Fisher Metal Detectors Reviews


Fisher Labs is one of the largest, oldest, plus the most well-known US companies today. Fisher metal detectors are famous for simple yet elegant design, innovative technologies incorporated into each series, advanced technical specifications, plus high quality. The main focus, which also makes the main attraction of any product by the Fisher, is combination of quality and price. The user will get everything they need, as even Fisher hobby metal detectors provide stable and seamless performance.

Talking about the top products by this company, we have to mention Fisher F75, which is one of the top items currently available on the market. As for beginner-friendly machines, the F11 – F22 – F44 series is extremely suitable plus noob-friendly. Fisher means quality and affordability are on the first place, so whether one is a seasoned detectorist, or only makes their first treasure hunting steps, the Fisher will be a win-win choice.

Fisher History

DrFisherThis brand is the oldest metal detecting developer in the whole world. The history of Fisher Labs began roughly in 1920s when the German immigrant Gerhard Fischer got the first patent on a radio direction-finder. The first tested models of these direction-finders showed noise when the planes flew above certain terrains. Fisher suggested that these terrains might contain highly mineralized soils, more particularly, there may be ore deposits. As a scientist, Fisher continued to research this issue and in 1931, he opened the Fisher Research Laboratory in his own garage near his house.

He had only four people helping him at first, and the first product they created was Metallascope, a bulky, heavy, but simple to use metal detector. The tool became popular, so already in 1936, the company had to move to a different place. Fisher got the patent for Metallascope, and very quickly, the M-Scope became an umbrella term for all metal detecting instruments.

During the World War II, the Fisher company collaborated with the government completing military orders, but metal detectors have not been totally removed from their production plans. Yet, almost immediately after the war, a lot of competitors started to produce similar tools, so the competition skyrocketed. However, Fisher as a developer managed to keep its leading position due to smart lofty strategy – it continued to incorporate all the innovative technologies, researching and considering the feedback from numerous buyers, and providing permanent quality in each detail. Moreover, the products range was not limited only to metal detecting machines; Fisher manufactured a bunch of electronic types of items, including radio communication systems, voltage detectors and so on.

In 1961, the business moved to California to increase the productive capacity. In six years, in 1967, Gerhard Fisher retired, with the full awareness that his name is forever included into the technological history, both US and global. The company continued to perform its tasks until the year 2006. In 2006, it was acquired by the First Texas Holdings Corporation, and all the productive capacities of the brand were moved to Texas. Today, items by Fisher demonstrate outstanding quality, reliability, innovative technologies and design, and are loved by detectorists and treasure hunters all over the world. The main features of the initial image have not been lost after the company was acquired by the huge corporation.

Being literally the oldest metal detecting brand in the whole world, Fisher has accumulated experience, technologies, and insights for almost 100 years. This solid basis today enables it to be abreast of the times, because it is other companies that have to try to catch up with Fisher. Any item developed under this brand is worth the money to pay for it.

Fisher Metal Detectors Reviews

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