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Kellyco is one of the most well-known and actually one of the oldest shops of metal detectors and accessories. If you don’t know Kellyco detectors, well, you should really check them out. One of the best things about this site is huge collection of products and accessories, by an impressive range of brands. You can take advantage not only of the mere choice of stuff, but also of experience and professional Customer Support this platform can offer.

When you purchase at Kellyco, you can really trust their service, because these guys have been on the market literally for ages. Want more details? Check the benefits of Kellyco metal detectors!

Best Offers and Promotions of Kellyco

To make an informed choice about your purchasing options, check out the table below. You do not have to blindly follow the trends. We are aware that quality of products and services is the most important aspect when buying a metal detector. At Kellyco, you can find the coolest offers, and special offers for particular cases in the Kellyco catalog.

Garrett AT Max ✅ The best for coins and relic hunting

Nokta Simplex

Nokta Simplex ✅ Best metal detector for the money

Nokta Anfibio Multi

Nokta Makro Anfibio Multi ✅ Perfect all-round multi frequency detector


White’s MX Sport Great all purpose detector for different areas


Garrett AT Pro Trusted detector with good customers reviews


Kellyco History: 65 Years of Success

Can you imagine decades of success? If you can’t, think of Kellyco. Talking about metal detectors, this shop can actually be called somewhat of a unique case.

The history of Kellyco started in the middle of the previous century, in 1953, when Stuart Auerbach became interested and enthusiastic about using army mine metal detectors for everyday purposes. He bought some surplus machines and started testing them out in the field. The results were amazing – he found so much cool and even valuable stuff, that soon, crowds of people started gathering around Auerbach when he was detecting, simply to see what next he could find.

Stuart Auerbach KellyCo Founder

Stuart Auerbach – Founder of Kellyco

Auerbach quickly put two and two together and sold some of the military detectors he already had. Eventually, he started a business, and in a short period of time, Kellyco became one of the largest metal detector retailers, globally.

Already by the mid 1960s, people became extremely interested in metal detecting as a hobby (and perhaps for some profit, as well), due to different historical and archaeological finds in different parts of the world. Customers rushed around in search of a reliable retailer, and Kellyco found itself in the middle of the new trend. Auerbach envisioned that metal detecting is likely to grow from weird hobby into a popular and cool activity widespread around the world.

From 1970s to the end of 1980s, the Kellyco team grew and the company developed. They mailed paper catalogues, and got advertisement in newspaper and magazines. In 2000, Kellyco became the winner of multiple awards, due to their ability to catch up with the trends. They quickly went online, cast their net wide around the world, and facilitated some of the best Customer Support services. The company continues its victory march, and in 2015, Kellyco celebrated 60th anniversary on the market.

Stuart Auerbach passed away in 2017, and left an impressive legacy both for his family, and for the global metal detecting community. Kellyco as a company continues to follow the values he put into it more than 60 years ago.

Is Kellyco Good Alternative to Other Online Stores

So, let’s check out whether Kellyco is a decent option among other online stores. Below, you can see the list of advantages for the customer. However, the mere history and experience of the company speak well for the site.

Talking specifically about metal detecting niche, Kellyco is one of the biggest global retailers, and this is definitely a strength. While you can order a metal detector from big retailers who sells everything, perhaps purchasing from a specialized store has more benefits. The bottom line is, the guys here are really experts in their niche, and are ready to provide their expertise to your service. In fact, Customer Support at Kellyco is known as one of the best you have chances to find.

Next, you will find a huge assortment of products, big and small, necessary for productive detecting. Due to its long history, and outstanding legacy in the market, Kellyco was one of the companies that stood at the origins of civil metal detecting as a hobby, all around the world. As a result, this brand is on friendly footing with all brands that actually manufacture machines and accessories.

Kellyco values its clients a lot, and in addition to really helpful Customer Support, they offer fast delivery across the US. So, is it a decent alternative? Definitely yes.

What are the Main Kellyco Advantages?

Kellyco offers a bunch of considerable advantages to its customers. First and foremost, the mission, vision, and values of the brand were created by a passionate detectorist 60 years ago, and stem from genuine understanding what a detectorists wants. When you purchase at Kellyco, your needs will be catered for by experts in the field, and not by a random online chat manager who has no clue how to tell a coil from a pinpointer.

As we have already mentioned, Customer Support is one of the best you can find across the niche, and maybe in the field of online stores, at all. Multiple awards, received between 2000 and 2011, prove it. So you get an expert advice and recommendation, and then enjoy fast delivery to your location.

However, the bestest part is, of course, products. The range of choice is wild, both for machines and accessories. Moreover, you will find additional documentation and guidelines provided purely for your advantage and convenience. Kellyco does not just sell detectors – they want to contribute into your knowledge and your success. The platform is not simply a store, but also an educational hub, where you can get tips and additional information.

What’s Out There for You At Kellyco?

First and foremost, Kellyco has metal detectors suited to every fancy, and every budget, so it is not a problem to find the best metal detector for the money you can actually afford. You can find anything you need, from the most recent machine to a metal detector pinpointer, and more.

