Nokta Makro PulseDive Scuba Detector and Pinpointer Review

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Technical Specifications
Waterproof Rating:
200 ft Maximum Depth
Operating Frequency:
3 kHz
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Automatic / Manual
10-14.8 oz
Audio / Vibration
1659 mAh Lithium Polymer (USB)
Power / Function / Adjust Switch
Battery Life:
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main features
  • 5 sensitivity ranges;
  • 3 kHz;
  • IP68 waterproof rank;
  • Lost alarm;
  • 2 in 1 - pinpointer & scuba detector;
pros & cons
  • Equipped with all necessary functions;
  • USB Charging;
  • Fully waterproof to 200 feet;
  • Stability;
  • 2 years warranty;
  • Technical Specifications

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    We have already provided reviews practically for all pinpointers available on the market. Scuba detectors are also no wonder for us… However, PulseDive is a truly new and curious product, at least in terms of technology and how it was applied in practice.

    Nokta Makro PulseDive Scuba Detector is two-in-one device: an underwater mini-detector, and a pinpointer. This is a daring move by Nokta Makro to kill two birds with one stone. Moreover – and this feature has already became a brand’s specialty – this device alone costs less than if you buy a scuba detector and a pinpointer separately from other manufacturers.

    Also, the device looks really tough in its black and yellow colors (almost like the Detect History site, lol). In case you are wondering, there is a model purely in black.

    Another cool feature is in fact the kit, as it contains lots of stuff. Before, I have never seen a manufacturer providing a separate case in the kit – but we will talk about it later in the review.

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    Nokta Makro PulseDive Overview

    You can purchase PulseDive in two variations – either the PulseDive Pointer alone, or full kit variation with the additional search coil. This second option is called Scuba Detector and PinPointer 2-In-1 Set, and this is exactly what we are reviewing here.

    By the way, Nokta Makro have recently released a new 8 inches search coil for this detector. This coil will improve the depth of reach, especially for underwater search on less littered locations.

    I have already mentioned the kit earlier, but honestly, I was super impressed when I discovered the metal detector delivered in a special plastic transportation hard case. This is what I call “client first” approach. I have never seen a manufacturer making such gifts before. Obviously, this hard case is given to you for your money. However, when you buy pinpointers from other manufacturers, they also receive your money – and you know how they send you their stuff. Anyways, I was pleasantly impressed by the presence of the hard case.

    Remember I have shared the story of my trip to Nokta Makro’s office (click here), and I revealed that they manufacture all details on their own? Well, this hard case is exactly an example of what you get for the same money from company that manufactures everything itself. You get a well-designed, user-friendly device, and you also get bonuses to it.

    PulseDive Scuba Detector and PinPointer 2-In-1Set

    The best and the most impressive thing about PulseDive Scuba Detector and PinPointer 2-In-1 Set is how this device was made. To use PulseDive, you should only exchange the upper part of it. You use search coil if you want your metal detector, and you use the pinpointer if you want, well, to pinpoint. The main frame of the device is the same, together with the control unit.

    When you change the details, don’t forget to put on a silicone resin protective cap on the detachable part, to protect the frame from water. This will also prevent the mechanism from being stuck because of fine sand particles.

    This incredible feature of exchanging the details of the detector depending on your needs makes it completely unique and innovative on the market. Nokta Makro definitely keep up with the times and tend to foresee the needs of the users, instead of trying to catch up.

    In other aspects, PulseDive Scuba Detector and PinPointer 2-In-1 Set has the following functions:

    • operating frequency is 3kHz
    • waterproof for operation on the depth of up to 200 feet / 60 meters
    • two light indicators – red and green
    • LED flashlight
    • five sensitivity levels
    • audio signal mode and silent mode (using vibration)

    The thing is powered with inbuilt Li-Po 1650 mAh battery that can be recharged via USB. Full recharge time is around two hours.

    How to Use Nokta Makro PulseDive

    Using the device is super easy, because all you need is three buttons – On/Off, F (Function), and A (Adjustment).

