Metal Detectors Reviews

Honest And Comprehensive Metal Detector Reviews

These metal detector reviews are created purely for your convenience and enable to reader to find real and honest information on the best metal detectors available on the market. There are no promotional texts by the manufacturers here. We check out feedback by users from all over the world, test each piece of equipment we can, and always indicate disadvantages of every item, even the best and the most expensive one. You will always be able to find out the real value of all those expensive devices by posh brands, and decide whether you want to spend money on those, or not.

We are constantly in the process of research, looking for updates and recent data on each manufacturer, series, model, and accessory one may want to use. Here, you will find reviews on all the new innovative items, as well as on the old and reliable stuff everybody is already in love with. You will be able to make an informed choice and check out all the options, depending on your skills, experience, budget, preferences, and expectations.

A lot of research is done for creation of each review; we use to combine own experience with the recommendations and advice of other users, including real experts in the field. You are provided with the most objective and unbiased information on each piece of equipment we discuss.

How We Write Each Review

Before creating a new metal detector review, we try to first lay our hands on the machine and test it out in the field. If this is possible, we describe all the pros and cons basing on our experience. Then, we look out for additional comments and feedback, to find out more about potential drawbacks other users had, or potential benefits we failed to notice. This is important, because, despite our considerable experience, we cannot warn you about all possible aspects and issues, so leaning on cases of other detectorists is a huge informational support.

In case we are unable to get the machine for testing, we reach out to other experts, and also collect users’ feedback all over the globe. To assess the product adequately, we compare its tech specs with those of other items available on the market, and then can decide whether the device is good, bad, innovative, useless, fancy, etc.

Why Our Assessment Is Objective

We strive to do our best in making each metal detector review honest and objective. This is the main point in today’s world, where tons of online reviews are created purely for the sake of advertisement, promotion, and making money given by the actual manufacturer of the product. Yet, the value of such reviews is very low, since each buyer eventually understands that the device he bought as a result of such manipulative promotion is not that good.

Therefore, our goal is to make objective assessments, and to achieve this goal, we always look for real features and specs, and research them from the position of practical application in the field. Our team consists of experts who knows what it feels like to go out detecting with a junky machine, and we never want this to happen to any of the readers. This is why we always look for the faults and pitfalls in every device or accessory, and put ourselves into another detectorist’s shoes. There are very few devices on the market today that are perfectly designed and show seamless operation most of the time, and this is normal. However, your right as a potential customer is to know all these drawbacks and potentially unpleasant cases you may face.

We ourselves as readers are extremely suspicious about the brands’ descriptions of their products, especially new ones, because no manufacturer will indicate real disadvantages on their device. Sometimes, these disadvantages are not seen until you compare the machine with a bunch of other, similar pieces of equipment, to understand this one is just the same or even worse.

However, most readers just do not have time to dive that deep into the nuances of promotion, and research the real specs for hours. So, we are here to save your effort, time, and money, and provide the most comprehensive, honest, and objective reviews on metal detecting equipment!