Garrett has Announced a New 2020 Metal Detector – Garrett Apex!

Garrett has Announced a New 2020 Metal Detector – Garrett Apex!


A few months ago we were writing about the new Garrett’s 2020 product here.

Finally, today Garrett added a new promo video to their official YouTube channel, and announced a new metal detector – Garrett Apex.

  • The shaft. I see that the shaft seems similar to Ace and AT series detectors… Nothing new from Garrett? It is very sad if the design has not really changed…
  • New control box. It seems that the control box has been changed and become a little bit modern, but at the same time, the buttons are very similar to AT Max too…

These are just my personal thoughts. Let’s wait for new videos and presentations on May 15, 2020.

What do We Know for Today?

Garrett says that it will be a totally newly designed metal detector:

  • brand new technology;
  • very lite weight;
  • the metal detector doesn’t need batteries (USB charging option?);
  • UPD: Adjustable Iron Audio level.

And that’s all ? Not as much information as we hoped and expected, but it will be very interesting to see the Apex. I really hope it will be something special. Garrett hasn’t made anything truly outstanding for a very long time.

I expect it to be a medium-level detector with a good set of features; perhaps a strong competitor to Nokta Makro Simplex, Minelab Vanquish series and Quest X5 and X10 detectors. But maybe Garrett decided to come as a surprise with an expert-level metal detector, to replace the old GTI 2500?

The video contains a funny moment with jokes about Garrett Ace 250… probably they have finally understood that detector released back in 2005 must be a bit outdated by now 🙂

#1 Garrett Apex Promo Video

UPD: #2 Garrett Apex Promo Video

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