Guide: How to Install Minelab Vanquish Firmware Update

Guide: How to Install Minelab Vanquish Firmware Update

Since a new upgrade has recently become available for all three models of Vanquish, check out this instruction to download and install the software.

First and foremost, follow these requirements:

  • USB 2.0 port
  • Low Profile Micro USB Cable
  • batteries must be in place and charged
  • the coil must be connected
  • only one Vanquish can be connected at a time, to perform the update
  • custom settings will be preserved during the update
  • high quality Internet connection is required for download; however, the update itself can be completed offline

Step By Step Instruction

Here is the list of steps you should take:

  • open the battery lead, leave the battery in place, and connect the USB cable
  • open Minelab Update Utility
  • connect the Vanquish to a computer with the USB cable
  • Vanquish will switch on, and the Utility will identify it to recognize the version of the software on the machine. If the update is
  • available, the Utility will show it to you
  • if you want to use the new version, click Install
  • if no upgrade is needed, or available, click Quit
  • you will see the progress bar being filled on the screen, as the software is downloaded
  • the software will take about a minute to install onto the metal detector
  • upon installation is complete, the Utility will restart the metal detector
  • disconnect the detector, and quit the application

Please keep in mind that, if you have multiple Vanquish machines, the process is the same for each, but you can’t upgrade them in bulk.

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