbers of the XP Deus VDI numbers. The values are calibrated for coin-sized objects.

Target 4 kHz 8 kHz 12 kHz 18 kHz
Large Cent 80-82 88-89 91-92 94
Indian Copper/Nickel 44-46 58 67 74
Indian 58 71 77-79 83-85
Lincoln Copper 73-74 82-83 86-88 91
Lincoln Zinc 58-59 73 79-80 85
Nickel 37 46-47 55 64
Silver Dime 74-75 85 88-89 91-92
Clad Dime 73 83 86-88 91
Silver Quarter 82 86-88 91-92 94
Clad Quarter 82 89 91-92 94
Silver Half 89 92-94 94-95 95-97
Clad Half 86-88 92 94-95 95
Silver Dollar 92 94-95 95-97 97

Tips & Tricks for XP Deus Users

If you want some advanced settings and cool tips and tricks, Deus already has them for you. All advanced settings are hidden in the Expert section of the menu, and include such cool things like multi tones, regulating the power of the emitted electromagnetic field, multi notch tuning and notch window tuning. However, we highly recommend to avoid these settings if you are not an expert yet. Please make sure you have learned all the regular settings and tuning in XP Deus before you move to the advanced ones.

And yet, there is one advanced feature we would like to discuss here. This feature is classified as search mode, but in fact it is not, because this is not a preset program, but rather a combination of settings and detecting methods that are useful and efficient for some gold prospecting.

The prospecting “mode” is called “Gold Field”. It was created in Deus specifically for highly mineralized soils which are often gold-bearing. To improve sensitivity and depth of reach on such grounds, Gold Field applies a true All Metal mode that reaches to depth usually unavailable. The metal detecting in this case only rejects the value of the ground which is under the search coil.

When the Gold Field is used, some regular settings will not be available, or will be replaced by other very specific settings created for prospecting:

While the Deus XP metal detector is not classified as a metal detector made for gold prospecting, due to its range of functions and tech specs, it is capable of detecting gold, so special settings for this purpose can be really handy.

How do I know which of the 4 frequencies to use?

If you struggle with choosing the right operating frequency for different locations or targets, pay attention to the list below to orient yourself better:

XP Deus Accessories

Besides two models of headphones (WS4 and WS5), search coils and the corresponding search coil covers, there are few other accessories you may be interested in. You may get yourself a protective silicone XP Deus case for the remote control box, or a transport case for the whole thing, but generally, the packages offered by the manufacturer are self-sufficient for successful search.

XP Deus Manual

Before you decide to purchase XP Deus, check out the user’s manual and read it carefully. Make sure you are ready to master the steep learning curve, and cope with all the settings properly. The XP Deus metal detector manual explains all the regular and expert settings, troubleshooting, and other nuances in detail, so you will be able to evaluate the metal detector’s potential in full, and make an informed decision about buying it.

XP Deus Packages

xp deus kit

The tool has several variations of packages.

Low-budget includes:

Medium budget package includes:

The most expensive package goes as follows:

The beauty of these kits is that you can actually combine any detail from any kit and assemble your own unique variation of the metal detector that will suit your personal needs for treasure hunting. However, keep in mind that buying each detail separately will cost more than buying one whole kit. You can also check out additional accessory bundles offered by your local retailers.


Despite the fact that XP Deus model was released back in 2009, it cannot be considered “outdated” under any conditions, because its breakthrough technologies are still state-of-the-art and leading edge, regardless of the competition. Of course, there are several drawbacks in this close-to-perfection metal detector, but the combination of functions and features, and the mere flexibility and array of settings make it very functional and very promising. XP Deus metal detector is likely to hold its leading position as long as something even more groundbreaking outshines it.

XP Deus 1

XP Deus ✅ Perfect wireless detector for coins and relics


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