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Fisher Labs (USA), founded in the late 1920s, became the world leader in the production of high-tech metal detectors.The modern technological developments used in Fisher metal detectors open a new fantastic world of lost treasures and relics for us. completely satisfies the needs of the seekers of lost treasures.


Fisher Metal Detectors

Fisher is an American company with German quality! Fisher metal detectors, are devices that use advanced technology for your convenience. The LCD screen installed on each device will provide you with all the necessary information not only about the detection of metal, but also about the material of the discovery, as well as the depth …

Fisher Pinpointers

Each search engine is faced with the problem of finding small finds in the dump, when the metal detector in pin point mode can not show quite exactly the location of the object. Often the first time fails to detect the object and have to repeat the operation again and again! In order not to …