DetectHistory Celebrates Its First Full-Fledged Educational Book

DetectHistory Celebrates Its First Full-Fledged Educational Book

New Year’s presents are here! Starting from January 2021, all beginner metal detectorists can get the first full-fledged educational book by DetectHistory. The book is available on Amazon as a paperback, and on Kindle Amazon as a digital edition. Now, everything a beginner detectorist needs to know is gathered in one place!

Time to Detect: The Ultimate Metal Detecting Guide for Beginners

The Time to Detect book was created to become a to-go book for every treasure hunter who makes their very first steps in this fascinating, but a complicated hobby. One of the main issues all beginners face is that there is plenty of free information online, but it is sporadic, often repeats itself, is not actually written by experienced detectorists, and misses some really important points necessary for practical detecting. The Time to Detect book was written to solve these problems and give every wannabe treasure hunter a convenient and comprehensive source of info stemming from practical experience.

I wish I actually had a book like that back then when I only started!

The book literally begins at the beginning, explaining the technologies and tech specs behind metal detecting machines, how and why every technology and accessoire impacts the productivity of detecting, how to choose the machine optimal for specific locations and specific targets, how exactly to detect, what are the legislation on metal detecting, and much more.

After some years of experience, I suddenly grew aware that most of the info I meet online about detecting is outdated, inaccurate, and sporadic. The majority of posts are written by copywriters who simply rewrite each other’s posts; and if you are lucky enough to find first-hand info from a seasoned detectorist, these folks often talk advanced stuff, missing most basic aspects any beginner desperately needs.

Wannabe treasure hunters and beginners who have already dipped their toe into the exciting hobby of detecting will find this book useful, as it walks them through all the important aspects and nuances of detecting. The idea of this book actually arrived when Michael became aware of how sporadic and useless is most of the free online info about detecting. Writing the Time to Detect book took lots of time and effort, but the outcome was worth it.

My hardest task was to recall myself many years ago when I first took a metal detector and walked along the field. I had to put myself back into the newbie’s shoes to recall the needs and wants they mostly face.

Time to Detect: The Ultimate Metal Detecting Guide for Beginners was powered by the DetectHistory platform.

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