Nokta Metal Detectors

Previously, these were two Turkish companies, but by the end of 2014, they decided to unite efforts, creating single more powerful and productive business.

One of the most attractive things about the Turkish company is that they offer decent devices with proper technical specifications for lower price compared to other manufacturers. This is partially explained by the fact that they want to attract the buyers, while the other reason is that the resources in Turkey are a bit cheaper than in Europe and US, so the business can afford itself selling good quality for smaller money and still get profits. So if you see Nokta metal detectors or Makro metal detectors and think that the price is suspiciously low, don’t freak out. There is a sound reason behind it.

Currently, the company boasts the following top tools: for medium level, they offer Nokta Impact and Makro Racer 2. The most superior instruments are Nokta Anfibio Multi which is a decent competition even to the best models on the market, plus Makro Multi Kruzer that is also very good. The modifications of these models that are less fancy and more cheap are also available.

Nokta Metal Detectors History

The company exists already for 17 years.

The Nokta Detectors was founded in Istanbul, Turkey, in year 2001. From the very beginning, its goal was to become one of the top manufacturers globally, therefore, the developers focused on quality and innovation. Already in 2011, the business started financing wide research and testing to make a breakthrough in the industry, and attract attention with state of the art technologies. Three years later in 2014, Nokta acquired the Makro brand, thus strengthening the position and uniting the experience and practices.

In 2019, the business exports its machines and accessories already to 150 countries worldwide, on all continents. It became a game-changer for many older brands, and continues to snap at their heels. Its tools get more and more positive feedback, while due to lower prices Nokta becomes the favourite of many detectorists.

Nokta Metal Detectors Reviews

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