Top 7 Friendly Metal Detecting Forums

Top 7 Friendly Metal Detecting Forums

Beginner treasure hunters often require some tips, friendly consultation, or support, from more experienced and seasoned colleagues in the hobby. Metal detecting is exciting, however, this hobby should be learned and mastered step by step, and it takes years of experience to become a really skillful treasure hunter. And yet, still even after years and years of detecting in the field, detectorists want to discuss stuff with other people in the hobby.

Not all treasure hunters, both beginners and experts, and lucky enough to have a local metal detecting club and a supportive community around. Some are lucky enough to have a group of friends, or metal detecting enthusiasts, to travel to locations. However, most newbies start alone, so they really lack communication, and have lots of simple questions that can be answered only by a practicing experienced treasure hunter.

This is why online forums are the best place for both newbies and seasoned treasure hunters. Online forums are most often free of charge, have lots of people participating in discussions, and are available 24/7, compared, say, to a local club’s meetings. On forums, the detectorists can share news, experience, cool stories, give tips and recommendations, boast and discuss finds, share useful links and resources, discuss new releases and equipment, talk about festivals and events, organize events and group search sessions, and so on. Forums are usually very lively, as there is always someone to chat with.

So, if you want to take advantage of some of the most friendly metal detecting sites, check out the list below.

Friendly Metal Detecting Forum


This site is one of the biggest and most lively in the web, since it has around 52,465 registered members, and some overwhelming 3,083,598 posts. Any metal detectorist can literally find anything they need, on that forum.

This is a classic oldskool forum that runs on modern technologies, but has those recognizable treats and features of those first forums that appeared online and that we all enjoyed. The site has a huge knowledge base generated by users, but besides “official” base, there are numerous discussions on and off topic, so the whole thing creates an impression of a gathering of friends.

One of the major advantages of this site is users being really responsive to requests and posts, giving tips, useful links, and recommendations. Even complete newbies will feel themselves welcomed on this platform.

Treasure Net


Treasure Net metal detecting forum is one of the biggest forums out there, and one of the most popular, with a whopping number of members – 120,000 registered users. Also, there are over 5,400,000 posts, and the site continues to grow.

Due to its huge size and popularity, this resource gets information added to its knowledge base literally every day. This way, newcomers can utilize this information to their advantage without asking questions and waiting for answers, because obviously almost every single thing that can interest them has probably been discussed and explained somewhere in the depth of the platform. One just needs to use the search feature, and discover what they want. Some users are not happy with the forum being so huge, because they search more for communication with other users, but on the other hand, having so much information available is beneficial for beginners, and for those looking for answers to specific questions.

Find’s Treasure Forums


This platform is the third biggest forum in the metal detecting hobby realm online, and it is extremely popular not only with metal detectorists, but specifically with treasure hunters who love relics and antiques. The site is medium level user experience in terms of technology, but it continues to improve and move forward. Also, the knowledge base grows every month, due to daily contributions of the users.

While Find’s Treasure is cool to use, please keep in mind that it is also famous with its attentive admin team, and its moderation is really strict. This is why all users are recommended to stay aware of all the current rules, and track any updates to the site.

Detector Prospector


While this site is not one of the biggest, and not one of the most popular, if compared to the sites discussed above, it is in fact one of the largest and the most visited forums dedicated to gold prospecting of all kinds. This forum was created for gold prospecting knowledge base, and at the time of writing, it is one of the best and most complete resources for metal detectorists who are interested specifically in searching for gold. Be it looking for modern jewelry made of gold, or ancient items and treasures, or looking for gold dust and nuggets on complicated locations – Detector Prospector has it all covered. Those beginners who are passionate about gold will find answers to all their questions on that forum, and a company of like-minded people for sure.

The Dankowski Metal Detecting Forum


This forum was created and is run by Thomas Dankowski, also known as NASA Tom, and the main purpose of the forum was to gather experienced detectorists who are truly passionate about the hobby, and know stuff about software and hardware and electronics and so on. One of the outstanding features of the forum is the really unprecedented number of seasoned users and tons of useful posts. Moreover, more experienced users are always ready to share their knowledge and skill with beginners who only enter the hobby. The downside is that, due to the informal atmosphere, passionate arguments often spam the threads.

American Detectorist


With around 3,807 registered users and 229,745 posts, this one is really small. However, firstly, it has a strong and experienced team of admins and moderators who run it, and secondly, the site is run on a modern platform, so the level of users experience is outstanding in terms of how all the platform functions.

Also also, the team of admins does its best to keep the users interacting as a community. Every month, the forum has a competition, and grants awards for the best found relic, coin, and jewelry. The forum also has two metal detector tutorials available to all users, a bunch of articles written by users, and some useful info that can be of advantage to newcomers.

The Treasure Depot


This forum has 15,000 registered members, and around 5,000 posts. This is a small and very much oldskool forum. It is run on an old platform, so it looks a lot like those ancient forums that existed at the era of Internet sunrise. While some users may find the user interface repellent, others find it fun and somewhat nostalgic.

Whatever the interface, the forum is active and has members posting stuff about their searches and finds, and sharing experience and cool stories.

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