Minelab X-Terra 705 Review

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  • Warranty 2 years
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  • Headphones included

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  • Coins
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minelab x terra 705 preview

Minelab X Terra 705 metal detector is one of the best VLF metal detectors that is capable of being used in a wide range of environments. Minelab X Terra 705 has interchangeable coils that suit different applications. It is a dual-purpose detector suitable for being used to hunt for coins and relics, as well as in a prospecting mode for locating gold nuggets. It has great ground balancing features, which makes it more stable to use on highly mineralized grounds, such as beaches and gold fields. It is also equipped with a depth gauge to show the depth of the target location.

Rating Explanations
All Purpose
Key Features
Easy to Use
Reviewed by
Michael Moore
  • versatile all-purpose metal detector
  • Pinpoint mode is included
  • several additional compatible coils are available
  • frequencies can be changed by changing coils
  • comparatively affordable
  • only the search coil is waterproof
  • software cannot be updated online
  • headphones not included
  • Technology: VLF Multi Frequency
  • Number of frequencies: 3
  • Frequencies: 3 kHz / 7.5 kHz / 18.75 kHz
  • Search Coil: 10.5" (7.5 kHz)
  • Search Coil Type: DD
  • Waterproof: Coil only
  • Updatable Software: No
  • VDI (Target ID): Yes
  • Search Modes: 3
  • Search Mode Types: All Metal / Coin & Treasure / Prospecting
  • Ground Balance: Automatic / Manual
  • Pinpoint Mode: Yes
  • Audio Tones: Multi-tone
  • Batteries: 4 AA batteries required
  • Length (min-max): 48"-56"
  • Weight:2.9 lb
  • Warranty: 2 years

Minelab X-Terra 705 Features

VLF Technology

Applies an electromagnetic field to the ground in a continuous sinusoidal wave.

DD Coil

The best shape of the search coil effective even on very mineralized soils.

Manual Ground Balance

Allows variety in tuning, depending on location and on skills of the user.

Iron Masking Technology

Enables the user to differentiate a valuable potential target next to a piece of trash.

Noise Balance

Controls the response of the metal detector to various non-target electromagnetic fields, like trash or ferrous metals.

Two Types of Pinpoint

Auto Pinpoint allows to spot targets more accurately, while Sizing mode allows to identify the suggested size before you start digging the object out.

Minelab X-Terra 705 Overview

minelab x terra 705 overview

Minelab X-Terra is a versatile, all-purpose and close-to-all-terrain metal detector proper for highly mineralized grounds, and can even facilitate some shallow water search. It is lightweight, powered with 4 AA batteries, and is given 3 years warranty by the manufacturer, underlining its durability and reliability.

Minelab-X-Terra-705 is one of those detectors that are full of different features, and by tweaking those features the user can achieve different effects for different purposes. One of the best things about X-Terra 705 is that it is fit for beginner detectorists, but the machine has so much potential in it that the user will be able to learn and grow together with this machine, without the need to substitute it with a more complicated device in no time.

Control Box

minelab x terra 705 control box

The Control box for X-Terra 705 is equipped with a backlit LCD display showing additional indicators and target information. The Control panel has the following controls: On\Off button, Discrimination patterns, Modes button, Iron Mask, Menu\Select button, Backlight button, Accept\Reject, Tracking, Pinpoint\Detect button, and Ground Balance button.

The LCD display indicators layout includes: Target ID stability, Backlight, Headphones, Battery Charge, All Metal pattern, Patterns, Iron Mask, Target ID, Discrimination Scale, Modes, Tracking, Depth indicator, Pinpoint, and Menu scale. To be honest, this control panel will need some mastering, because it has so many controls and indicators, and to use it promptly and effectively, the detectorist has to get used to it, and know exactly what feature is tuned by what control. However, these settings make X-Terra 705 so versatile, so they are worth learning.

Search Modes

Except the two modes of pinpoint, this model by Minelab offers five search regimes. The first one is All-Metal, a typical mode that makes the machine react to any metal object in the ground.

The next mode is for all non-ferrous metals including precious metals. Pretty straightforward and there is nothing complicated about this mode.

