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XP Metal Detectors


Metal detectors of the French company XP Metal Detectors are considered to be the most technological devices in the market of search equipment, as they use the most advanced technologies in the production of detectors. Along with well thought-out ergonomics, modern materials and high-quality Assembly, metal detectors XP have outstanding technical characteristics that allow you to quickly and effectively detect a variety of non-ferrous and ferrous metals. The line XP includes metal detectors for different levels of treasure hunters: simple entry-level detectors, semi-professional models with advanced features, as well as powerful professional devices that can operate at multiple frequencies, using a variety of additional functions. The pinnacle of development engineers XP Metal Detectors is a fully wireless metal detector XP Deus, all elements of which operate completely autonomously. The detector had a stunning success among treasure hunters all over the world, because no longer need to suffer with wires and plugs, it is enough to fix the control unit on the belt or in another convenient place, put on wireless headphones and go in search of light. Due to its high search quality metal detectors XP can be used for any type of metal: coin, beach, military, deep, historical relics, gold nuggets, and XP detectors can buy from officials who guarantee the original product and quality service.

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XP Deus

XP Deus comes with wireless headphones WS4 or WS5 and with or without wireless Control Box (depends on configuration). Professional metal detector of the French manufacturer XP Metal Detectors. One of the best metal detectors for coins, searching on the beach. Modern search technologies in discrimination. Totally wireless! Coil, metal detector unit, wireless headphones.

XP GMaxx 2

CHECK PRICE GMaxx 2 is a multi-purpose instrument with a frequency of 4.6 kHz, which makes it indispensable in performing various tasks – how to search non-ferrous metals, and to detect large objects – chests, pots, barrels, pipes, etc. In the device is implemented approach, in which the manufacturer refused to graphic displays in favor …

XP Gold Maxx Power

CHECK PRICE Gold Maxx Power features will pleasantly surprise you and your colleagues! Fast response and good sensitivity New analog filters provide high-quality cross-section of the debris with no loss of speed of reaction operating frequency is 18 kHz 2-tone or 3-tone search mode Setting a threshold of iron from 0 to 20 Adjusting the …

XP Adx 150

CHECK PRICE XP ADX 150 is designed primarily for those who are just discovering the fascinating world of instrument search. Minimum settings with excellent search characteristics. Do not have to spend weeks and months on the development of the device, despite the fact that such important indicators as response speed, goal separation and depth of …

XP Adventis 2

This Metal Detector is no longer produced by the manufacturer. CHECK ALTERNATIVE Unlike the ADX 150, this instrument has already implemented many additional features that positively affect the search characteristics of the detector, while increasing the depth of the search and stability. Also, this metal detector can be paired with wireless headphones, which is extremely …

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