Nokta Midi Hoard & Mini Hoard Review

Nokta Makro Midi Hoard
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Metal Detector
  • Country TU
  • Released 2020
  • Warranty 2 years
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  • Headphones included

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  • Kids

Kids are often interested in metal detecting, and Nokta decided to meet that need by releasing two cool metal detectors – Nokta Mini Hoard for kids from 4 to 8 years old, and Nokta Midi Hoard, for kids from 8 to 12 years old. In these two machines, the manufacturers have collected the best and desirable features needed in a metal detector for younger children.

Honestly, there are almost no disadvantages in these two. The features and functions fully correspond to the age and suggested skills of the young users, while design and tech specs are kid-friendly and convenient. To find out more about Mini and Midi Hoard, check out this detailed review.

Rating Explanations
All Purpose
Key Features
Easy to Use
Reviewed by
Michael Moore
  • affordable
  • waterproof up to 3 feet
  • lightweight
  • no Volume control for Mini Hoard
  • Technology: VLF
  • Number of frequencies: 1
  • Frequencies: 15 kHz
  • Search Coil: 7"
  • Search Coil Type: Mono
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Updatable Software: No
  • VDI (Target ID): No
  • Search Modes: 3
  • Search Mode Types: All-Metal / Discrimination
  • Ground Balance: Fixed
  • Pinpoint Mode: Yes
  • Audio Tones: 3
  • Batteries: AA x2
  • Length (min-max): 25''-35''
  • Weight:1.9 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years

Mini Hoard & Midi Hoard Key Features

VLF Technology

The optimal technology for a kids’ metal detector, as it allows all the types of search, but demands fewer settings and tuning than other metal detecting technologies.

15kHz Frequency

This is an unusual frequency for a kids’ metal detector, and this frequency allows a wide range of potential targets, as well as enhanced depths of search.

Mono Coil

This coil configuration provides more sensitivity and depth of reach. Considering limited options for tuning (since this is a device for younger kids), mono coil is optimal for such metal detector.

Waterproof up to 3 feet

Having a 100% waterproof metal detector for kids is the wisest decision even, because it not only allows to search in shallow waters, in the mud, or even underwater, but protects the device from wet weather.


Allows to spot targets more precisely in the dirt, and avoid damaging the finds when digging them out.

Nokta Midi and Mini Hoard Overview

Mini and Midi Hoard by Nokta were created specifically to meet the demand of younger kids interested in treasure hunting – and also the need of the parents who like metal detecting, take their families with them, and want to keep the kids busy for an hour or two.

If you look at the specifications of both machines, it becomes obvious that the tech specs are more child-friendly than in other metal detectors for kids available on the market today. Being even more lightweight and better designed, Mini and Midi Hoards have enough functions to facilitate productive search even by younger children.

Having pinpoint and discrimination at kids’ detector is truly outstanding, because it not only helps to spot more finds, but actually teaches the kid to learn the technology, to pay attention, and also gives the feeling of control over their search. Therefore, better engagement is achieved.

Child-friendly display with intuitively comprehensive indicators makes interpretation of signals fast and easy, and little parent’s help will be needed. Additionally, both machines have an auto shut-off feature and alarm feature. This will prevent the machine from uncharging when left unattended and will help find it quickly if the child leaves it somewhere in the grass. In other words, it seems that Nokta has predicted all possible issues, and has provided means of prevention.

Search Modes

All Metal

This mode does not make difference between the metal targets underground, and while it increases the chances to waste time digging out the trash, it also allows to spot unusual items and check the general productivity of the location.

Iron Discrimination

This search mode allows filtering out signals from all ferrous metals, which usually mean trash and items with no value. With Iron Discrimination on, the machine is likely to spot small jewelry like rings more accurately.

2nd Level Discrimination

The second search mode is available only on Midi Hoard, and this level of discrimination allows spotting both rings / small jewelry, and various coins.

Product Features

Despite the fact that Mini and Midi Hoard are created for younger kids, they are packed with useful functions and cool features.

The operating frequency is 15kHz, allowing for a wide range of potential targets. With some additional tuning, one frequency is enough to keep the metal detector flexible and versatile in its performance.

There are 2 Audio Tones for Mini and 3 Audio Tones for Midi version, corresponding to the search modes – All Metal + Iron Discrimination for Mini, and All Metal + 2 Levels Discrimination for Midi.

Both models have Pinpoint function, which is extremely handy for precise detencing, and digging things out unharmed. There are 3 levels of Depth for both machines, which is little surprise considering that the search coil configuration is Mono, offering enhanced depth of reach, and additional sensitivity. Mini Hoard has 6 inches coil, Midi Hoard has a 7 inches one.

There are LED indicators for Pinpoint, Discrimination, Depth Indicator, and Battery Charge Indicator. The Display is custom and kid-friendly. The machines are lightweight, and the length is regulated accordingly. Both are powered with 2 AA batteries, which reduces the weight even more.

Auto Shut-off and Alarm will keep the metal detectors charged longer, and found easily if lost somewhere on location (which can happen with kids). Both machines have a 2 years warranty.

And eventually, both Mini and Midi Hoard detectors are fully waterproof up to 3 feet! This is the first series of kids’ metal detectors that are fully waterproof, and not just weather-proof. This feature not only enables the kids to detect in the wet weather, in the mud, or in shallow waters, but offers additional protection to the device if it is dropped into the water.

Key Differences Between Mini and Midi Hoard

There are a few differences between the Mini and Midi Hoard models. Mini is created for younger children, so it is 1,7 lbs (while the Midi is 1,9 lbs). Also, Mini has a retractable shaft which is still shorter (25-35 inches for Mini, 35,5 – 43 inches for Midi).

There are no Sensitivity settings for Mini Hoard, while the Midi has 3 Sensitivity Levels. Plus, no Volume Control for the smaller model, too. The search coil is one inch smaller in diameter, too. Obviously, the Mini Hoard was made as lightweight as possible, and also its features a bit more primitive, to fit the suggested skills of a 4-year-old child.


As always, the manufacturer offers additional accessories. Except for the coil cover, which differs for Mini and Midi models obviously, the rest of the accessories are the same – Cool Sand Sifter, Cool Sand Scoop, Cool Stickers, and Treasure Marx. If you are interested in getting them all, there is an option of Cool Kit, containing all accessories and costing less than buying them separately.


Nokta has proved again that it seeks ways to improve user experience, and to make its metal detectorists happy, regardless of their treasure hunting preferences – or indeed their age! Mini and Midi Hoard machines for kids are among the best child-friendly devices on the market at the time of writing, offering everything needed for small treasure hunters.

While this series is very recent, it still needs time to collect some positive feedback from users globally (since kids who do metal detecting are comparatively few), but it seems that both models are going to become the next classic device by Nokta.

Nokta Makro Midi Hoard

Nokta Midi Hoard ? Best option, waterproof up to 3 feet ✅ Designed especially for kids 8-12+ yrs.


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