XP MI-6 and MI-4 Pinpointers Review

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  • Warranty 5 years

Pinpointer – unless you have a pinpoint mode immediately in your metal detector – is a super useful tool that allows you to locate the potential find more accurately and immediately in the hole. Pinpointers come in handy when you dig the hole and suddenly lose track of the item, or when there are several potential finds in one small patch and you have to choose. XP Pinpointer is one of the best options a treasure hunter can opt for, due to outstanding quality provided by the well-known brand.

There is choice out of two models in the series – XP MI 6 pinpointer, and XP MI 4 pinpointer. They are somewhat different in features and technical characteristics, so it makes sense to research more about both instruments. In any case, the XP brand promises seamless performance and high quality of operation. For more information, check out the review on these two models.

Rating Explanations
All Purpose
Key Features
Easy to Use
Reviewed by
Michael Moore
  • Simple, single-button operation;
  • Fast Retune;
  • Stability;
  • 3 Levels of Sensitivity;
  • Waterproof IP-68;
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery;
  • 7 Programs;
  • Vibration Mode;
  • Expensive;
  • Waterproof Rating: 20 Foot Maximum Depth
  • Lendth: No Information
  • Operating Frequency: 11.5 kHz
  • Thickness: No Information
  • Tuning: Automatic / Manual
  • Weight: No Information
  • Indicators: Audio / Vibration
  • Battery: 9V PP3
  • Controls: 4 programs
  • Battery Life: Alkaline (30 Hours) / Rechargeable (8 Hours)

XP MI-6 Pinpointer Review

This waterproof pinpointer is absolutely affordable and easy to manipulate for any user, from total noob to a professional. One of the bestest features about it is that this tool can be wirelessly connected to the Deus Metal Detector. This makes the performance of the pinpointer itself more powerful, while the user becomes more informed about the potential find. Wireless connection is also important, as no cables are used, which improved the user experience and convenience during the search. XP states that this is the first connected pinpoint in the world.

The tool is very simple to use in the first place; it is activated with one button. It sends signals either via the loudspeaker, or via the vibration mode which is also important if the user does not want additional attention. Three levels of sensitivity offer decent variability in search on different locations and for different items. The tool retunes quickly. Moreover, this instrument has its own six search modes, which is pretty unusual for a pinpointer. Imagine what additional features you can unlock if you connect it to the metal detector! Overall, the device seems worthy of its price.

XP MI-6 Features

The weight of this tool is very small, only 1 pound, and the length is only 10 inches, which makes it super easy to manipulate. Coupled with stylish yet ergonomic design, the device is handy and will not be bulky even in narrow places. The size of the search coil is 5 inches. The frequency of operation for this device is 12 kHz, making it rather universal; keep in mind that pinpointers will not provide very low frequencies, because they are created with the purpose of spotting objects on shallow ground, when the object is almost digged out.

The main mode is All Metal, but there are several preset programs with various levels of sensitivity; this is an unusual feature for a device of this kind, and eventually you get a healthy amount of features for reasonable money. The device is waterproof and can be used underwater on the depth of up to 20 feet, which is really cool. The manufacturer gives 2 years warranty for this gadget, promising steady performance within this term.

XP MI-4 Review

The younger brother in the MI series by the XP brand, MI 4 is an ergonomic, well-designed tool for accurate detecting of the target location. It promises outstanding quality and is offered for very attractive price. This tool works well with any metal detecting machine, is totally waterproof and can be submerged up to the depth of 20 feet. The device shows stable operation both in salty and fresh water, without distortion of the signal.

If to think about it, the main difference between the two models in the XP Mi series is that the Mi 6 model can be wirelessly connected to the XP Deus machine, while the Mi 4 model cannot. Which makes Mi 4 a perfect tool for those treasure hunters who does not own the Deus machine. Also, the younger model in the series is a bit cheaper.

XP MI-4 Features

Here are the features offered in the Mi 4 model:

As you can see, all features are virtually the same as offered in the Mi 6 model, but the radio connection to the Deus. However, it will be fair to state that since the device can be used with any metal detector, it is very attractive to the owners of all other machines.


Every treasure hunter, regardless of the level of their expertise, needs a pinpointer. For those lucky ones who owns the powerful and legendary XP Deus, the Mi 6 pinpointer by XP will be a perfect choice, since these two devices can be wirelessly connected and mutually complementary, unlocking additional features for the user to benefit from. However, other metal detectorists can take advantage of the more affordable model from the series – MI 4 – the only difference of which is absence of connection to Deus. The model is a bit cheaper, offers the same technical specifications, and shows stable performance with any metal detecting machine.




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