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  • Warranty 2 years

You have to keep in mind that the Garrett Pro Pointer AT is one of the best metal detector pinpointers that are currently offered on the market. In our rating of premium quality pinpointer, Garrett Pro Pointer AT ranks first. According to numerous comments and feedback, this device is reliable, premium quality, and really long-lasting. If you opt for it, you are believably to use it for years and years, until it totally wears out. Or, what is more probable, until you accidentally damage or lose it. Garrett AT Pro Pointer is the choice of thousands of treasure hunters all around the globe. In addition to all its avails, it is also suitable for underwater usage.

To discover all features and technical specifications of this tool, read our Garrett Pro Pointer AT review below.

Rating Explanations
All Purpose
Key Features
Easy to Use
Reviewed by
Michael Moore
  • submersible
  • lightweight
  • all-terrain and for any weather
  • Z-Lynk wireless technology available and compatible with several metal detecting machines
  • flashlight
  • lost pinpointer alarm
  • automatic power-off
  • price is premiumer than average on the market
  • to sync it to different metal detectors, the user has to buy a special device separately
  • Waterproof Rating: IP68 (16 Foot Maximum Depth)
  • Lendth: 9″
  • Operating Frequency: 11.5 kHz
  • Thickness: 1.5" (3.8 cm) Tapered to .875" (2.2 cm)
  • Tuning: Automatic / Manual
  • Weight: 6.5 oz
  • Indicators: Audio / Vibration
  • Battery: 9V PP3
  • Controls: Power / Retune / Adjust Switch
  • Battery Life: Alkaline (30 Hours) / Rechargeable (8 Hours)

Garrett Pro Pointer AT Overview

In 2018, the Garrett company released an improved pinpointer model that includes wireless Z-Lynk technology. This technology allows to hear the beeps from pinpointer via the headphones when the pinpointer is used with Garrett AT Max and other metal detectors by this brand. AT Max is initially equipped with the special Z-Lynk system transducer, but the user can buy such transducer separately for other machines and install it.

Therefore, the treasure hunters have a choice – they can purchase the pinpointer by Garrett with Z-Lynk technology, or without it.

It is always better to search with a pinpointer than without it. Pin allows to spot the target more accurately, identify the exact location and depth, and eventually save the detectorist’s efforts and time. Without this tool, the seeker risks digging out real craters, trying to find a small item he spotted. If one treasure hunts with the Garrett machine, it makes sense to buy pinpointer by this brand as well.

The item is not very expensive; considering its tech specs and features, and the fact that it is created for saving time and increasing the productivity of search, the instrument is really affordable and reasonably priced. Therefore, it can be a good option.

Cool Features

The pinpointer by Garrett has a bunch of features any detectorist will enjoy. Firstly, it connects to the wireless Z-Lynk receivers with one click. Due to the Z-Lynk tech, the user will be able to hear both metal detector and the pinpointer in the headset, even if the environment is particularly noisy, like a crowded seashore or local park.

The tool can be retuned fast to narrow down the field you are trying to scan, or cut out the noise from environment. All operations and settings are completed pressing one button. There are 3 sensitivity ranges and vibration instead of audio signal, and all this can be set and tuned with one button.

There is a flashlight for search in dusk or at night. Also, in case the pinpointer is lost, it is equipped with Lost alarm. While you are searching for the lost instrument, it does not lose battery power, since there is an Automatic power-off feature in case the tool stays on for a long time without being used.

In addition to all the above mentioned, the user gets a belt holster, attachment loop, and one 9V battery. As it is clear from the description, the device is really practical and was developed for solving all problems that treasure hunters often face.


The operating frequency of the device is 11,5 kHz. Important notion – the instrument is functional in the conditions from -4 F (-20C) to 130 F (+54C) temperature range, which means pretty much always and in any weather conditions (because it is also waterproof).

The waterproof index is IP 68, which means the item is submersible to the depth of 20 foot. The tuning of it is either automatic or manual, and this choice is always handy for the user. The signals are either audio or vibration; vibration can be convenient when the detectorist does not want to attract unnecessary attention to their activity.

The length of the item is 9 inches; generally it is the size of a typical flashlight. The weight is less than 1 pound. The device is powered by 1 9V battery; alkaline batteries are recommended to get a longer battery life.

The company gives two years warranty for the item. Taking this fact into consideration, we can expect proper functioning for long years. Also, the product cannot be called low-budget, but its features are quite prominent, and it is rather affordable than not.


To be honest, pinpointer is a necessary instrument for any detectorists who expects successful search and valuable finds. It is pretty hard to save time and effort without this small but crucial instrument, as it allows the treasure hunter to identify the exact and accurate location and depth of target. Also, pinpointers often provide additional features the detecting machines do not have, like flashlight. So in case one needs a decent pinpointing tool, Garrett has something cool and affordable to offer.


Garrett Pro Pointer AT


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