Metal Detecting on Public Property

Reviewed by Michael Moore

Metal Detecting on Public Property

When just starting out metal detecting I would suggest to first try out your new metal detector in your own backyard.  This will allow you to dig holes and learn the proper way of filling the holes back in. Another reason to first start out in your backyard is because it is at your property (no driving far away) and who knows, you might find some great things!  You should take this time getting familiar with your new detector. I would suggest even creating a test bed (instructions in a future post) to determine the depth, sounds and sensitivity of your new machine. However, if you don’t have a backyard or you want to venture out to find the real treasure, the next obvious place to hunt is public property.

Before you go to your local park or beach, you MUST first contact the local county/city/state organization’s park and recreation authorities to find out if a permit is needed, or if metal detecting is even allowed on the public property you want to hunt.  You can probably find the information on the organization’s website, or at least a phone number you can call for more data. If any of this methods works, contact the local police department and kindly ask them about the laws of metal detecting on the public property in question.

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