Metal Detecting TV Shows

Everyone who has a hobby is likely to want to learn more about it, get to know more like-minded people, watch documentaries or series about it, and so on. Probably metal detectorists and treasure hunters are not an exclusion. If you thought that there are few series or treasure hunting shows that would feature metal detecting hobby, or tell stories based on it, well, you are wrong! There are actually quite a few TV shows about treasure hunting and metal detecting shows dedicated to metal detecting and treasure hunting, from older ones to recent, from series to documentaries, and so on. Intrigued already? Well, check out the list below! Most treasure hunting shows on Netflix are those listed.

Diggers (Reality TV Series)

Diggers TV Show
2012-2015, USA, National Geographics

One of the best treasure hunting shows loved by all detectorists is, of course, Diggers created by National Geographics. In the series, two metal detecting enthusiasts, “King George” Wyant and Tim “The Ringmaster” Saylor travel around the country unearthing historical finds, telling stories, meeting with landowners, historians, archaeologists, discussing historical events and finds. This is a Reality TV show, so no invented stories here. The detectorists play themselves, sharing their real experience. Any beginner metal detectorist will be able to learn lots of new things about the hobby, approach to it,about history in general, and so on. Diggers show is as educational as it is entertaining.

American Digger (Reality TV Series)

American Digger
2012-2013, USA, Discovery Networks

This non-fiction series features a former professional wrestler Frank Huguelet (aka Ric Savage) with his family and friends. Together, they travel around the country, looking for items with metal detectors. The team researches historical artifacts, takes effort to find promising locations not discovered previously, and hunts down historic artifacts. Savage tries to guess where another cool find can be spotted, and engages into complicated negotiations with landowners asking for permission to dig on their lands. If the team finds an important item, they sell it to collectors, while the reward is shared with the landowner. The series is really entertaining, but it is also educational, because it shows real metal detecting in the US in practice.

Detectorists (TV Series)

2014-2017, UK, BBC

This comedy fiction series is actually one of the most famous, and one of the most favourite shows among all treasure hunters around the world. It has three series, starring Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones. This is a single-camera TV comedy, telling about two ambitious friends who are passionate about metal detecting, and are members of the local metal detecting club in a fictional English village. This funny sitcom shows real elaborate British humour and is extremely entertaining. The main heroes of the series are loved by thousands of treasure hunters in the world. The show is not very useful in terms of education about the hobby, and it does not demonstrate practical realities of treasure hunting in Britain today, but it is for sure fun to watch.

Aussie Gold Hunters (Documentary)

Aussie Gold Hunters
2016-present, Australia, Discovery

This show has five series and the producers continue to create it today. The show is factual, and tells about a group of gold prospectors in Australia. The crew follows the group of prospectors as they engage into their search sessions, research, and so on. Gold prospecting is very (okay, comparatively very) widespread in Australia, since this land is rich in occasional gold nuggets and gold dust. The show is watched in 125 countries all over the world, so its popularity is not under question. Now, the group of prospectors sets a season target in ounces of gold they want to reach, and travels around potentially promising locations in the country. Being experienced miners and detectorists, they have lots of equipment and tools, and utilize various techniques in their work. The show is very educational.

The Curse of Oak Island (Reality TV)

The Curse of Oak Island
2014-present, Canada, History

This is a Reality TV show created around the efforts of a team of detectorists and treasure hunters to find a legendary treasure of the Oak Island in Canada. The Oak Island is famous for its legends about treasures, but also for many unexplained objects found there, and some unexplained events. Since the 19th century, many treasure hunters were trying to find something unusual on the island; according to legends, Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant can be hidden there. The Curse of the Oak Island series shows brothers Marty and Rick Lagina, who have purchased controlling interest in Oak Island Tours, company that owns most of the land, only to be able to investigate the lands. The series provides lots of interesting info about the island, its history, previous attempts of research, and various methods of treasure hunting.

Dig Wars (Reality TV)

Dig Wars
2013-present, USA, Travel Channel

This entertaining series features three teams of experienced and seasoned metal detectorists, each team consisting of two people, and shows how these teams compete. The concept behind the competition is to locate a place that can potentially bring historically valuable finds – antiquities – spot them, and unearth them faster than other teams. The show is exciting, fun to watch, and educational, too, but it is also controversial. The point is that the treasure hunting teams are allowed to metal detect in most unbelievable places, since this is a TV show and they get the permits, but they treat relics and antiquities as “loot” and evaluate it based on its price only. Moreover, they often damage archaeological locations.

Metal Detecting Down To Earth with Mike Pegg (Documentary)

Metal Detecting Down To Earth with Mike Pegg
2016, Britain, Amazon

This is a documentary and educational series with Mike Pegg as the host, telling all about the metal detecting hobby. The series is particularly informative and useful for newbie detectorists. This treasure hunting TV show covers both historical events and finds, discusses artifacts, and also contains interviews with experienced detectorists. The series is amateur, but it is still entertaining.

Hoard Hunters (Reality TV)

Hoard Hunters
2013-present, UK, History Channel UK

This show follows the team of treasure hunters Gordon Heritage and Gary Brun, and archaeologist Mike Webber, who discover new locations in the UK for every new episode, and try to spot various historical places and artifacts, or solve ancient mysteries. They make guesses about where the next hoard can be, check out places where hoards were previously found, and find fresh locations, too. This treasure hunting show is entertaining and educational, and covers lots of interesting info on British history.

The Hunt for Amazing Treasures (Documentary)

The Hunt for Amazing Treasures
1996-1997, 2003-2004, USA, Amazon/Hulu

The series tells about legendary and fantastic treasures, often connected to various historical episodes, including such tragedies like the sinking of the Titanic, etc. The show is hosted by Antonio Sabato Jr. and Eric Close in the older version, and hosted by Eric Close and narrated by Mark Hamill in the newer version. The team travels to the most fantastic locations in hopes of discovering treasures that can cost millions. A variety of historic finds, artifacts, relics, and antiques are discussed.

Digfellas (Reality TV)

2013-present, USA, Travel Channel

The show tells about the treasure hunting efforts of detectorists Bill Ladd and Howard Hewitt, who visit historically and culturally important sites, and try to uncover various interesting and historically valuable items. The show is pretty entertaining and can be of interest to newbie detectorists. However, many viewers believe that the items they find in the show were set up beforehand on purpose, which seriously undermines the reputation of the show.