KellyCo Knoxville TN Kellyco showroom

Knoxville, TN Kellyco Showroom

However, we will look at the products available in more detail, below. Meanwhile, what is so unique that you can find at the platform? Well guess what, the store offers free accessories for the majority of the detectors. While this may seem insane, this is part of their customer care strategy.

Besides hardware, the store provides access to tons of literature and useful information. You can pick books, guidelines, and maps. This is worth of your attention already.

But wait, there’s more. Kellyco offers a professional customization of your machine – repair, update, fix, choose accessories, etc. They will supply you with resources and stuff you want, to make your detecting super productive, and also problem-free.

Metal Detectors from Famous Brands

If you’re wondering about specific numbers, Kellyco boasts a stock of around 2500 detectors available, and tons of accessories by native and additional brands. What you get includes Garrett Metal Detectors, Fisher, Bounty Hunter, Minelab, Nokta, Quest, XP Metal Detectors, and Teknetics. Less well-known brands are Aquascan, JW Fishers, Lorenz, OKM, and Treasure Products. The range is mind-blowing.

In case you’d like to opt for a machine depending on your targets and needs rather than on a brand, well, here you go. The site has categories for target types, for kids, for detectorists of different level of expertise, and also professional and industrial machines. Also also, for user convenience, you can review machines within a specific price range.

If you’re afraid of getting lost in such abundance of offers, have no fear. The design and navigation of the platform guide you carefully along the way.

Accessories for Metal Detectors

Metal detector accessories are usually a headache causing stuff. What are compatible, exactly? What to buy? Where to buy? How to choose? Maybe there’s an alternative? Should you buy from a native brand, or maybe there is a cheaper option by an additional brand?

KellyCo Casselberry FL Central Florida Showroom

Casselberry, FL Central Florida Showroom

With Kellyco, all your questions are answered at their huge Accessories section. Here, you will find items sorted by brand, by type, by item, by price, by position, etc. You will be able to pick detector parts and see digging tools separately, and make head or tail of the whole thing pretty quickly.

Our favourite point is accessories by smaller (non-native) brands. Sometimes, detectorists are limited in their choice merely because they are not aware of accessory brands. However, Kellyco shows all manufacturers, and you can find a better-suiting option, or even a considerably cheaper one.

Additional Coils

Coils are among those products that enjoy the biggest demand, and for a good reason. A bunch of compatible coils can enhance your search, and provide you with such variability in functions that you can literally use only one machine for years.

At Kellyco, you will see impressive range of coils for every metal detector. They are sorted by size, type, and there are items that are budget-friendly. You can search by shape, pick waterproof only coils, and even choose by color. How’s that?

Detector Parts

Now guess what, finding a brand named detector part can be difficult! To be honest, big general retail stores often fail to provide a decent range and supply of all changeable detector parts for all detectors, simply because these products do not enjoy constant demand. So, stores may run out of supply, and on that very one day of the year when you need this one part, you won’t be able to find it.

Yet, this case is almost impossible with Kellyco, where they keep the supply of spare parts fitting to machines they also sell, which makes perfect sense.

Metal Detecting Equipment

Besides actual parts and accessories, there are dozens of things that can make your detecting more comfortable, and take the whole experience to a new level. For example, high quality metal detecting digging tools are an absolute must for accurate and productive hunting. Armrest will make your search more comfortable, case will protect the machine, bags will help you keep the equipment and finds in order and safety, and proper backpacks will save your back from overload.

At Kellyco, you will be able to find all those things without crazy navigation. Since there are too many categories, you can actually use the search bar, and find what you need, in an instant. Again, now, you do not have to purchase a super fancy branded bag by your machine manufacturer. You can choose one from a smaller brand and save your money.

Gold Prospecting Equipment

Gold prospecting is a somewhat separate niche of detecting, for a number of reasons. And as a result, for productive prospecting, the detectorists needs more specific and often more expensive equipment not every store has in supply. Kellyco, however, is not your average retail store, and there is a separate category of products created specifically for gold prospecting.

Here, you can find the best metal detector for gold, both for nugget prospecting and gold dust prospecting. There are coils filtered by shape, size, and build. You can opt for some digging tools that will be useful while prospecting in complicated locations. Products are divided into type categories, and ranged by price, for your convenience. Gold prospecting is harder and more demanding, both for the machine and for the human. But Kellyco has your back covered.

Law Enforcement & Security

Since Kellyco is a globally famous metal detector retailer, little surprise they have not only hobby and professional detectors in store. There are also products for police and security, including metal detection portals for offices, airports, schools, etc., and hand-held detectors for security checks. The segment also has a bunch of accessories for better usage and convenience.

Kellyco Contacts

If you want to know more about Kellyco store, get an expert recommendation on this or that matter, order customization or repair – contact Kellyco Customer Support. You may also be interested in guidelines, books, and maps available at their site.

Email: ✉️
Website: 🌐
Tel.: 📞1-855-997-9196
Facebook: 👤
Phone Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am - 6pm ET
Saturday: 10am - 4pm ET
Sunday: CLOSED
Central Florida Showroom: 950 S. Winter Park Drive, Suite 100
Casselberry, FL 32707
Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm ET
Sat & Sun: CLOSED
East Tennessee Showroom: 120 Market Place Boulevard, Suite H
Knoxville, TN 37922
Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm ET
Sat & Sun: CLOSED

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