New Nokta Makro Gold Finder 2000 Metal Detector

New Nokta Makro Gold Finder 2000 Metal Detector

Nokta decided to make all their fans happy by releasing a new metal detector for gold prospecting! This is great news, considering that there are comparatively few beginner-friendly detectors powerful enough for gold. Nokta Makro stayed loyal to its values and created a very comprehensive and easy-to-master metal detector with a manageable learning curve, and yet capable of spotting gold – from dust to nuggets.

Tech Specs & Features

nokta makro gold finder 2000 1

Gold Finder 2000 is truly very comprehensive and beginner-friendly, two seemingly impossible features for a powerful gold-finding metal detector. The tech specs are as follows: VLF technology with operating frequency of 61 kHz, which is extremely advantageous as this machine is likely to detect all types of gold.

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There are two search modes, fully automatic Ground Balance (ever seen such a thing in a metal detector for prospecting?), and Pinpoint mode. The whole thing is powered by the 3700mAh Lithium Polymer battery, has a retractable shaft the length of which can be regulated within 30″ – 53″, and is lightweight enough for long search sessions – only 3.7lbs.


nokta makro gold finder 2000 4

The tech specs show that Gold Finder 2000 by Nokta Makro is a simple to use yet powerful machine able to spot gold. But due to its features it becomes even more attractive.

First things first, the machine cannot be submerged underwater, but it is rainproof. But honestly, for underwater gold search, one just cannot use a beginner-level metal detector, because beginners just usually do not do gold search underwater. Rainproof machine is completely enough for most places where gold can be found; the search coils are waterproof, so shallow water detecting in creeks and on wet sands is completely possible.

The new metal detector has 8 levels of sensitivity, which together with high-quality Discrimination (as always in Nokta Makro machines!) provide excellent depth.

In case of false signals or electromagnetic interference, there is a possibility of frequency shift to fall out of resonance with the potential sources of signal, which is a great tool for both beginners and experienced treasure hunters. Frequency shift allows to leave the sensitivity level alone and preserve the effective depth of detecting.

And, as always, Nokta Makro allows software updates for Gold Finder 2000.


Despite being brand new, Gold Finder 2000 already has a bunch of accessories compatible to enhance the search. These include:

  • five interchangeable search coils of various sizes and shapes
  • coil covers
  • armrests
  • wireless speakers
  • wired headphones
  • wireless headphones

The Kit

nokta makro gold finder 2000 package contents

  1. Control Box
  2. Waterproof Concentric Search Coil 26×14 cm / 10″ x 5.5″ (GK26C)
  3. Waterproof DD Search Coil 13 cm / 5″ (GF13)
  4. Wireless Speaker
  5. USB Charging & Data Cable
  6. Headphone Adapter (6.3mm 1/4″)
  7. Headphones
  8. System Box Carrying Case
  9. User Manual

What To Expect?

At first sight, the tech specs and features of the new Gold Finder 2000 do not seem impressive, but perhaps for the excellent operating frequency. However, let us not forget that gold prospecting is extremely exhausting, both for humans and machines, and most brands make their metal detectors for gold powerful yet stuffed with complicated features that only experts can manage. Probably one of the really newbie-friendly detectors for gold was the good old Fisher Gold Bug 2, but it is a really outdated piece of equipment. If we are talking about modern competitors of Gold Finder 2000, probably it is Minelab Gold Moster 1000.

So, the new Gold Finder 2000 by Nokta Makro seems to be right in time. Moreover, we can expect some meaningful feature updates by the manufacturer in the future.

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