Metal Detectors Reviews

These metal detector reviews are created purely for your convenience and enable to reader to find real and honest information on the equipment available on the market. There are no promotional texts by the manufacturers here. We check out feedback by users from all over the world, test each piece of equipment we can, and always indicate disadvantages of every item, even the best and the most expensive one.

We are constantly in the process of research, looking for updates and recent data on each manufacturer, series, model, and accessory one may want to use. Here, you will find reviews on all the new innovative items, as well as on the old and reliable stuff everybody is already in love with. You will be able to make an informed choice and check out all the options, depending on your skills, experience, budget, preferences, and expectations.

A lot of research is done for creation of each review; we use to combine own experience with the recommendations and advice of other users, including real experts in the field. You are provided with the most objective and unbiased information on each piece of equipment we discuss.