However, the other three modes should be tried out in the field by the user before the user gets to understand the difference. The last three regimes of search suggest filtering signals from ferrous metals each, but in combination with certain ground balance and discrimination, they will spot different types of targets. To assess these, the detectorist has to analyze target ID numbers first.

Minelab X-Terra 705 Features

Minelab X-Terra 705 is a versatile all-purpose, all-terrain metal detector, and due to being so versatile – or rather, in order to be so versatile! – it contains a bunch of different features that enable the user to operate successfully under different conditions. If you check out the list of features explained below, you will see what opportunities (often unique) are provided by this X-Terra 705 metal detector.

VFLEX Technology

Most metal detectors offer one, or multiple, operating frequencies, but overall, there is no option of changing the frequencies if you have only one single frequency. However, Minelab decided to overcome this issue in a very unique way. They made X-Terra 705 a single frequency machine, which makes it simple for beginner users to master. At the same time, the user can change the operating frequency of the machine by changing the search coil. This is a cool feature that makes the machine more versatile but not over complicated in terms of settings. Moreover, the VFLEX allows frequency shift to avoid electromagnetic interference and noise.

Two Pinpoint Modes

There are two Pinpoint modes – one is Auto Mode, the other is Sizing mode. Auto mode allows you to spot targets more accurately to start digging. Sizing mode is pretty much self-explanatory – it allows to find out and evaluate the expected size of the target. Auto Pinpoint mode slowly reduces the response of the target until it only gets the strongest signals from the center of the target, thus revealing its specific location. However, if you want to know the approximate size of the target, you can research the perimeter of the patch above the target using Sizing mode.

Iron Masking

One of the problems when metal detecting is ferrous targets, and not because users have to dig them, because most metal detectors indeed show ferrous items or trash well. The biggest problem is that ferrous items give a powerful response to the electromagnetic field, which masks response from any other items located nearby, giving a weaker response due to the different chemical composition. If the metal detector has low Recovery Speed, medium quality Discrimination, or no Iron Mask feature, the treasure hunter will spot less valuable objects on trashe locations, because response from valuable objects will be masked by the iron. This can be avoided, however, with the Iron Mask feature in X-Terra 705 by Minelab. This feature allows you to see ferrous items and not dig them, but it also allows you to get signals from other items nearby.

Minelab X-Terra 705 Search Coils

minelab x terra 705 coils

The default search coil you get in the kit with the X-Terra 705 is a 9 inches concentric waterproof coil with the operating frequency of 7.5kHz. The size, shape, and configuration of this coil make it really versatile and multi-purpose, working well on all types of locations.

However, there are several other compatible Minelab X Terra 705 coils available for this metal detector. Every compatible coil has another operating frequency made available, or a Double D configuration, to facilitate this or that type of search, or help the metal detector adapt to different environmental conditions.

Coil Frequencies

The frequencies available are as follows:

Minelab X-Terra 705 Settings

Since the Minelab X-Terra 705 metal detector is so versatile and full of features, some settings can be a bit complicated to master. Here, we will provide a couple of recommendations to pay attention to in the first place. Even if you do not have your X-Terra 705 yet, this section will give you a fuller picture of the tuning and settings provided.

When you deal with different locations or environments, you may want to tweak the Sensitivity a bit. If you are a beginner, the best approach is to start with low Sensitivity, and increase it slowly as you get used to the metal detector, its signals, the type of soil, and the types of items you usually hit.

When you reduce Sensitivity, the metal detector becomes more stable and filters off the noise and false signals. However, it can also silence faint signals from good targets. When you get used to the Minelab X Terra 705 best settings, try increasing the Sensitivity to the highest level possible before you start getting false signals. This way, you get close to the optimal performance.

However, sometimes decreasing Sensitivity is not an option, in case you get noise from electromagnetic interference. This way, you will decrease the Sensitivity down and bury it in the ground, but since the source of the electromagnetic interference like power lines is still there, you will not get any results. To deal with the problem, leave the sensitivity alone, and use Noise cancellation channels. This feature will shift the frequency a bit to make your metal detector fall out of resonance with the source of the noise, and you will be able to continue searching without losing the optimal sensitivity. When you choose the Noise cancellation channel, make sure you hold the coil horizontally above the ground.

