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Fisher Gold Bug DP

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Fisher Gold Bug DP

Technical Specifications:

Rank: Professional
Detector Type: All-Purpose
Technology: VLF Single Frequency
Frequencies: 19 kHz
Number of Frequencies: 1
Coil: 11"
Search Coil Type: DD
VDI: Yes
Search Modes: 2
Search Mode Types: All Metal / Discrimination
Depth Indication: Yes
Ground Balance:  Manual
Pinpoint Mode: Yes
Audio Tones: 4
Display Type: LCD
Assembled Length (min-max): 40.5"-50.5"
Batteries: 9V PP3
Item Weight: 1.3 kg

Fisher Labs company, without changing its philosophy, continues to delight novelties in the field of digital metal detectors. Once again, we have the pleasure to contemplate not just a professional device for finding native gold at quite great depths, but a universal metal detector and suitable for finding antiquities, military artifacts and even Imperial coins.

Fisher Gold Bug, operates at a frequency of 19 kHz. The weight is situated just 1, 25 kg! Despite the fact that the metal detector is designed to search in remote places, its weight is very useful to please the search engine.

Without changing the traditions of Fisher Lab company made the management of Gold Bug simple and accessible even for beginners in this business. The uniqueness of the Fisher Gold Bug metal detector is that it has a scheme of consecutive discrimination, which is the most appropriate and correct in the search for native gold. (Sequential Discrimination of objects of search are eliminated one by one, starting with nizkoprobnyh metals and more.) Also in the detector inherent ground balancing, which can be implemented both manually and automatically. Detuning the detector from the ground is a fundamental thing at the beginning of the search.

Another of the features of the device was the use of a new sound indication system, which made it possible to distinguish the hearing of low-conductivity metals from higher. The higher the index, the higher the tone of the response!

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