Quest Metal Detectors

quest metal detectors

Quest Metal Detectors are well-known among the treasure hunters, especially in the US. This company has developed a series of really cool machines for metal detecting both on land and underwater. One of the best series by this manufacturer that is currently available on the market is the Deteknix Quest Q20, Q40 and PRO. Meeting all modern days standards for such equipment, these Quest pro devices enjoy popularity and positive feedback from many customers.

Another well-known and loved tool is the Xpointer (Deteknix XPointer). This is a pinpointer is in huge demand because of being very affordable, and also due to high quality performance. It is not waterproof, but users state it is extremely efficient. Also, the company has released underwater hand-held Quest metal detector called Scuba Tector. This Scuba metal detector basically a hybrid of a metal detector machine and pinpointer, therefore little surprise it shows seamless and accurate performance.

Today, Quest is less well-known compared to other huge brands, however, this does not mean it provides less quality. The company continues to develop and research the niche. They have released a couple of really cool items, therefore y=we can expect more fancy stuff in the nearest time.

Quest History

The Quest as a business player in the industry is comparatively new – their history starts in 2000s. They are based in Los-Angeles, state California, and also have an office in Netherlands. Chinese developers have also been a huge part of this company, to Deteknix can be called and American-Chinese startup initially.

Recently, the company was rebranded because of the lawsuit by the First Texas Corporation. Deteknix lost the law battle, but the quality of production was in no way impacted. After re-branding, already know as Quest, the equipment continued to grow in popularity both in US and also in UK.

Quest Metal Detectors Reviews

On this website, you will find the most detailed and informative reviews on the products by Quest (former Deteknix). We provide objective reviews assessing each tool according to our system of criteria. We also consider feedback from users all over the globe, and experts in the niche. You will be able to get a sound idea about the qualities of each machine, as well as all the pros and cons of each model. We never promote the devices blindly, even if we are talking about the most well-known, reputable, and expensive brands. Our reviews will enable you to take an informed buying decision when opting for a metal detecting piece of equipment.

To choose properly, check our reviews and also list that compare products by different brands within a particular category, for example, machines for newbies, or tools for underwater search. Thus, you will check benefits and drawbacks of each compared to competitors, and pick up the most suitable option for you.