Minelab X Terra 705 VDI Chart

To analyze the signals better, the metal detectorist can take advantage of the VDI Target ID chart, and do not rely only on the audio signal. The more information the metal detector gives you about the target, the more informed decision you can make on it. The chart below is only a reference, and in the field, the data may vary, but you can still check out the numbers.

minelab x terra 705 vdi chaert

Minelab X-Terra 705 Problems

As most metal detectors released before updatable software turned from optional into must have, Minelab X-Terra 705 cannot have its software updated online. While this is not really a big deal, because the metal detector is full of necessary features, it could have saved the day for those machines that develop bugs over time. However, this is not the case, no bugs can be fixed with online updates, and if you have any issues with the metal detector, you will have to contact Minelab and ask for repair. One of such minor issues is sound starting to behave weirdly in the metal detector, which often happens due to minor software bugs.

There is one more problem many users of Minelab X-Terra 705 often face, and unfortunately this problem cannot be solved with an online update. This is control box buttons getting broken. According to the global community feedback, this is one of the most frequent breakages in X-Terra 705.

Tips & Tricks for Minelab X-Terra 705 Users

minelab x terra 705 user

There are a couple of Minelab X Terra 705 tips and tricks potential owners of this machine may take advantage of.

As you know, X-Terra 705 uses speaker for the audio signals, but it also has a plug for headphones, although the headphones are not included into the kit. Just to let you know – the metal detector allows separate settings saved for the Speaker Threshold and Headphones Threshold. When you connect the headset, the corresponding settings get switched on automatically (pretty much like in laptops). If you tune the Threshold with headphones in, the settings will be applied to headphones. If you tune the Threshold with headphones unplugged, the settings will be applied to the speaker.

If you possess more advanced metal detecting skills, you may want to experiment with the Ground balance tracking function to get better results on highly mineralized soils, or very mildly mineralized soils. If you metal detect in mild soils and want to see small and faint targets, you may want to get a bit negative Ground balance, for the targets to really pop up against the mild soil background. On highly mineralized soils, you may want a more positive Ground Balance, to make the background mineralization a norm, and as a result, to be able to see “hotter” and “colder” rocks against this background.

Minelab X-Terra 705 Accessories

There are few accessories you can get for the X-Terra 705. The most important accessory you may want to get is headphones. Unfortunately, there is only the wired headphones option, and no wireless technology is available. Check out the local retailer to see what compatible headphones by Minelab they have to fit for X-Terra 705.

Minelab X-Terra 705 Kit

Minelab gives a humble kit with the X-Terra 705 including the following items:

If you would like to get a bit more accessories, for example headphones and a pinpointer, check out bundles and packages provided by your local retailers, or by bigger international platforms. They usually have some attractive offers.

Minelab X-Terra 705 Manual

Minelab X-Terra 705 is pretty much user-friendly and even beginner-level treasure hunters will be able to master the learning curve and manage the settings. However, to really do that and avoid widespread mistakes, it is necessary to learn theory before turning to practice. This is why we recommend reading the user’s manual before you even decide whether the machine is worth buying.

Download Minelab X-Terra 705 User’s Manual


How do I choose the best search coil?

When you choose additional compatible coils to make your metal detector more flexible, decide what targets you want to spot, and what locations are available to you. Then, consider the following characteristics of the coils:

What is Minelab X-Terra 705 Gold Pack?

Minelab X Terra 705 Gold Pack is a metal detector a bit more adapted to gold nuggets search due to its features. However, if you check out a detailed Minelab X Terra 705 Gold Pack review, you will see there is not much difference. In fact, Gold Pack does not seem to go well in the niche, so if you are specifically interested in prospecting, maybe it makes sense to choose another metal detector for gold.


Minelab is famous for adding all kinds of cool features to its metal detectors, whatever the level of skills, in order to provide their customers with versatile, flexible, and highly efficient metal detectors. Minelab X-Terra 705 is no exception; this metal detector has a bunch of features that make it very productive in different locations and under different conditions. One of the best features is the ability to change the operating frequency by changing the search coil. X-Terra 705 is one of those metal detectors that enable the user to grow and develop their skills without the need to buy a new metal detector every year.


Minelab X-Terra 705

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