XP Metal Detectors


XP is currently one of the biggest and the most high quality European brands in the industry. The brand was initially found in France, and until now, they develop and manufacture all their series in France, instead of opening factories in China as the majority of other companies does. This is a huge advantage for the users, since French quality and reliability are guaranteed for all XP metal detectors, whatever the model.

XP Metal Detectors manufactures are famous due to their outstanding excellent design. Technical specifications and the level of quality are always up to the mark. All XP metal detectors America imports can boast the same features, as the brand does not manufacture different quality for export. The company also incorporates the newest and the most groundbreaking state of the art technologies; for example, its wireless XP Deus is unique on a global scale. Check out XP metal detectors Americas import to see if you can buy it!

Some other top titles among the XP series include the following: XP Deus – one of the leaders on the market during the last 10 years, and still firmly holds its position; ORX which is an updated version of the previous model, and Goldmaxx Power which was initially created specifically for gold nuggets search, but it operated incredibly well with coins and relics.

XP History

The XP Metal Detectors company is comparatively young, being founded in 1998 in Toulouse, France. Toulouse is generally a center for scientific and technological innovations, so little surprise the business originating from this city became one of the leaders on the market. However, it must be said that the history of the brand in fact started back in 1982, when Alain Loubet and his brother bought their first metal detector, and with time, they have tried all of them available on the market back then. The passionate detectorists were not happy with either machine, and started imagining what can improve the situation.

In more than 10 years, they already had their workshops and hired the first employees. The first product of the brand was Adventis, that became hugely popular and loved by the users due to its unprecedented depth of reach. The business improved this series, and already in 2003 they impressed the buyers with an enhanced level of machines’ sensitivity. The machines quickly became well-known in Europe, not only in France.

In 2004, the brand started producing wireless accessories, and in 2008 the Deus prototypes were already tested. After five years of research and development, Deus was released in 2009. In 2011, a new factory open in Toulouse, and in 2012, the PX Deus being released in the US, getting awards and love of the buyers. In 2014, new accessories for the metal detector are offered, and since then, the business basically updates their most successful model and accessories.

Metal Detectors Reviews

On this website, you will find numerous detailed and informative reviews on the XP products. We review each product separately, compare them within the brand and with other companies’ models, analyze series, and also rate tem in different ratings and lists, to make your choice and research convenient. For reviews, we add our opinion to the opinion of the experts, and also consider feedback from buyers all over the world. You can take advantage of these ratings and lists to get the idea about each product and eventually choose the one you like most of all. XP Deus is the top quality, but the brand has a bunch of other items you will definitely love.