C.Scope Metal Detectors

C.Scope EVO6000 Metal Detector

C.Scope is one of the oldest metal detector brands in Europe, and the only reason why many treasure hunters may not be aware of it much is due to the fact that this company is UK located and UK oriented. However, the company was established over 40 years ago, and has been one of the leaders in the niche since then.

C.Scope makes hobby metal detectors, security metal detectors, and also utility tracing locators. In fact, the company has long stuck to the utility tracing locators, and this may be the reason why they are not that widely famous in the treasure hunting niche. The very slogan of the brand – Specialists in Underground Location – reveals their primary focus in the previous years.

Today, however, C.Scope boasts over a dozen of highly functional machines, with models adapted for beginners and experienced detectorists, motion and non-motion machines, and beach detectors. The company also makes accessories, including coil covers, scoops, headphones, bags, and T-shirts.

C.Scope Advantages

Having been on the market for ages, C.Scope has managed to keep its customers not only with outstanding quality of products. Both the company and the customers name two main strength of C.Scope:

  • best customer service possible
  • proper after-sales support

If you are wondering whether this brand could become your next best favourite, lets see what their metal detectors are all about!