2020 Novelty by Quest – A Collapsible Scuba Tector Pro

2020 Novelty by Quest – A Collapsible Scuba Tector Pro

Quest manufacturer has announced a novelty that is expected the next year. The date of release is probably chosen depending on the beginning of the search season in northern Europe. Obviously, few treasure hunters here will dive for search in winter, but in spring it becomes possible in the southern regions; roughly speaking, by may, properly equipped and fit treasure hunters can dive even in colder regions.

So, somewhere around spring 2020, Quest plans to release its new underwater mini metal detector – collapsible Scuba Tector. This is an impulse-mode machine with operating frequency 95 kHz. In contrast to all those super complicated and costly underwater metal detectors, this one is easy to handle. The price of it is also very budget-friendly. Being collapsible, this mini detector will obviously be more convenient than a conventional one.

Scuba Tector is super cool to use; when you need to transport it, just collapse it. When you are on the location, just unfold it, and you get a small detector with a rectangular coil. This is definitely a new solution in the niche of treasure hunting.

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