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Fisher Gold Bug 2
Very Good
Metal Detector
  • Country USA
  • Released 1995
  • Warranty 5 years
  • Additional
  • Headphones included

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  • Gold

Being one of the oldest metal detector equipment manufacturers in the world, Fisher offers tools for different terrains and purposes, and of course those wanting to pursue aurum search can find something for themselves – like Fisher Gold Bug 2 detector! Fisher Gold Bug 2 was created specifically with prospector’s needs in mind. Gold Bug 2 metal detector is a powerful and reliable machine stuffed with necessary functions to make slugs search successful.

It is not easy to pick a machine for expert level search, and this is especially true for slug hunting, since the specific conditions of searching for aurum require specific features and technical specifications of the machine. While prospecting is considered to be the niche of experts, Gold Bug metal detector will make the task possible even for detectorists with medium level of expertise. Check out features offered by Fisher Gold Bug 2, and also compare the differences between this model and Fisher Gold Bug Pro.

Rating Explanations
All Purpose
Key Features
Easy to Use
Reviewed by
Michael Moore
  • super high frequency
  • three compatible coils
  • powerful discrimination
  • audio boost
  • adjustable sensitivity
  • comparatively lightweight
  • 5 year warranty is a good sign
  • mountable on hip or chest
  • adjustable length
  • waterproof coil
  • average price
  • only one frequency
  • no display
  • no pinpoint mode
  • no vibration alert
  • the machine is not waterproof (not even IP68)
  • Technology: VLF Single Frequency
  • Number of frequencies: 1
  • Frequencies: 71 kHz
  • Search Coil: 6.5"
  • Search Coil Type: Concentric
  • Waterproof: Coil only
  • Updatable Software: No
  • VDI (Target ID): No
  • Search Modes: 3
  • Search Mode Types: All Metal (Normal Mode) / Iron Disc / Audio Boost
  • Ground Balance: Manual
  • Pinpoint Mode: No
  • Audio Tones: No
  • Batteries: 2 9V PP3
  • Length (min-max): 40"-53"
  • Weight:2.9 lb
  • Warranty: 5 years

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Key Features

High Operating Frequency

71 kHz, enabling the user to hunt for the finest gold dust even in complicated soils.

Concentric Search Coil

Having two wires, the inner and the outer, such coil needs more overlapping, but it is very good at pinpointing the targets accurately.

Manual Ground Balance

Two options are useful for gold prospecting, making the tuning easier and more efficient on hot rock locations.

Iron Disc Mode Trash

This discrimination feature filters out signals from pieces of iron and also from hot rocks, making the signals more informative.


Can be mounted on hip or chest for more comfortable movement during the search.

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Overview

Fisher has long been working on metal detectors for gold nuggets prospecting, and Gold Bug 2 is an improved device of the original Gold Bug. This tool is created specifically for slug hunting. The machine is extremely sensitive, and offers the highest operating frequency on the market, in the niche of single-frequency aurum-finding detectors. This extreme sensitivity makes the device very handy in various conditions.

Another good feature is the ultimate protection of the device from dust and moisture. As it is well-known, aurum is most often found in highly mineralized soils, so the chances of fake or distorted signal are higher. If the machine is not protected from dirt, dust, and moist, detecting will quickly be over on any location. Fisher, on the other hand, gives 5 years warranty for the product, promising seamless functioning.

Top Features

One of the top features in this device is its indeed extremely high operating frequency which is 71 kHz. This is an unusual frequency and currently, no other single-frequency machine in the slug search niche offers this type of frequency. The device by Fisher is likely to spot even the smallest aurum pieces and even gold dust, with ease.

Powerful discrimination is able to reject both iron pieces and hot rocks, which makes detecting more comprehensive and productive. Audio signal boost increases weak signal from potentially valuable, but small or distant targets. For ultimate user’s comfort, the tool can be mounted on hip or on chest (the advantage of the latter option is not really clear since the detector is not totally waterproof and therefore cannot be used for diving, but okay, let it be). Another important and beneficial feature is quartz-crystal locked electronics that should be showing stability and reliability in functioning.

Search Modes

Gold Bug is a more complicated machine than most hobby detectors, because it was created to meet the prospectors’ needs in the first place, including such conditions as complicated locations and hot rocks. Therefore, there are no preset search modes in the usual sense of the word. Gold Bug 2 can operate in the following modes


This is an All-Metal regime when the metal detector registers all potential metal items on the location, but also reacts to mineralization and trash.

Iron Disc

This mode discriminates precisely against trash and ferrous items, allowing cleaner and more comprehensive detection.

Audio Boost

This search mode provides an increased signal for small and / or deep targets, boosting the search capacities of the machine, and helping the detectorist to spot valuable items they would otherwise miss.

All Features

To assess the product more objectively, and decide whether it is powerful enough for aurum search, check out the full list of features and specifications:

These are all tech specs for the product. It is fair to state that the list is pretty decent.

Search Coils

There are three coils compatible with the Fisher Gold Bug 2:

All three coils are DD waterproof coils that will allow the user to search on wet soils and also in shallow water. They are interchangeable and therefore offer great variability within the same model of the metal detector. Moreover, different sizes of the coils make the whole thing more manoeuvrable physically, and the detectorist will be able to comb a potentially promising location more thoroughly.

The Kit

The kit for the Gold Bug 2 includes the following standard items:

Fisher Gold Bug 2 vs Fisher Gold Bug 2 Pro

If you are wondering about another Gold Bug 2 machine – the Pro one – and would like to find out the differences between the two products, this section is for you. Many people want to find out more about the Pro model, but you have to know that there is no such model. The Pro option is different only in the terms of the kit. For it, the standard kit includes 6.5 inches search coil and 10 inches search coil. But don’t forget that you actually pay for this additional coil, that’s the reason why the Pro option is more expensive.


If you would like an affordable metal detecting device that would bring finds and yet the learning curve will not be that steep for it, the Gold Bug 2 by Fisher might be just the one for you. It offers a bunch of really handy features the detectorist is likely to apply on the location, without any fancy stuff that requires complicated tuning and years of experience. You can also check out Gold Bug Pro which is a bit cheaper and a bit weaker in functions. For newer models, look at Garrett AT Gold, Minelab Gold Monster 1000, and XP ORX – there are more recent, and the tech specs are even somewhat better than in Gold Bug 2.

Fisher Gold Bug 2

Fisher Gold Bug 2 Trusted detector for gold with good reviews


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