    • to switch the device on, press On/Off. To switch it off, press the same button and hold.
    • the Function button is used to change the search modes and signals – audio, audio with vibration, only vibration.
    • Adjustment button changes the level of sensitivity and correspondingly the depth of reach. To chance the sensitivity level, press and hold the F button, and start pressing the A button until you reach the preferred level. The metal detector will give you a beep for every new level. Level one is one beep, level two is two beeps, and so on until level five. The fifth and maximum level is market with a long beep or vibration.
    • battery charge indicators show whether the battery is properly charged. If both indications light up when you switch the device on – the battery is full. If only the green one lights up – it is half full, if only red one lights up – the battery is uncharged. When the battery loses its charge during search, both indicators will light up every five seconds.
    • Dive Mode. in this mode, the metal detector does not spot targets if it is turned upside down. The device will spot targets only if it is positioned horizontally to the ground. This feature prevents you from getting false signals while you are swimming. Dive Mode is switched on by pressing A and F buttons simultaneously, and you also have to hold the metal detectors upside down.
    • The device has an alarm signal to prevent it from being lost. The metal detector will start beeping, if you leave it switched on and unused for longer than 5 minutes.
    • This device is equipped with a super useful feature of Frequency Shift. Frequency shift is present in all metal detectors of the medium and expert segment. If PulseDive starts giving you false signals or chatter due to electromagnetic interference, or other detectors nearby, shift the frequency to avoid that. To activate Frequency Shift, hold the F button and start pressing On/Off button.

    You can also connect wireless Nokta Makro headphones to PulseDive, but please keep in mind that other sets of headphones, for example the one compatible to Simplex, are not waterproof.

    All Features

    All tech specs, functions, and features are as follows:

    • Ip68 waterproof up to 20o feet
    • pulse induction technology
    • wireless module
    • three modes of signal
    • LEd flashlight
    • stable in salty water and on highly mineralized soils
    • prevention of false signals in Dive Mode
    • lost alarm
    • replacable case
    • two compatible coils
    • operating frequency is 3 kHz
    • frequency shift available
    • 5 adjustable levels of sensitivity and depth of reach
    • lightweight
    • charging time 2 hours
    • warranty – 2 years
    • tons of compatible accessories

    Pros and Cons

    The advantages of the device are obvious:

    • equipped with all necessary functions
    • detector and pinpointer are geniously combined
    • can be used 200 feet underwater
    • cool design, high quality material
    • protective coil cover in the kit
    • many additional accessories in the kit
    • additional compatible 8 inches coil can be purchased additionally (yet not everyone actually needs it).


    To be honest, I failed to find any particular disadvantages. Purely for the sake of being objective, I would mention that buttons could be placed more comfortably, and they could be backlit for better visibility underwater. Maybe an original charging block could be useful, as well. However, these minor disadvantages are too small against benefits of the device.

    The Kit

    The kit includes:

    • Hard Case
    • Scuba Search Coil
    • Scuba Coil Cover
    • Pointer Coil
    • Pointer Coil Case
    • Belt Holster (metal details, which last longer than plastic ones)
    • Security Lanyard
    • Rubber Wristband
    • Battery Compartment Cover (for land and for water)
    • Coil Protection Cap
    • USB Cable
    • User Manual
    • Warranty Certificate
    • Hard Transportation Case

    Please pay attention that the kit includes two battery compartment covers – one for on-land use, one for underwater use. The first one provider better audio signal, while the second is fully waterproof. When you get ready for underwater search, don’t forget to put on the corresponding cover, otherwise the battery will get wet.


    We can definitely state that Nokta Makro PulseDive is a cool detector and pinpointer, both in terms of looks, and in terms of functions. Original approach to combining two detecting tools is truly worth attention.

    Scuba Detector and PinPointer 2-In-1 Set cost is user-friendly, especially if you need a set with two coils. If not, you can purchase a pinpointer separately, but be ready to pay a different price.

    Assessing the pinpointer alone, it makes a perfect competition to the famous “carrot” – Garrett PRO Pointer AT – and to Minelab Pro Find 35.

    As a scuba detector, it is of higher quality than Quest Scuba Tector, and it even looks better. In 2020, Quest are to release Scuba Tector Pro, and I’m curious about comparing the two products. However, in my opinion, Nokta Makro is the leader in the segment for now.

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